Physicist Geordie Rose recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants

Geordie Rose is a physicist, with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of British Columbia in 2000, and a B. Eng. in engineering physics from McMasters University in 1994.

Rose is the founder-CEO-CTO of the Canadian quantum computer company D­-Wave Systems, Inc., the first company in the world to sell quantum computers. D-Wave claims its quantum computers with the “quantum annealing processor” are much more powerful in processing speed than regular computers.

But D-Wave’s claims are controversial, with many dissenters. A study published in Science in June 2014, described as “the fairest” and “most thorough and precise study that has been done on the performance of the D-Wave machine” found that the D-Wave chip “produced no quantum speedup”. Despite that, in May 2013, NASA, Google and a consortium of universities announced a partnership with D-Wave to investigate how D-Wave’s computers could be used in the creation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Which brings us to Kindred, of which Rose is co-founder and CEO — a company, based in San Francisco and Toronto, which manufactures robots. This is how Kindred describes itself:

We bring together artificial general intelligence, machine learning, and remote human guidance to create intelligent robots that solve real-world problems alongside humans in messy, complex, changing environments like today’s supply chain.

Our systems work on Day 1 and get smarter every day.

We are on a mission to build human-like intelligence in machines, enabling a future of abundance for all. We thoughtfully and realistically pave the way for a world filled with more powerful and helpful AI systems. Our research spans AGI, deep learning, reinforcement learning, multi-sensory machine perception, dynamic motion planning, AR + VR, distributed multi-agent control systems, and much more.

“A world filled with more powerful and helpful” robots with “human-like intelligence” which will “enable a future of abundance for all”.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Except it’s not.

This is what Geordie Rose, founder and CEO of Kindred — a company that is “on a mission” to build “powerful” robots with “human-life intelligence” — actually said about those robots in a speech at the June 2017 TechVancouver.

After claiming that “we are right on the verge of a transition” to a near future when robots would replace human workers because they can do every single job better and cheaper, Rose said (6:17 mark), “What does this have to do with aliens?” He then cites what Sam Harris, whom Rose says he quite admires, said at a TED talk:

“So I’m the president of the United States. I received this message from the heavens. So my microwave dish, my SETI dish, finally captures something, and what it says is, ‘In 50 years or 13 years, we’re coming to your planet. You gotta be ready.’ Now just imagine what would happen if that happened — a super intelligent alien race beamed down a message to all of us earthlings, saying ‘We’re coming, July 13, 2030, and boy, you’d better be ready because the mother ship is landing right on the front lawn of the White House.'”

Speaking as himself, Rose then says:

AI [artificial intelligence] is just like that. So when this thing that I’m talking about happens . . . one thing I can tell you is they’re not going to be like us.

Alien means, you know, different. These things that we’re building are not going to be people. They might be really smart, they might be really good at all sorts of things, but they’re not gonna be like us. They’re gonna be aliens, and they’re gonna be — I’m sorry to say — way smarter than every single person in this room, in ways that we can’t even be comprehend.

So this, of course, triggers a lot of alarm. One of the guys who talks about this is Elon [Musk], who says things like this — ‘When you do this, beware. Because you think . . . that when you do this, you’re gonna put that . . . little guy in a pentagram, and you’re gonna have your holy water out, and you’re gonna wave it at the thing and, by God, it’s gonna do exactly what you say and not one thing more. But it never works out that way.’

[Referring to Musk] So this is an attitude that some are having — this emerging alarmism about the way this [artificial intelligence] is gonna go. But these words, ‘demons,’ doesn’t capture the essence of what’s happening here. I don’t know if any of you are turn-of-the-century weird fiction fans, but there’s a guy named H. P. Lovecraft, who’s a very famous American weird fiction author, and he exposed a view which is called cosmicism.

