Desperate for dirt on Trump: Media running with story how Trump tried to kiss a woman after a lunch date


Oh the horror!

From HuffPo: A former Fox News anchorwoman who accused Bill O’Reilly of sexually harassing her in 2011 is now claiming that Donald Trump kissed her on the lips in an elevator.

Juliet Huddy said Thursday morning on the “Mornin!!! With Bill Schulz” podcast (which has a paywall) that it happened around 2005 or 2006 when Trump was hosting “The Apprentice” on NBC.

“He took me to lunch in Trump Tower,” she said. “He said goodbye to me in an elevator while his security guy was there. He went to say goodbye and he, rather than kiss me on the cheek, he leaned in on the lips.

Huddy, whom Trump knew because she co-hosted “Fox & Friends” on the weekends, said she assumed Trump’s lip kiss was just confusion: “Oh, we went the wrong way,” she said.

She also said she wasn’t offended. “I thought, ‘This is interesting.’”

Huddy said she was surprised he went for her lips but “didn’t feel threatened.” In fact, she brought a friend back to Trump Tower so that the future president could give them a tour of “The Apprentice” set.

Huddy believes Trump was single at the time, and, after checking the math, host Bill Schulz said it was possible he wasn’t engaged to Melania Trump at the time of the kiss.

She says Trump referenced the kiss when he was Huddy’s guest on her syndicated series, “The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet.”

“He came up on stage and he turned around to the audience ― and, you know, there were 50 people there ― and he said, ‘I tried to hit on her, but she blew me off,’” Huddy remembered.

Huddy emphasized that at the time she wasn’t offended that he kissed her but that she has a different perspective now. “Now that I’ve matured, I would’ve said, ‘Nope.’ At that time, I was making excuses.”

HuffPost reached out to the White House for comment, but it did not immediately respond. Huddy commented further on Twitter on Friday evening after the New York Post picked up the story.  (HuffPo didn’t elaborate on Huddy’s further Twitter comments, of course.)

It’s a big nothing-burger. Here’s Huddy’s pinned tweet:

Re: @PageSix story: Yes, it’s true. And though I’m offended by his comments on ‘other matters’ – as I said on @77WABCradio & @BillSchulz‘s show yesterday – I was neither threatened nor offended in elevator. End of story. Now, plz let me get back to @TheCrownNetflix.

But the media is running with this story as if it’s some proof of sexual harassment. #FakeNews.


43 responses to “Desperate for dirt on Trump: Media running with story how Trump tried to kiss a woman after a lunch date

  1. These trollops only wish Donald Trump would have kissed them. Before you know it, Congress will pass a law prohibiting men and women from kissing. It will only be allowed by homosexuals.

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    • The only thing these fake victims are achieving is making it very hard on any woman that might be a true victim. The biased media is aiding and abetting in their crimes.

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  2. It is dumbfounding the shite that Huff Post dredges up and throws at us in the guise of interesting, memorizing, scoop of the day stories. Really, who cares that he kissed a woman after taking her out to lunch. I wonder if he had not displayed some act of interest in her, would she have been ticked off? Would she have been left wondering if he thought she was a homely dog, too ugly to display any affection to. It’s women like this nut-job who gives all he rest of us a very bad name. I wish they would just shut up and go away, but somehow they seem to think that every one of these cheesy stories they tell, is some great pearl of wisdom that the rest of society can benefit from. Not so!

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    • This story is all over the place: NY Post, Daily Mail, Hollywood Reporter, etc. At least HuffPo investigated the date of the kiss. I’ll give them that one nugget, but not more. They media are nothing but partisan hacks!

