Taxpayer relief shot: Pennsylvania man, 84, shoots and kills home intruder, fights off another

don lutz kdka photo

Don’t mess with Don! Photo courtesy of KDKA

Score one for the Second Amendment.

From Fox News: An 84-year-old Pennsylvania man successfully fought off a home invasion, fatally shooting one intruder after two men broke into his house in the middle of the night.

Ellwood City police said Don Lutz was awakened by a noise around 1:15 a.m. Friday. He grabbed a handgun, which he told KDKA he keeps under his pillow while he sleeps, and went out to investigate.

He was met by two men breaking into his home.

“I was in bed sleeping, they woke me up,” Lutz told KDKA. “Woken up to them busting in on my front door, and I went out in the hallway in the dark, and I met this one guy, and he went to grab me and that’s when I shot him.”

Police said Lutz then fought off the other intruder, who fled the house via the front door. That man is still not in police custody.

Police did not identify the suspect who died. Lutz, who was taken to the police station for questioning, did not suffer any injuries.

Ellwood City is about 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

More from Trib Live:

“I just fired one. It was in the dark. He attacked me and he was up close and I shot him,” Lutz told WPXI . “They jumped me and we both went on the floor.”

As the man Lutz shot rolled off him and died, the other ran out the front door.  “The other one, maybe the bullet hit him, too. I don’t know. I hope so,” Lutz told WPXI.

An Ellwood City police lieutenant said the department hasn’t yet identified either suspect.

Lutz, who told authorities that he previously served in the military, didn’t suffer any injuries.  “I’m a little sore from scuffling with them,” he told the TV station.


20 responses to “Taxpayer relief shot: Pennsylvania man, 84, shoots and kills home intruder, fights off another

  1. With THIS fresh in my mind,I think,”And ‘they’ say we don’t NEED guns??”

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    • Yes, they mean that. They, who say we need no guns, would rather the elderly man be killed since they, the ruling elite class, are accomplices of such common criminals. They prefer unarmed victims for such criminals–and for themselves.

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  2. I just love a good bedtime story with a happy ending .
    Moral of the story : Don’t go where you are not wanted !……You might live to see tomorrow .

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    • japoa . . . . If more of these thugs got it into their heads that burglary may well be injurious to their health we’d all be much better off. I love the way you phrased it . . . . . “Don’t go where you are not wanted?……. You might live to see tomorrow.” This should be one of the first things that young people learn, then they can decide which career path to follow.

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      • That should be a no-brainer , taught by parents who actually care about the welfare of their children .
        As a side thought ………This is why they call guns , ” The great equalizer “.
        84 yr old man vs. two 20 somethings ; and the 84 yr old lived to see tomorrow .
        I wonder if CNN will have a story on this ………………….NOT !!!!!!

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    And this is only one example of what the ‘second amendment’ is about.

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  5. Good for this gentleman. He most likely prevented his early demise.
    Isn’t it Switzerland that requires everyone to carry a gun and are trained from a young age and they have the lowest crime rate? Seems reasonable.

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    • I don’t know if Switzerland requires everyone to carry a gun or not….BUT, I DO know that when I was in high school, one of our foreign exchange students was from Sweden….and that he’d already graduated from his own nation’s “high school” requirement by age 17 (so, he was spending another “senior year” with us here in the USA)…but that his REQUIRED 2-year military service after age 17 was deferred while he was a student with us…..Normally, he would have gone directly at age 17 into a 2-year obligatory military service, until age 19, before moving on with his “life.” I don’t normally agree with a lot of these European Socialists about much… but I DO agree w/THIS. A LOT of “snowflakes” would probably WISE UP about the REALITIES of life, & their responsibilities to themselves…their communities, their own families….their OWN futures….IF THIS was a “requirement” in our own country.

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      • I think, CalGirl, that you & I are in the same age cohort, so that would mean we graduated from HS in 1960 or thereabout, so is it possible that Sweden was literally a different society back then? I have imperfect understandings, I’m sure, but today’s Swedish native males strike me as as a large bunch of wussies at the least, esp. in the way they do NOT defend women –even girls!– from being raped.

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  6. I love these “catastrophic errors in victim selection”.

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  7. it was reported that the man who he killed was his nephew-in-law


  8. I wish my 91 year old mother had had a gun and knew how to use it. She was murdered at this time a year ago. She was given no autopsy, no toxicology, was half naked and her room was a mess with her upper denture next to her body while the lower is missing. I believe it was shoved down her throat.
    This is why we have a 2nd amendment, to protect ourselves from those in society and govenment who don’t believe in the 10 Commandments!

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    • Oh Mary, I am so sorry. How horrifying. I hope they found the guilty party.
      If they succeed and disarm us all, we will be nothing more than sitting ducks.

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      • Thanks Glenn. It was doubly tragic because she had been dead for two months when I didn’t call her. I was mad because she wouldn’t come down to live with me. I should have been the adult in the room.
        What’s worse is that the police declared her death of natural causes with no foul play, before her body left the driveway. Then when I found money and valuables missing they refused to investigate because there was no forced entry through doors or windows. The murderers, I discovered, likely came in through the garage door. The police threatened me when I came back to them with the information.

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  9. For us that live alone, the best company is a GUN.

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  10. Nothing like a good DRT* story to get the week started off right. 😀

    *Dead Right There.

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