The essence of cosmicism is cosmic indifference. So what he was saying is basically ‘Yes, there are these massively intelligent entities out there, but they’re not good, they’re not evil, they just don’t give a shit about you, even in the slightest. The same way that you don’t care about an ant, is the same way they’re not gonna care about you.’

And these things that we’re summoning into the world now are not demons, they’re not evil, but they’re more like the Lovecraftian ‘Great Old Ones’. There are entities that are not necessarily going to be aligned with what we want. So this transition [to a world full of powerful intelligent robots] is really really massively important for our entire species to navigate and, going back to that thing that Sam Harris was saying, nobody is paying attention. This thing is happening in the background, while people bicker about politics and what’s gonna be in the health care plan in the U.S., while underneath it all is this rising tsunami that, if we’re not careful, is going to wipe us all out.

J. P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) was an atheist who achieved posthumous fame through his horror fantasy fiction about powerful, grotesque beings who are aliens worshipped as gods by humans, but who are either indifferent or actively hostile to humanity.

The most powerful of them are the Great Old Ones, who created human beings from scientific experiments to be a slave race. Cthulhu is their high priest,  described as looking like an octopus, a dragon, and a caricature of human form.

In his 1934 short story The Hound, Lovecraft made mention of a (fictional) textbook of magic, Necronomicon, which contains an account of the Old Ones, their history, and the means for summoning them — demons, in all but in name.

Right after Geordie Rose warned about robot-manufacturers like himself and his company Kindred “summoning into the world” a “tsunami” of Lovecraftian demons who may “wipe us all out,” Rose announces to the techies at TechVancouver (10:21 mark):

“We’re hiring people to try to make something like this happen.”

How perverse is that.

Rose is recruiting young people to work in Kindred to make the nightmare scenario of demon robots who see humans as ants come true.

H/t FOTM‘s stlonginus


26 responses to “Physicist Geordie Rose recruits techies to create a ‘tsunami’ of AI demons who see humans as ants

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  2. We don’t need robots to take jobs from working men.

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  3. lilyofthevalley777

    Take heart all those in Christ Jesus, they cannot read your thoughts, only God knows your thoughts. He takes care of His own. They can read how you react and if you broadcast your feelings to others by using your devices, going on Facebook, texting, on the phone, etc, that’s how they will know how you’re thinking. Think in the spirit, and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Fortify the firewall around your brain by saturating your mind with the Oil of Gods Word. If you have the Seal of God in your forehead and apply the Blood of Jesus on your Helmet of Salvation, and you are wielding the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, then their devices are of no effect. They may be annoying but we are overcomers.  Their devices have come into the physical and that’s what they use as their targeting. They are not omnipresent, but we overcome them by the word of our testimony and by the Blood of the Lamb, and love not our lives unto the death. Stand fast and stay strong in the Lord and in the power of his might.

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  4. Mr Rose sounds like a choochoo that jumped the rails! I certainly do hope that his plans come to nothing but failure!

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  5. The D-Wave machine or more advanced robotics don’t think at all, probably never will, and they surely will never by themselves see/believe/think that humans are no more significant than ants. Machines by definition have no desires, so if powerful and lethal machines turn against nations and peoples, it’ll be only because they were programmed to do so by the likes of Geordie, working for financiers looking for even greater power and wealth.

    Leaders in the AI field were predicting that machines would be writing better music, etc, than humans by the 1960s. Now their real motives come out in the open as thinly veiled threats to exterminate their fellow human beings and blame it on the machines they created. Fortunately, at this point little Geordie is just hawking his wares on the promise that those who put up big money will be granted the power of life and death over millions.

    I don’t know, but I’d bet AI is right up there with climate change as far as the fakest of fake science news goes. The findings of two-thirds of the articles published in peer-reviewed professional journals in the social sciences, for example, are irreproducible, as are their predictions wrong. That is, two-thirds of the professional literature is pure bullsht, but it’s passed off in the media as fact. The hard sciences do better, according to Nature’s forum on irreproducibility, where I believe only about half the peer-reviewed articles turn out to be bullst.

