92% of Democrats believe Trump-Russia collusion fake-news

After a year of investigation by the FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies, costing untold millions in taxpayer dollars, not a shred of evidence is found of the Democrats’ accusation that Donald Trump had colluded with the Russian government to tamper with the 2016 presidential election. See:

And yet, a new CBS News poll found that a whopping 92% of Democrats believe in the baseless Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

I’m reminded of my faux-socialist, erstwhile friend, Stephanie, who once screamed out in frustration when I calmly pointed out facts that contradicted her contention:

“I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!”

No wonder they scream at the sky:

While the Democrat “hive mind” may be amusing, what is sad is that because of the lying liberal media (see “Harvard University study finds MSM coverage of President Trump overwhelmingly negative”), 67% of Americans believe in the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

The distressing irony is that the American public seem oblivious to the real U.S.-Russian conspiracy —  that Russia gave a multi-million dollar bribe to the Clinton Foundation for the 2010 Uranium One deal.


22 responses to “92% of Democrats believe Trump-Russia collusion fake-news

  1. My goofy leftist neighbor who was a school teacher for 30 years believes all this nonsense. Oh what a brain dead fool.

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  2. Well, to begin with, Democrats always believe what the Mainstream Media tells them. And why wouldn’t they? Seeing as how the Mainstream Media has been a covert Communist propaganda machine since before most of us were born, and it only tells the Democrats what they hope to hear — the Democrats, being Communistic at heart (whether or not they could even define the term). Time and time again, the MSM confirms for liberals that their mental disorder is sound, true, and the height of genuine morality.

    So, it makes perfect sense (in a twisted Democrat-like delusional way) that nearly all Democrats believe the Trump-Russia Collusion lie is real. That which they want to hear, they HAVE heard from the media outlets whose true purpose is to brainwash the mASSES.


    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  3. I don’t buy any of the medias polls. Look how wrong they were about the election! Any sound minded person who buys this russia garbage only believes it because they want to believe it.

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  4. Every true real conservative [NOT a reactionary!] since Dr Weaver’s ‘Ideas Have Consequences’ –published in 1948, never stopped selling since!– FULLY understands that the chief defect of liberal, progressive-minded people is that for them, unequivocably, ‘Believing is seeing.’ End of one sentence sermon from the Canuckian. Perhaps the sequitur to that in our era is ‘If you believe it, post it.’

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    • Joseph . . . . Love the quote from Dr Weaver’s book . . . . “Believing is seeing.” That certainly does explain why these leftists cannot accurately judge what comes before them. I also think they deal heavily in “feelings,” if they feel something is bad, then they “believe” it is bad.

      I also think that there is a unique flaw in progressives, certainly they have seen with their own eyes acts of dishonesty on the part of let’s say Killary. Remember the one debate where she had some kind of machine or something on a shelf under her podium. Which was removed in what could only be called an act of “stealth.” If you remember the guy looking all around to see who might possibly be seeing him taking the box, and carrying it away. Then we have Killary stating that “Trump invaded her side of the stage and hovered above her in an attempt to intimidate her.” Then we watch the replay of that debate . . . . low and behold, it was Killary who had wandered over on Trump’s side of the stage, and it appeared that at times she would stand between him and the audience. I think that if people can believe things that they can absolutely view for themselves, then there is an aspect of sheer dishonesty in their character makeup. The fact that Dems also want to flood our country with immigrants, some of which may be dangerous to our nation’s people . . . all in the name of inflating the Dems voter base. Is this not a morally reprehensible thing to do? Them we have amongst the Dem voter’s those who wish to live at the expense of others, utilizing the labor and hard work of other people so that they may live a life of ease (I am not including those who of necessity need to be helped by public assistance.) Does this kind of thievery not bare out a moral flaw in their character, that they are more than happy to receive “stolen goods.”

      It is completely believable that these same individuals would accept these false stories, based on their “feelings” and “beliefs.” They do not want anything to disrupt the continuous flow of “free stuff” that is paid for by those who do work.

      Dr Eowyn, this is an excellent article, although it is disheartening that there are so many people who are mentally twisted.,

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  5. The media has been successful with their Communist and Alinsky tactics. And they will die on their swords with the Russia/Trump collusion story as it’s their last shot of any credibility. Which, as we saw this past week with the Brian Ross and CNN debacles, is absolutely ZERO. #fakenews

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  7. 92% of Democrats supported Obama; believed Clinton; overlooked the Hildabeast’s lies; thought that Teddy was a great Catholic; that Barney Frank was heterosexual; believe in communism; think their daughter ought to marry Che; that Wright is an ideal Christian.

    Nuff said.