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    • Part of the problem is that the MEDIA is scooping this crap up and throwing it all over America. What NEEDS to happen is people need to grow out of their “Hyper-Sensitivity” and stop at,”Okay-so a guy kissed a woman-so WHAT?’ I maintain that a lot of “relatively” innocent men are having their careers ruined by accusations with absolutely no proof.
      This can be loosely equated to buyi8ng a used car;you buy it because you like it,it works fine etc.,but two years later,the transmission goes bad. You go back to the shop you bought it from and accuse the owner of defrauding you. But here’s what he says. “Sorry it went lame on you,but you KNEW it was used,so you KNEW I couldn’t promise everything would always be fine. We were both happy when you left with it,and now,TWO YEARS LATER you lay THIS on me?. I owe you NOTHING.” In the meantime,word goes around,”Hey,this guy ripped someone off on a car he sold-don’t trust him.” The guy conducted a fair deal,but it’s too late-his car lot is toast.
      Maybe not the best analogy,but I think you can see what I mean. The court of public opinion can destroy a man REGARDLESS of his guilt or innocence. If women want to accuse a man of assault,she should be discreet at least until she proves him guilty;if she’s mistaken or flat out wrong,she risks ruining TWO lives-the life of the man wrongly accused and her own life. (From that time on,her credibility will be badly diminished-it’ll all be public record.)
      That’s how I see it.

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      • lilyofthevalley777

        Actually, this is a great analogy, and makes perfect sense.

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      • truck . . . today, after seeing these three hacks tell their anything but sordid stories . . . I was taken back in time, to that day when WWII ended. How man of you remember the iconic picture of the US sailor kissing the young woman in Time Square, to celebrate the end of the war. I do not believe that the two were even acquainted. If we start looking at every move a man makes, and putting it under a microscope, as some of these leftist hags think we should, we will do irreparable damage to our society. I don’t want men to feel that they must act in such cold and sterile manner, that all their sweeter feelings have been drummed out of them. This will not make for a better world.

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  3. Has anyone bothered to wonder, let alone ask, if ANY of these allegations, no matter against whoever, were accompanied by sworn affidavits or criminal complaints, on record?
    I didn’t think so…
    THAT, my friends, is the defining factor in these allegations. Whether any of them will attest or testify in court under oath. I dare them!

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  4. Goldbug and Auntie Lulu have said it all.

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  5. Sometimes you just have to question the timing and the reasoning behind many of these stories. Huddy has a history of accusations, making me very suspect. Then to try and down play it seems a little insincere that it happened or to the degree she said.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Sure took her a long time to “kiss and tell” (he was single at the time). As the old saying goes, “she waited until the sign was posted, “there is safety in numbers.”

    Watched her a lot on O’Reilly and always got the opinion – she was very flirty, herself. She has gotten all of that O’Reilly money and feels she has power now.

    It is a shame she is making all of that noise now – before – she ran off to Australia for a gig. Now she wants a piece of the action.


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  7. “I was neither threatened nor offended in elevator. End of story.”

    In other words, this news is much ado about nothing. A big nothing burger!

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . It truly galls me that when she had dismissed the story herself, only to resurrect it eons of time later when it might prove to be a political weapon. After hearing all three of these women appear before the news agencies, I was thinking they were really going to reveal “R” rated stuff. Instead, we hear the most lame, nonsensical revelations possible. I certainly see why the oldest of the three, who pointed out that she was the oldest, waited to speak last. An old white haired crone bringing up something that was purported to have been done to her 30 years before, and saying that it caused her emotional damage all these years, is just not credible. I certainly hope that there is a special place in Hell, with room enough to accommodate all three of these women. I am sick to bloody death of having people on all sides come against Trump with the most frivolous, contrived stories of the things that he has supposedly done. Yet we have heard many other young woman speak of how kindly, he has treated them, and mentored them. Look at their political backgrounds before we decide why they are doing this stuff.

      God Bless President Trump, may the angels of Heaven protect them from the likes of these women!

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  8. Let the Liberals run with this issue and soon there’ll be Male/Female Segregation-Male and Female Elevators,laws disallowing men and women to occupy the same Taxi,Male and Female sections in Restaurants,etc. etc. etc. ,and you’ll have to show a marriage certificate to be allowed to have dinner with your spouse. This is ALL byproducts of “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS”.

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  9. For god’s sake, Trump has admitted doing this kind of thing in the Access tape. Stop being idiots. The guy is a complete creep, criminal, and ^#^#ing idiot.


    • Thanks for the Media Matters talking point. Can you prove who he admitted to grabbing in a criminal manner?