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    • And let’s not forget that, by their own admission (sometime around 2000), the CIA spends approximately 80% of their budget on domestic disinformation campaigns. That means disinformation directed at Americans. Plus, we’ve all heard of Project Mockingbird which was a kind of integration of the intelligence apparatus into the media machine. And since news is but history in the making, we shouldn’t be at all surprised to find that the secretive group which likely worked behind the scenes to create the CIA — the secret society “Skull & Bones” which is an outgrowth of Freemasonry no less — actually established the American Historical Association, the umbrella organization under which all things pertaining to American history are covered. Let that sink in… In other words, the AHA is the “gate” through which all American history is vetted and that gate was created by what is effectively the predecessor of the CIA. So yes, there are both real and fake versions of science, news and history. The question to ask ourselves is why would they go to all of this trouble? What is it that they’re hiding from us?

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  7. AI, machine learning, etc.
    It is all about patterns, algorithms, and processing power.
    IT can be used for good or evil that is the problem.
    Economic, military, etc. so long as the human soul has greed, fear, hatred, etc. those soulless ones will discover how to do evil with each new technology. The question becomes will it reach the point were a handful of the soulless control all? Or will the handful of soulless create evil that which even they can no longer control?

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  8. lilyofthevalley777

    Do you think God is going to allow man (his own creation) to create a better and more intelligent human than what He created in the Garden? It’s absurdity and foolishness. They’re only proving the point which Paul (a chosen vessel of God), said in 1 Corinthians 1:27, BUT God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; AND God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.
    No man, machine  or device will ever get advanced to the point of over ruling Gods plan. They may believe they can, but that’s why He says “And except those days should be shortened,  there should no flesh be saved: but for the Elects sake those days shall be shortened.” Matt 24:22.

    And I might add, if these entities are going to consider us no more  significant than as ants, then we shall be as Fire Ants! Calling those things which are not as though they were.  Romans 4:17. The only limitations you have are your own imaginations.
    In Daniel 11:32, it is written “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall be corrupt by flatteries: BUT the people that DO KNOW their God shall be strong, AND do exploits.” Plus, Jesus said in John 14:12, “Verily, verily, I say to you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; AND greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”  Now that’s Power (Dunamis). For we are children of the Most High God and He is a consuming fire! Hebrews 12:29. We are to be mighty men and women of valour to the Glory of God.

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  9. It is sad to think anyone, regardless of how highly they think of themselves, would want to bring this plague onto mankind. It is not needed nor will it be good in the end.

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  10. I do believe the “Old Ones” are coming, and I’m not talking about Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi! I believe those fallen angels that corrupted the Earth (Genesis 6), and written about in Jude, will be released for a time, and will likely claim to be our “space brothers”.

    I love the book of Daniel, because it is so full of prophecy (some that has been fulfilled and some yet future). In chapter eight, Daniel is shown the future by the angel Gabriel, and at the end of the chapter, Daniel says that what he saw caused him to faint and he was sick for days. I’ve often wondered what, exactly, he saw coming at the end of the age. Maybe something like the creatures this evil man wants to create.

    It’s also quite interesting that Mr. Rose mentioned a mother ship landing on the front lawn of the White House. I believe that exact scenario is taken frim the new age book The Armageddon Script” by Peter Lemesurier. They actually want this evil to manifest.

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    • I would encourage you to not worry about “nephilim hybrids” as such, if you are, Maryaha, as devils cannot reproduce with humans, as much as the neo-gnostics infiltrating the church over the past two thousand years want it to be so (this is why this false doctrine of hybrids is so often seen, and popularized, these days). We are seeing increased devilish activity these days, certainly, but I have found no evidence to support any fleshly hybrids popping up.