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    • Dear Waco Bob….you mean….92% of the POLLED Democrats. There were enough Dems who fell by the wayside way before all this, or as it evolved through the years….but who didn’t bother to change their voting registration from Dem to Republican…AND who did not answer those annoying continuous daily phone polls during the late campaign…..You can ASK me about all this……

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  8. They have to believe it; how else could they possibly explain how Trump (or any Republican, conservative, Christian, white male) have severely beaten Hillary and the DNC machine, right after it dispatched of Bernie Sanders and his army of nut-jobs?
    It’s not altogether different than the conspiracies surrounding 9-11; I still can’t make sense of the physical collapse of WTC, but I’ve yet to see a conspiracy explaining it well either, let alone those that claim others were behind it. But for those who hate GWB and the GOP etc., any idea to try and bring them down is worth believing in — to bolster their own false ideologies. It’s just another way to try and suck the power back to their Godless side. Belief without evidence and critical thinking is the foundation of any cult-movement.

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  9. I notice that Democrats,even the “THINKERS” in their Party,tend to “believe” whatever their Party’s “talking heads” TELL them to believe. THAT’S why,when you ask them to explain WHY they believe something,they jump right into the ol’ chorus,”You’re being a Racist-you #%*@@^&#%” diatribe-they truly DON’T KNOW why they believe it. That’s also why you can’t discuss anything political with a Democrat. All they’re trained to do is set their mouth on “Broadcast” and recite their talking points-discussing requires THINKING,and THAT isn’t in their “skill set”.

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  10. The only way there is hope to “awaken” the average leftist citizen is for the DOJ and congress to push for the indictments that we already know need to be initiated and proceed toward trials which, hopefully, will lead to prison sentences. The MSM will have to cover this fairly accurately. Maybe, just maybe, the misinformed will begin to realize the huge psyop which has been directed toward them. If indictments and prison sentences are handed out with all of the details revealed, the MSM can no longer lie and keep whatever is left of their viewing base. The ones who will not accept truths are those who are too embarrassed to admit it and the satanists whose souls and minds have been corrupted by evil.

    Sessions needs to go as he cannot carry out all of his duties……some say there may be information from the past that could be used to blackmail him, hence the reason for his recusals and concentrating on issues that aren’t that pressing currently. He is not a bad man from what I have read and heard. He is doing a great job with getting pedophiles and sex traffickers arrested and rescuing both children and adults. I don’t understand why he reversed or changed a decision on the search and seizure of property. Also, why is he spending time demonizing marijuana (unless big Pharma is pushing this)? Yes, some people with certain conditions do smoke pot to relieve pain, but the best use of marijuana strains that have little THC in them (psycho active) and more CBDs (healing properties) are being used to reduce and eradicate many conditions, including cancers. In this form, it is not smoked………it is in a paste or liquid form and is processed to remove all THC. He should let states decide how they want to handle the use of recreational pot.

    I can only surmise that Sessions has been compromised and has been “allowed” to concentrate on sex crimes to divert from his recusals and other important issues. Allowing Sessions to stay on the job caused the situation for Mueller and his Dem. henchmen to proliferate the false “Russian collusion” narrative which has severely affected Trump’s ability to get business done. Despite all of the roadblocks put in place to inpede Trump, he has made incredible progress getting many items on his list completed and initiated in less than a year. Can you imagine how much more he would have accomplished without the treachery from the MSM, Dems., Rhinos, holdovers from the Clinton, Bush and obummer administrations, the deep state, corrupt individuals in the FBI, CIA, NSA and the other 14 surveillance agencies and Soros and the agencies and groups he funds on behalf of the globalists? Some have said 40% of the FBI are corrupt, most all at the top levels and that most who work in the field are good people. It appears Trump has finally started to remove the traitors from the White House and other agencies and depts. There are A LOT of people to get rid of. Let’s pray discernment is used and only patriotic conservatives will replace the traitors.

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  11. We all know what’ll happen when Liberals start going to Prison though.It’ll suddenly get branded as “The World’s largest Witch Hunt”. The Liberal Machine will go into Overdrive digging for every drop of dirt they can find on every Conservati8ve in Fed-Gov. Every Leftist Attorney in the US will be up to his eyebrows in Lawsuits against Conservatives that did or said something that caused butt-hurt to a Liberal some time in the last 40 years.
    If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Liberals,it’s that they never give up,and they’ll work themselves to DEATH to destroy their opponents if necessary. There’s NOTHING they won’t do to destroy us. This’ll be a good fight-it’ll be that much BETTER defeating LIBERALS.

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  12. Democrat revenges over probes when Clinton and Obama was in office; something to keep the opposition hating the winner….

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  13. If Russia did anything, it was unhack the voting machines that the dems rigged.

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