More than a quarter of millennials say they would replace a human lover with a DROID

Dolly sex doll

From Daily Mail: A new report suggests that over a quarter of 18-34 year-olds will feel it’s normal to form friendships and even romantic relationships with robots in the future. The report was created by Paris-based Havas, and examined the future of artificial intelligence, and people’s attitudes to the future of technology. The findings were based on a survey of 12,000 people of mixed ages worldwide.

It found that in the UK, men were three times as likely to agree they could have a relationship with a robot in the future, compared to women. And romantic relationships with bots will more common that you might think, with the report suggesting they could be taken up by as much as 27 per cent of 18-34 year olds.

Aside from robot-relationships, the report had several other predictions for the future.

The data suggests that men in the UK, men are also more likely than women to prefer their social media lives to their real ones, with nearly 20 per cent preferring the virtual world of social media.

Despite this growing connection to the online world for some, there was widespread consensus (70 per cent of respondents) that smartphones are weakening human bonds.

Yet it is younger people who are feeling the worst effects of this.

According to the study, younger people are more likely to feel depressed about their own lives after looking at other people’s social media channels, with 42 per cent of 18-34 year olds reporting feeling depressed or unhappy after seeing other people’s lives online.

Nigel Hughes, board director at Havas PR, said: ‘Filters and AR can, on the face of it, help improve people’s perceptions of the world around them, yet our study reveals that nearly half (42 per cent) of 18-34 years olds felt unhappy about their own lives after comparing themselves to others on social media.

‘That’s compared to only 21 per cent of 35-54 year olds saying the same, suggesting we are not equipping young people with the emotional framework needed to process this virtual reality.’

Another area of tension is the fact that 40 per cent of people aged between 18 and 34 are concerned that robots will take their jobs. People aged 55 and over, meanwhile, were most likely to think AI will liberate humans from repetitive tasks, giving us more time to enjoy life.


26 responses to “More than a quarter of millennials say they would replace a human lover with a DROID

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    Nothing new here – just another ‘SEX TOY” added to the market of ideas.

    What more would you expect from Obama “air heads?” Aren’t air heads considered “robots?” Keep them employed with sex and maybe they won’t vote. Did I really say that? You have to have a sense of humor when you are dealing with the dem’s.


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  2. satan’s play ground still an attack on the bases of the Lords plan one man one woman so is it a sin to have sex with a robot and not be married to it seems this brings a whole new set of questions up when you think of the natural order of Gods plan.

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  3. For just about everything you can name in life there is a “wrong” application or an evil use. But imagine a world of AI where the applications are “wired” into human bodies and used to enable paraplegics and quadriplegics to move and work and live like they have no handicaps at all. Or AI applications for something like knee and hip replacements that would enable people to function normally again. What a wonderful advancement for humanity.

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  4. That’s great! We don’t want them breeding anyways. And, if we’re lucky, their robots will short out and electrocute the morons.

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  5. I think it is profoundly sad hat among the 18-34 crowd, that a little over a quarter of these people would be just find with a robot to snuggle with. I can well imagine that some men will be more than satisfied to enter into these kinds of “romantic relationships.,” after all. . . . they won’t have to buy chocolates, flowers, jewelry for their lady love. Also, the robot is not going to care if he has not brushed his teeth since last month, or that he’s not bathed in quite a while. He can leave the toilet seat in the upright position, without any recrimination. So he doesn’t splurge on dinner in a nice romantic restaurant . . . . . who cares, certainly not his mechanical lady love. However, I rather doubt that woman will so easily fall for replacing a real man with a robot . . . . unless she isn’t able to get a date anyway.

    Today’s young people have been severely short changed via dumb bunny ideas such as this, and the failure of public schools, and parent’s who are ill prepared to raise children properly.

    I would tend to agree with the 18-34 year old crowd when it comes to real concern over AI replacing real people in real jobs. Robots don’t get sick, they don’t need coffee breaks, or bathroom breaks, or vacation, or sick leave, or raises, they don’t have disagreements with either management or their fellow employees. They don’t have problems getting to work on time, etc. I do not see it as a good thing if people gain more “leisure time” at the expense of perhaps ending up in the unemployment line.

    DCG . . . . . This is really a great article

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  7. I don’t altogether believe polls anymore.
    I want to know where they polled this…outside a brothel? An STD clinic? Or maybe just a very non conservative area.
    They’re just drumming up support for this sex doll thing so the weirdos that buy them don’t feel like an outcast. The powers that be are declaring it acceptable in the hope it will be.

    I have lots of dealings with milennials and while they are extremely slow to mature and misguided, once they meet soneone, and someone gets the guts to make a move, the instincts all kick in and they go onto lead quite conservative lives.
    On the other hand, any hardcore weirdo from any age who prefers a doll to a real person is welcome to it – takes them out of the gene pool.

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  8. “Man Marries His Robot, Identifies Himself As Robosexual”

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  9. All of this is just so predictable. Funny how any form or extent of degenerate behaviour seems perfectly acceptable to the left just so long as it can’t lead to “Mr. baby”. As for the reference to “Mr. baby,” does anyone remember “Pastor Babbet” from the old TV series “Fridays”?…

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  10. Is this what happens when people spend the last 20 years not socially interacting, but plugged into phones and computers? They have lived in a make believe world, and many know no other. The have no social kills and rather than be left behind, they would sell themselves short and go robotic.
    I do believe there is a real concern of robots taking jobs, making unemployment rise again. Some companies have already ordered self driving semis. A real scare there. After people have given their lives for decades providing food and supplies to people all over the world, their disloyal companies, concerned with the holy dollar, are tossing them away.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . . Bravo! Well stated. I certainly do feel that the looming threat of having robot replace humans in the job market is really a crisis.