      I do agree with you that the “aliens” deception seems purposefully engineered to promote acceptance of devils as “space brothers” etc. (seems like they might have one “good” bunch claiming to help “protect” mankind, that may be portrayed as showing up first, to guard against the second “bad” bunch, but they’ll all be the same bunch, ultimately.) I doubt they’ll have physical form save for exploiting demoniacs to do their bidding, and doing signs and wonders to build a cult through them, though, unless the A.I. and robots are intended to be a sort of “puppet” that can be used for such, without the “interference” of a soul/spirit, but that is merely speculation, and I am cautious about that, as it may well not be the case, either.

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      • The Bible says the fallen angels impregnated human women, and they gave birth to giants, the Nephillim. They corrupted the entire world except for eight people. So angel-human hybrids have existed. Jude talked about these angels, saying they are being held in chains unto judgment of that great day.

        In Daniel 2:43, he says “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men”. Who is “they”? I’m not sure, but it can’t be humans, otherwise the statement makes no sense.

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        • No offense meant Maryaha, but on my own examination of this, I have found there is nothing in the Bible anywhere that states that angels and humans are reproductively compatible, I have found that this is a gnostic, and kabala doctrine (found in the zohar, the talmud, and other rotten antichristian texts, it is an old false doctrine however, and persuasive enough that even so-called “church fathers” got snookered by it, as they were snookered by asceticism.) the actual Bible texts themselves don’t say anything about hybridization of angels with human beings. The verse in daniel is talking about human beings (it looks like a “wheat and tares” scenario, which arguably has been happening for a long time, consider the infiltration into the Churches of false doctrines), have a look:
          This is another example where the satanists entrenched in the “prophecy” movement etc. have slithered in to alter the meanings of verses to promote their false doctrine. Ever notice what other doctrines the “nephilim” false one is used to alter & corrupt? The reasoning for the flood is one, “nephilim” false doctrine shifts the blame from mankind onto angels alone, which somehow mankind still gets punished for, thereby implying God to be unjust, something we know is false. Another is racism, as a variant of the “nephilim” false doctrine, called “serpent seed”, asserts that satan had sex with eve and bore cain, this is used as an excuse to claim other people, notably the jews, and “blacks”, are not fully human, this is patently wrong however… it also is used to imply that God is veryconcerned with racial purity, that is to say, a respecter of persons, particularly DNA/”race”, (the texts of the Bible say otherwise: Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11.) the same as the corrupted reasoning for the flood as noted above, another false doctrine.

          There is also no historical evidence, either, (more than one “giant skeleton” finds have been hoaxes, if you were wondering.) Genesis 6 already says what happened, “men of renown” (This is what “gibborim” is translated into) were born, that is to say, famous men were the result, not hybrids, or half-breeds of angelkind and humankind, not “giants” of physical stature, rather “giants” of “name” or very famous, but entirely human, people (Not that “giant” stature, as perceived by the hebrews, would be too hard, the hebrews were historically short)… this comes from trying to apply gnostic superstitions & paganism to Christianity as paganism, notably greecian paganism has deities having sex with humans to produce demi-gods… this is not Biblically accurate, however. Consider hercules vs samson, samson was entirely human, yet still possessed a gift of remarkable strength, the pagan hercules required otherwordly parentage to gain his strength, which is likely to be truthful? Besides, if vile angels could have sexual relations with human beings and produce hybrids, how is it that no incident of succubus or incubus hauntings, nor the “spectrophilia” sub-culture, not even ida cradock, who claimed to have a spiritual husband she claimed to have relations with, have any hybrid children?

          No need to believe me though, test/examine everything you’ve heard against the Truth in the texts. Best Regards.

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    • lilyofthevalley777

      Very apropos, Maryaha, right on target and right on time! Bless God and He will always bless you.

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    • lilyofthevalley777

      Marayaha, you are right about what’s coming, as you said how it made Daniel ill. Even Jesus said men’s hearts will fail them for fear and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth. Luke 21:26. But we mighty men and women of valour and also overcomers. We’ve been warned ahead of time by Jesus Himself that we prepare our spirits and stay focused on Him. Be ready with your lamps filled with the Oil of Gods Word.

