Here we go again: UK hospital applies to High Court to switch off baby Alfie’s life support

alfie evans liverpool Echo photo

Alfie Evans/Liverpool Echo photo

It’s the Charlie Gard case all over again. That’s the UK’s NHS system for you.

From Daily Mirror: The parents of Alfie Evans have spoken of their “living nightmare” after a hospital advised switching off their baby son’s life support, it is claimed.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool has applied to the High Court to switch off life support for the 18-month-old in a coma, the Liverpool Echo understands.

Alfie’s dad has spoken of their “devastation” and “disappointment” after the hospital reportedly said they had exhausted all options in trying to diagnose and treat the infant’s mystery brain condition.

It comes shortly after Alfie’s parents Thomas Evans and Kate James, both 20, said that after months of searching they had finally found a hospital abroad that was willing to take him.

But a letter to them, seen by the Liverpool Echo, shows Alder Hey are opposing the move to an Italian children’s hospital – and are stepping up the battle over Alfie’s life by taking the matter to court.

The Alder Hey letter says the hospital has asked the High Court to rule that it is legal and in Alfie’s best interest for long-term ventilation and intensive care to be withdrawn.

It says: “The trust’s position is that it does not consider the provision of continued mechanical ventilation nor the move to Italy to be in Alfie’s best interests. The application also asks the court to make a declaration that it is in Alfie’s best interests to be transferred to a hospice setting and to be treated on a palliative pathway with appropriate end of life care.

Mr. Evans from Bootle, told the Liverpool Echo: “It’s devastating – we feel so disappointed. I feel Alfie is being ignored, let down and not given a chance. “Why should we take him to a hospice when there’s a hospital happy to take him? Alder Hey were watching us work so hard to get this hospital – now we’ve got an offer and a doctor willing to come over, but they’ve refused to speak with him. “Now we are starting to go through a living nightmare. They are making it 10 times worse.”

Tens of thousands of people have formed “Alfie’s Army” over the past year to support and fundraise for the family, including many supporters of Charlie Gard’s parents in their legal fight.

Charlie died aged 11 months following his family’s court battle to send him to the US for treatment.

The reported decision by Alder Hey comes after months of fraught discussions between Alfie’s parents and the hospital over what to do to help their son.

An Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said: “We understand that this is an incredibly difficult time for the family concerned and we continue to liaise directly with them. We are unable to comment on individual cases. Alder Hey is a specialist children’s hospital which therefore means we treat many children with often complex, life threatening conditions.

Unfortunately despite the best efforts of our clinicians, some of these children are sadly unable to recover from their illness. In such a situation, medical professionals will meet to discuss the most appropriate care plan going forward, focusing on the comfort, wellbeing and best interests of the child concerned.

The Trust will often seek advice from specialist clinicians at other trusts. The care plan is always discussed in full with the family to aim to reach agreement between clinicians and parents about the most appropriate care. We also seek input from the families concerned and this may extend to include review by experts instructed by the family.

Understandably these cases place families under great pressure. We will always seek to reach agreement with parents of the child concerned but there will be some rare situations where agreement cannot be reached and the treating team believe that continued active treatment is not in a child’s best interests. In these cases the Trust will refer a case to the Family Division of the High Court and seek a determination as to the best interests of the child. In all such cases we will also invite the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service to consider the case and provide independent representation of the child.”


16 responses to “Here we go again: UK hospital applies to High Court to switch off baby Alfie’s life support

  1. Sad, sad story. It is very clear that although medical services have been offered in both of these two cases, and the UK medical trust has fought tooth and nail to stop these parents from taking their children elsewhere . . . . this has everything to with “keeping all citizens under the thumb of this agency,” not letting anyone escape to receive care elsewhere, than it has to do with what is necessarily best for the patient. Since they never have enough money to give first rate care to all their citizens, it is not a problem if they let some of the young ones slip away, so that their enrollment numbers are lowered.

    This makes me wonder, if one of the Royals had a baby with serious medical consequences .. . would they be treated the very same way?

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  2. ” this makes me wonder , if the royals………. would they be treated the same way?”

    I think we both know the answer to that one Auntie. And I would venture that this is not a likely occurance for the royals because if they even allow their children to be vaccinated they are probably vaccinated with a different batch that is pure as opposed to those the “little people” receive. Dollars to donuts this child is likely suffering a vaccine reaction like some type of inflammation in the brain.

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    • Lana . . . I think you are correct on all accounts. Although we have many problems with our own government . . . . I for one, would not trade it for the more progressed Socialist regime in the UK. I know our transformation to a Socialist society is not that far behind that of the UK, but with Trump in office, I at least have some expectation that the breaks are being applied. Thank God for that fact.

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  3. Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2 and commented:

    Also found these, Relatives reveal Charlie Gard’s mother is helping the family of a seriously ill baby who doctors say should be allowed to die despite the parents’ wishes to try and save the child,
    British family hoping to bring ill toddler to Utah for treatment, And check out their FB page.