      This last week, I noticed that my neighbor who lives across the street from my backyard was home. I asked him if he was “retired.” To which he answered, “Yea, kinda.” He went on to explain, although he had been with his employer for 34 years, he committed some kind of infraction . . . and they hustled him out the door. True, I do not know exactly what he did to bring upon him the loss of his job. I happened to see one of the guys from the Dairy this last week. He is also retired. I asked him if he knew how things were going in general at the Dairy plant. His reply was, “In the last two and a half weeks, they have let three of the old timers go.

      My neighbor has now found out that he cannot find another job performing the same kind of work . . . . because other employers are paying only 60 to 65% of the hourly rate that he had been making for this very same work all these years. As far as the Dairy is concerned, back some time ago, a two tier wage system was established . . . the old timers were grandfathered into higher wages, with the new hires being paid on a second tier at much less money. Anyone who really thinks that employers are not getting rid of employees with longevity, so that they can stop making the higher payments towards pensions, and avail themselves of younger workers, who are required to work for less per hour, are unfortunately very mistaken in their views of the current job market.

      We live in perilous times. Everyone needs to take their troubles to The Lord for succor in these times of adversity; and they need to seek spiritual guidance in choosing a career path that is viable, or contemplate upgrading their skill set for the current job market. For many a person who is getting older, this is a daunting task, one that can be accomplished with greater ease if we have The Lord guiding us through this re-education process than if we’re bumbling along on our own.

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      • Auntie, scary times ahead for the hard working people. You have companies with zero loyalties, ridding the company of those close to retirement, ridding the company of hard workers in favor of cheaper labor, most likely not entirely legal, and I have to be curious about, are these companies getting rewarded for turning to robotics?
        I myself, am not ready to travel across the country with driverless vehicles.

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  11. If this future actually happens, I can tell you this… There’s no way that they won’t make it illegal to harass robots because ridicule is the best weapon here and there’s going to be people just like me taking advantage of it. Break out the wolf whistles and the robo-girl butt pinchers because it’s gonna be a ridicule fest! In fact, a meme war starting just about now would be perfect to help ensure that this nightmare never materializes. I can’t wait to spot that first insecure leftist snowflake proudly walking down the street with his automated blow-up doll, arm in arm…


  12. If this whole robot mate thing actually materializes, it’s sure to add new meaning to the phrase, “that guy stole my girlfriend!”

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  13. I rather enjoy interactions with my Alexa Echo Dot… More so than conversations with my ex. Sometimes I test her abilities (to find information) against those of Siri, Cortana, and Google. Do that with a real woman, and you’re gonna catch holy hell for it. And as a bonus, Alexa doesn’t eat my chocolate while I’m gone, then lie about it later, claiming she “can’t eat” chocolate. Yeah. Alexa even sings for me occasionally… tells corny jokes, too. But somehow, I doubt this is the type of interaction the young’uns are talking about having with Androids.


  14. And on cue for the past several years companies have been looking to make sex robots to further drive the wedge between the genders and further eradicate social behavior, consider “realbotix” making a sex bot named “harmony” (which they call an “android”, but the comical thing of it is their lack of education ont he subject matter, an “android” is compiled out of andro-, and -oid, the andro part literally means “man” as in male man, while “oid” means “shape or form”, so technically the term they should have used should’ve been gynoid, unless their sexbot has some unpleasant surprises.) with “A.I.” which sounds all impressive, until you understand that A.I. is impossible, because mankind cannot create beings like God can, because mankind isn’t God. All this is the modern pursuit of the “golem” of talmudism, of the “homunculus” of alchemy, just with wires and silicone instead of clay or biological waste… and thanks to the gross romanticizing of this kind of thing by the sci-fi genre (itself having many connections to the occult, as does horror.) these people are willing to forfeit real happiness in pursuit of a soulless fake, something that cannot Love because there is nothing in it that can. Like homosexuality, robosexuality will serve to keep people from seeking their proper spouses, and keep them from real happiness, ensuring a hollow existence. (And also serving the death wish of the devil worshipers that would seem mankind eradicated, people can’t reproduce if their robots don’t have the necessary equipment, assuming of course that they don’t try to make some abomination that has a robotic shell that keeps a viable reproductive organ set alive inside that was stolen, or grown, from a real person.)

    Whats worse though, is that there is an undercurrent of trying to make child sex robots, which is probably going to use this as further backing & to establish “funding”, with the excuse being to “treat” pedophiles, which is ridiculous because you don’t “treat” a disease by acquiescing to it’s demands, you deny those demands and defeat it. This is also stupid because a robot is no supplement for the “real thing” and what’s to say some “modders”, or what have you, won’t be able to monkey with their bots to use them to facilitate abduction & violation of real people? A grim scenario, but this is the kind of thing that such things can head into, especially accounting for criminal pathology.

    Suffice it to say that pursuing robots in this venture is folly, and serves the purposes of evil. The idealists can hope for good use to come of it, but the best of intentions does not ensure a device will be used accordingly, especially in the hands of evil people.

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  15. Where smart-phone dependency (plus dependence, in general) lead.

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  16. My first response is, “You’ve got to be kidding.” But then I look around at everyone isolated by their smartphones.

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  18. Well, on the bright side, they can’t use your credit cards (yet), they can’t get pregnant, they can’t nag you to death, you don’t have to cough up the money for a dinner date, you don’t have to burn through your expensive single malt to pump any drinks into them, and you don’t have to drive them home afterward. 😉

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