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  11. There is every indication lovecraft was more satanist/occultist than would be let on… and the horrors he cooked up (and did so rather poorly at that, his writing style is effectively “it was so scary it would make you nuts how scary it was, so I won’t describe it but for some random scrabble words that sound edgy.” or “it was black”, which is interesting because he was also a vile racist.) inspired by more out-and-out occultists like arthur lewellyn jones who preferred to be called “machen”, who was in a relationship with one “amelia hogg”, (who in turn may well have been related to the hogg friend of percy brysshe shelly, husband of mary shelly of frankenstein fame, vegetarian stuff and “free love” garbage were some of the things they did, surprise surprise.) who introduced him to arthur edware waite, known for lots of occult involvement and also in the making of the “default” tarot deck used by so many today… jones himself was notable for writing “the great god pan” which was a major inspiration to both h.p. lovecraft, and much later stephen king, oh and jones was also someone that knew crowley (himself a fan of that same book: “crowley once even declared that in writing it machen must have been aware of certain occult realities despite not having gone through the rituals otherwise needed for acquiring such knowledge”.) via the hermetic order of the golden dawn secret society/cult.

    That this guy is using lovecraft’s garbage as a descriptor may be hinting at more than what the idealists he’s looking to snooker are expecting. For his supposed intelligence, he asserts these thigns being “not evil” in description, anyone with an ounce of sense can attest otherwise, effectively most of lovecraft’s monsters are out and out evil, and instead of not caring one way or the other about mankind as claimed, are in truth decidedly malign, and predatory at that, and the occult certainly seems to play a larger part in there than some of his fans might wish to say (theres shades of gnosticism here too, probably picked up from various sources, once someone starts researching this it goes into a very expansive area of influence). I do doubt their dreams of a terminator/A.I. type future are going to be realized, since mankind can’t truly make “intelligence”… that’s a gnostic fallacy, the best they can probably hope for is making a robotic shell with enough tech jammed into it to make a mockery of real life, perhaps even potentially making it able to be utilized by devils, further driving the illusion of these things being “living” creatures, but that is only speculation.

    I’d be very curious to see if this geordie rose, or his “looked up to” figure, sam harris, also happen to be a member of any secret societies/cults etc.

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  12. Millennials… too busy playing Warcraft in Mom’s basement for anything constructive, but lead to Skynet. Figures.

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  13. That reminds me of “Person of Interest,” where the super AI, “the machine,” begins to sweep humanity into ruin. In fact, the show ended with an impending apocalypse.

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    • lilyofthevalley777 reminds me of the Book of Revelation, which is also translated from the Greek apokalupsis, meaning Apocalypse. Alot of horrific things happen between the beginning and the end of this book, and only two churches come through it approved by Jesus Christ. If you have read it to the end, you will see that we have the victory through Jesus Christ our Saviour and God our Father. Man cannot create, he can only mimic. God is real and AI is artificial. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.  AI is not. God is Life and AI is death. So choose this day whom or what you will follow.

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  14. lilyofthevalley777

    You know it’s not in Gods heart that anyone should perish, but if you are tempted to buy into the AI robotic flavor of the day, and worship it, it will be to your own demise. You don’t have to take my word for it. It is written all through the Bible. God tells us over and over, for our own good might I add, not to chase after these other gods. Consider the Bible a Love letter from your Father God, written to instruct us, teach us, guide us for our good. We were created for His pleasure. He does have feelings and emotions. It makes His day when He sees His children reading this letter and seeking wisdom and understanding from it. Not everyone will. That’s why Jesus cried out several times “He who has ears to hear,  let him hear. There were very few that truly heard.

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  16. The Lord is infinitely more powerful than AI. If you dwell too much on AI, it may turn into an idol. Jesus Christ is LORD.

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