Pray for President Trump: Will undergo physical exam for slurred speech

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, President Trump delivered a 12+ minutes speech, announcing the U.S. embassy in Israel will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

At the very end of the speech, Trump slurred the last six words:

“God bless the United States. Thank you very much.

The next day, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that concerns about the President’s health are “frankly, pretty ridiculous” and that “The President’s throat was dry, nothing more than that.”

But Sanders also announced that President Trump will undergo a physical exam at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington, D.C., early next year. The results of the exam will be made public. (New York Daily News)

The 2016 presidential election was not just a political battle. It was also — and still is — a spiritual battle.

After Trump was elected President, witches have mobilized efforts to curse and put hexes on him.

Please pray for President Trump.

This is what President Trump has achieved in less than a year:


24 responses to “Pray for President Trump: Will undergo physical exam for slurred speech

  1. And then there is Pelosi, Waters and others with mental and speech issues. Maybe Russia is to blame for their woes.

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  2. Roger Stone said it MONTHS ago. He said he knows they are doping President Trump. He said they have done it in the past to other Presidents and during a recent conversation he had with the President he could tell somebody was messing with him. DO NOT put anything past these evil people.

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  3. This is very alarming to see and hear. POTUS’ difficulty was not entirely due to a dry mouth. I will pray it’s not cerebral damage. I had avoided listening to this speech, because I have acquaintances who are orthodox jews. They are devastated by the news, which defies Biblical teaching.

    I do not believe the President has the authority to make this unilateral decision, which is contrary to U.N. resolutions: UN Security Council resolution 478 barring Israel’s claim over Jerusalem, reaffirming it as an international city, as well as UN Security Council resolution 2334 finding Israel’s land grabs in Jerusalem a violation of the Geneva convention.

    This is a youtube of orthodox jewish sentiment:

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  4. brackenkaren – I heard the same thing! Surely, Melania will notice this incident.

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  5. Hypocrisy, thy name is “Democrat”.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  6. Thanks for bulletin list of achievements by Trump. His saying he will protect Christianity is not yet an achievement because it is words. I just prayed for Trump.

    Can you start enforcing your bad behavior post policy. It is okay to go against the group mind, particular when you have facts and evidence to back it up. I have been called one of Satan’s minions, an Alinsky protege and a liar twice without the facts. As Christians, we are forbidden to bear false witness against our neighbor yet this keeps happening again and again.

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    • Thank you for praying for Pres. Trump.

      Please see our “About” page for what you call FOTM‘s “bad behavior policy”: “A sure way to offend is to insult your host, which is a form of verbal abuse. Comments containing insults against our writers (such as ‘moron,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘stupid’), blasphemies and obscenities will be deleted. Threats to do us bodily harm are felonies and will be reported to the FBI.”

      The unwritten assumption of FOTM — as in the case of all blogs — is that readers who choose to comment are adults who can fight their own verbal battles, not babies who require the blog owner’s handholding, defense or protection.

      As for “the group mind,” FOTM publishes a wide range of readers’ comments, including yours, characterizing this blog as having a “group mind”.

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  7. Diamond and Silk do focused prayer for POTUS every morning at 11:21. Check out their videos on Facebook and Instagram and other platforms. They also have a website. They are huge supporters of POTUS. Add your prayers to theirs.

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  8. 12/7/17: “BREAKING NEWS: Trump plans to step down as POTUS effective Noon on Monday, January 20, 2025!”:

    Haha, gotcha. 🙂 Saw that earlier today, a funny read to lighten the load.

    As for POTUS, I would attribute a little word-slurring to being VERY TIRED. I do it sometimes myself when I stay awake reading WaaaaaaY TOO LONG until googoo-eyed & goofy in the head, & we know Trump barely sleeps at all. If he was slurring often, FLOTUS Melania would be all over it, as would be his kids, Pence, Kelly, etc. etc.

    Or maybe he has false teeth & they slip once in awhile(?) Better to slur a few words than let your dentures fall out. 🙂

    Remember when he tweeted COVFEFE? 😀 (which then became a twitter handle for a zillion pro-Trumpers, so funny!). Trump was probably waaaay toooo tired then, as well, & had “fumble fingers” on his phone.

    I heard/read somewhere the MSM were making a big deal of POTUS’ “dry mouth,” as if dry mouth equals dementia. Talking too much will give you dry mouth, which the talking heads should know.

    My other MAIN concern, as always, is the amount of EMF he is exposed to constantly. That WILL cause blood to clump up, & clumped-up red blood cells obviously cannot freely flow to the brain causing lack of oxygen to the brain. Trump needs his own RF-testing-meter so he can know how saturated his environment is with MWR/RF-EMF, no matter where he is.

    (Trump needs one of these… No financial incentive here, but one site that has a nice clean layout of RF meters is Safe Living Technologies, or URL of
    slt dot co/Products/RFMeters/ The kind with the big directional pointer on it would tell him what direction the MWR/RF is coming from. And the closer he gets to the source, the louder the noise it will make. My guess is POTUS probably doesn’t have a CLUE that EMF is bad news health-wise, especially for children, women, older men!)

    I think Mr. TRUMP always gets a physical every year, so the doctor appointment is probably a regular annual event & not due to the current few slurred words, but prayers are in order either way because it IS absolutely the most evil spiritual war going on that I’ve ever seen!


    Side Note: The link at top, from conservative Dr. Rich Swier’s blog: I noticed just today that twitter has his entire twitter account “WITHHELD WORLDWIDE”! I don’t know what he tweeted that prompted that. Hope it wasn’t his satire post above, which was a humorous response to all the people calling for POTUS to step down, resign, quit, etc. etc.

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  9. In your list of POTUS Trump accomplishments, the third one mentioned the judiciary. Great article two days ago about that, turning the reporter into a nervous nillie:

    12/6/17: “The Cake Is Just the Beginning —
    Justice Gorsuch’s radical First Amendment theory could sabotage civil rights law”:

    Brilliant “word interpretation” by Gorsuch! And Kennedy agreed with him! haha & naa naa na naa naaa! Of course the lefty reporter calls it “RADICAL,” & Sotomayor & Ginsberg objected, but I thought it was ingenious of Gorsuch to “point out the obvious”! You got to love it! 😀

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  10. Yes, prayers for President Trump and America: Few people realize how desperate the fight is behind the scenes.

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    • Steven . . . . I agree 100% with what you have written. At least some of us really do know and acknowledge . . . “how desperate the fight is behind the scenes.”

      When I see Mueller and his henchmen, I feel profound anxiety about what they may, or may not be able to pull off. We are living in perilous times.

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  11. I heard that he has dental implants, and has alignment problems. That happened to my husband Let’s hope it is.

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  12. I heard nothing from his speech tonight, I pray this was just a blip. BTW Clark is a turd.

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  13. Great rally last night.
    It was a quarterly report to we the stakeholders in America.
    Loved the ” We worship God not government” line.
    Totally clear, not slurred.

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  14. It’s dentures. Plenty of people his age have them. They just slipped out. It happens all the time. It’s nothing to worry about, let alone mock or criticize.


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