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      • This is one of my points exactly. Just because they got Trump on tape saying that he was rich and he could do something does not mean that he actually did what he said. I think he was just engaging in that old thing that men often do, when alone with other men, bragging. The problem we run into is the fact that there are thousands of women out there that would like nothing more than to have a rich and powerful man to actually do what it was that the president said he could get away with to them. Power and wealth are always a symbol of virility and the ability to being a good spouse and father to a woman’s children, and so on an instinctive level, many women naturally are drawn to men who are rich and type A personalities.

        This doesn’t mean that I am defending any behavior that might be considered at a minimum boorish, and at the other end rape, but we have no proof of any such behavior by the president. We actually have more proof that JFK behaved in such a way than we do of Trump. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt until we have proof one way or the other. And also remember that things that occurred in the past do not actually affect what he does as president now. We should really be judging him on his behavior now and in the future.

        One other thing to consider is that the media will never, ever give him a fair deal on anything. He could work with the CDC and be responsible for developing a cure for cancer, and he would get no credit for it, they would lay that wreath at the feet of Obama. So we would be smart to try to ignore what the media says about him completely, even if they say anything good. I have a couple of journalists that I trust, very few, but mostly I seek out the news of the day from various sources, mostly from places like here at felloshipoftheminds. I also go to several others, that I myself have learned can be relied on to tell the truth, and not try to force me to lean one way or another. I remember back to the days of Walter Cronkite and Howard K. Smith, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, et al, and even they, although they didn’t do so as much as today, even they had their own opinions. But they didn’t try to steer the public opinion to their opinion quite so much as nearly every one of the media does today.

        So thank you for this site, and keep on doing what you are doing here. Even the comment section is helpful, you have many intelligent people who come here that bring with them a wide range of thoughts that help to round out discussions to make a much better and fuller topic. And I continue to learn from them, and to also be corrected at times, when I was wrong, which is actually a blessing.

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      • The left is infiltrating everything (website/blog) they can. 18Billion buys a lot of idiots! I also hear these “victims” of Trumps are getting 200K + to spread their malicious lies! (from another Soros linked group)

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    • BTW, in case you are an idiot, Ms. Huddy said she never felt threatened. Another big nothing burger the media is pushing.

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    • And Hillary is an angel…right?

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    • Trump never admitted anything, he said if you are powerful enough you could even grab….. He didn’t say he did it. He was goaded into some locker room talk, big deal. Told he wasn’t being taped, Bush lied and got what he deserved.
      I tend to think the President was warning us about Hollywood years ago.

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    • Why are you HERE? You need to go back to your useless idiot sheep. BTW-Don’t invoke God’s name into your drivel. HE is on OUR side.

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      • Not sure what happened here-when I wrote my last remark there were only 2 comments showing. I guess I need to remember to state the name of the intended recipient outright. This was,of course,for H(alf) Price.

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  10. Ms. Huddy needs to get over herself. She’s nothing to write home about.

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  11. Also, from yesterday’s Sunday news shows: according to MULTIPLE reports by both members of Congress (D) and MSM reporters: Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women in his private conversation with Billy Bush. And Roy Moore is a child molester. NEITHER of which is true, yet they somehow get away with spewing such slander in an overt attempt to sway the minds of voters and thus the political power play in Washington and elsewhere. Heads should roll; morons should be fired and/or censored/censured in Congress!

    If what was alleged is later proven true, that’s one thing, and I’ll stand behind whatever the law metes out. But these things weren’t even alleged!

    FACTS: Trump said women allow men of wealth and power to do almost anything… including his comments about how he could even grab their privates. Never said he actually HAD, but that’s how they report it, even now. Moore has been ACCUSED, 40 years after the fact, of inappropriately touching an underaged minor, a teen (what was she doing with him in the first place? Nobody ever asked that.) BIG difference between a minor — a teen — and a child in the eyes of the law and the morality police. They spin it to make the effect on the brainwashed even more repulsive. “He MUST have had sex with a 5 year old! Oh my! Dirty Republican hypocrites!” Has anyone even looked up the age of consent in AL for that time frame? I’ve not heard it.