  4. Take HEED OBAMACARE in its miserable infancy: This is an example of Socialist Health Care at it’s finest…once again……When you surrender your “freedoms” to the collective government for the “free things” promised in return……this is what happens….this is the agenda…it will happen over and over again until people overthrow the Socialist government……it WILL be the “answer” to myriad “difficult to solve” conditions. It WILL stifle progress in new methodologies/treatments /diagnosing b/c it will ALWAYS be “stuck” on the criteria of the era in which the Socialist Medicine was adopted. No forward movement at all after that… new solutions….no innovations or freak chances or improbably pairings of research findings that “might” work… chances….just the OLD OLD criteria that says—you must die b/c we have no cataloged solution for you or yours………

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  5. This is a mind-boggling list of National Health Service Trusts in England ALONE. Tens of Millions of pounds are devoured in simply sustaining the bureaucracy. This is socialized medicine for “common people”. The Trusts have elevated themselves into god-like status. Nothing in this system is free. Questioning their ability or sidestepping their authority in an attempt to find alternate solutions will be met with “death-by-court-order”.

    The people who don’t have the means to buy ADDITIONAL private health insurance (every working person contributes to the NHS via the p.a.y.e tax system) are at the mercy of these FUBAR health care “Trusts” – who will strive to maintain their ultimate authority above all else. There is no empathy for human life and wellbeing in this system, and yet they will move heaven and earth, spend millions of dollars caring for a young girl shot in the head by Taliban for attending school…..what’s wrong with this picture?

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  6. filia.aurea . . . Thank you for your interesting addition to this article. It is amazing that those who work in the UK pay into the NHS fund, but here we see those funds being transferred for the extreme care of someone who never paid into the fund. Gosh! That sounds a whole lot like our government putting the elderly immigrants who come to this country directly on the Social Security rolls . . . although they never paid one dime into the system! Other than the UK showing the whole world what a wonderful PC kind of place they are, how do they actually justify heroic measures for this individual, and on the other hand telling their own citizens to go take a hike when one of their loved ones needs special, costly medical attention. I can certainly see why the Brits would think this was ridiculous to say the least.

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  7. America’s healthcare is the finest in the world. Unfortunately, our health insurance is among the worst in the world. I lay the blame for the latter squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats in the federal government. They not only pushed Obamacare through, which we all knew was a massive mistake when they were doing it, but they also forced medicaid through during LBJ, which was also done in a messed up way, which only made the cost of healthcare go up. Whenever you inject federal money into something, the cost of that goes up. Whether it is healthcare, or the cost of higher education. The cost of college used to be affordable for the average student, without going into debt, but when the government started to back student loans, the price of college skyrocketed. One can trace any of these thing for themselves simply by looking at the cost of things before and after the government got involved. It is so predictable, and yet, the liberal Democrats continue to push these kind of programs through, not caring that they drive costs up. Just like them wanting to keep taxes high on corporations. Not realizing that a corporation does not ever pay taxes. Ever. They just pass the tax on to their customer, which is us. So by lowering taxes on corporations, what they are doing is actually lowering taxes on us, the consumer. But the Democrats don’t care, they just care about how they look on the television sound bites. I hope I am not the only one who sees through their bull crap.

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  8. Human life has become cheap.


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  9. Sad news:

    “Sick Alfie Evan’s father claims doctors gave the family “false hope” after saying representatives told them they will suspend his end-of-life care plan.

    The desperately ill 23-month-old’s dad Tom Evans, 21, said the children’s hospital has ‘gone behind the family’s back’ after he had a ‘positive’ meeting with them just hours ago over ‘fresh evidence’.

    Today he met with representatives from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool to discuss the ill 23-month-old’s care, where he says they agreed to continue discussions and halt the end-of-life plan. He said they had brought “fresh evidence and fresh material including a second opinion from another air ambulance company agreeing that Alfie is fit to fly (for pioneering treatment in Italy) and if Alder Hey were to release with them they would fly Alfie”.

    But just a few hours after the meeting at 12.30pm, he says the hospital applied to the court to remove Alfie’s life support “as soon as tomorrow”.

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  10. This is horrific…read what is going on with Alfie.

    The court ruled he must be taken off of life support. People are trying to storm the hospital, 30 police are there making sure Alfie is not removed.

    The hospital removed Alfie’s ventilation and he’s breathing on his own.

    This is just so, so, so sad…

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    • I thought a Vatican hospital has accepted Alfie?

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      • Yes, they did: “Rome’s Vatican-owned Bambino Gesu Pediactric Hospital reiterated April 19, 2018, that it is willing to accept baby Alfie Evans as a patient and bear the expenses for his care, according to Vatican News.”

        The U.K. hospital WILL NOT release Alfie. Hence protestors trying to get in and police making sure no one takes him out.

        Utter madness…

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  11. Please say a prayer for Alfie. After the UK doctors removed the ventilator, he’s still breathing on his own, SIX hours later.

    How terrible for his family that the UK won’t let him go to Italy for treatment.

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