    Yet both points were spun crazily by folks who should be held to higher standards of defamatory editorial comment and literary license, and they did it on (once again) the big Sunday news shows. It just disgusts me to no end.

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    • And from today’s Megyn Kelly stunt:
      Samantha Holvey, a former Miss USA pageant contestant, alleged that during one pageant, Trump came backstage to where the contestants were in hair and make-up in bathrobes.“He lined us up, and I thought this was going to be like a meet and greet, like ‘hi, how are ya, nice to meet you,’ it was not,” Holvey said on NBC. “He was just looking me over like I was a piece of meat, I was not a human being, I didn’t have a brain, I didn’t have a personality. I was just simply there for his pleasure. It left me feeling very gross, very dirty. This is not what I signed up for.”
      Apparently staring at a woman is now sexual misconduct. This is going to backfire big time.

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      • “This is not what I signed up for.”

        Eh, what? What did she think she’d “signed up for”?
        It was a BEAUTY Pageant… where women are judged on the basis of their physical, outward, appearance (whether natural or surgical)…
        For all she knew, he wasn’t even leering at her per se, but rather considering her chances at winning a title based on what he (gulp!) saw. He may not even have been thinking about her; she may have just happened to have fallen into the “focus” of his gaze.
        In fact, he OFTEN has “that look” when he’s deep in contemplation, IMO.

        Did she claim he actually said anything to her? Or did anything directly?

        But so far as being “offended” at having someone stare at you… that’s already possible — “Tort” (civil) law. Anyone can sue for anything. I suppose they could go further and say it’s a criminal act if based on sex, race, etc.
        Whether or not the courts will do anything about it is another matter. But where there are willing attorneys and an adoring media ready to pounce, it’s getting more likely. And both are darlings-tools of the progressive left.

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    • Also: About the company, Brave New Films, that sponsored the news conference sexual misconduct attack on Trump today:

      Brave New Films is a new media company[1] based in Culver City, California.[2] The brainchild of filmmaker Robert Greenwald,[3] BNF produces[4] feature-length documentaries and investigative videos “to educate, influence and empower viewers to take action around issues that matter.”[1]

      Robert Greenwald (born August 28, 1943) is the founder of Brave New Films, a nonprofit film studio whose work is distributed for free in concert with nonprofit partners and movements in order to educate and mobilize for progressive causes. The work of Brave New Films has been screened over seven continents and viewed over tens of millions of times and counting. His most recent full-length feature documentary,[1] illustrates the connection between gun industry profits and gun deaths in America. The studio is currently working with a coalition in California opposed to the money bail system with films like Debunking Bail Myths. Brave New Films is also continuing its history of political advocacy by presenting short documentaries on current events from a progressive perspective, e.g a piece on Donald Trump’s cabinet picks.

      With BNF, he has made investigative documentaries such as Uncovered: The War on Iraq (2004), Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism (2004), Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (2005), Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (2006), Rethink Afghanistan (2009), Koch Brothers Exposed (2012), and War on Whistleblowers (2013), as well as many short investigative films and internet campaigns. His eighth feature-length documentary, Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars, was released in October 2013.[2]

      Uncovered, about the government and media push for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, was distributed through the websites of influential partner organizations such as, the Nation and the Center for American Progress (founded by John Podesta).

      Greenwald is a total proggie. This conference was a total setup by Podesta and Soros to try and take down Trump.

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  12. Women are sexual predators too – always have been. What’s sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose. Just wait until some man accuses a prominent female politician of groping his crotch in a bar some twenty or forty years ago. That should be interesting!

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  13. It was just exposed that Soros just put 17 billion into his groups just for this purpose, to take down the President. I think we have our answer why.

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  14. There’s no evidence,but I hear he even COMPLEMENTED the woman on her HAIR!!!! STRING HIM UP!!! (sarc)

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  15. I’ve been known to plant one on the cheek of several lunch date women I have had over the years.

    Never once was I accused of sexual misconduct.

    It’s getting to the point you have to take a lawyer along on a simple lunch date – two if it’s a dinner date.

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  16. And if she felt it was a big deal,why did it take her so long to SAY it?

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