Man risks life to save wild rabbit from Southern California fire

The 2017 California wildfire season is the most destructive one on record, fueled by the copious vegetation from the very rainy previous winter. As many as 8,764 wildfires have burned more than 1,215,006 acres across the state. The most devastating fires are the ones in Northern California in October, and the ongoing fires in Southern California.

The Southern California fires began in early December, fanned by unusually powerful and long lasting Santa Ana winds from inland — burning across Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, San Diego, and Riverside Counties. The largest fire is the Thomas Fire along Highway 1 in Ventura County, which has engulfed more than 115,000 acres.

Thousands of people have been forced to flee from their homes, including so-called “celebrities” like Chelsea Handler, Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardarshian/Kanye West.

Evacuating from her swanky Bel-Air mansion, Chelseagolden showerHandler managed to poop out a tweet, blaming President Trump of course.

In the midst of Southern California’s raging inferno, there is a moment of kindness and grace.

While fleeing from the Thomas Fire, a young man stops to rescue a wild rabbit caught between the flames and highway traffic.

ABC7 reports, Dec. 6, 2017:

A man risked his life to save a wild rabbit as it got dangerously close to flames from the Thomas Fire along Highway 1 in La Conchita.

The daring rescue was captured by a news photographer who happened upon the scene Wednesday night. The man, who did not want to be interviewed, pulled over and was panicking as the rabbit he chased hopped right near large flames.

As the man searched for the woodland creature, he began jumping up and down with anxiety until the rabbit reappeared and ran from the flames.

The man quickly knelt down, stopped the rabbit in its tracks, gently picked it up and held it in his arms in an effort to calm it down.

God bless this kind young man.


29 responses to “Man risks life to save wild rabbit from Southern California fire

  1. Chelsey, maybe it was Russia who is responsible for the fires. Seems Russia is guilty of everything that is wrong. You are ignorant. Get a real life or did Russia screw you up to?

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  2. Chelsey is an idiot, of course, but this guy isn’t much smarter. Kind? Yeah, sure, maybe, but risking his life and maybe those of whoever was in the car with him, to save a rabbit? Dumbest thing. Safety first mister? First thing my father told me when teaching me to drive, “You don’t want to hit a dog when driving, but don’t ever endanger your life or the lives of those traveling with you to avoid an animal on the road, unless you can do with with absolute certainty that it’s safe to do so.” With wildfires all around like that, rescuing a wild rabbit is for sure a kind thing to do, but hardly safe or smart. This being California, I am wondering if this guy is a PETA supporter vegan activist.

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  3. I agree. I guess it was a nice gesture – but he risked his life for something foolish. The rabbit would have probably been just fine. And I have a question….Does anybody know how these fires are starting? Seems a bit suspicious to me that half of California has been burnt down in the final days of “recreational marijuana coming to fruition for the state of California.” Do we have another homeless illegal taking the fall for these fires like the last guy did when those fires killed hundreds (?), destroyed homes, and destroyed marijuana grows and wine country?


    • Teri. Look up “truth about CA fires”. Shocking!!!


      • OMGosh – my brain is actually spinning – what is going on? I cant quite get my head around this quite yet. This has been going on – these fires – as reported on you tube since 2015? Wow. you are right this is shocking. In my own brain I just thought – how come there is suddenly all these fires and numerous reports of “no storms – no lighting strikes, etc”, yet CA is burning to the ground! My first thought was Moonbeam wanted more federal money….but it seems even more nefarious than that! Then I thought maybe it was the Mexican Drug Cartels burning down the competition. I did have friends in CA who talked about the Chinese Bases all over CA that were originally set up in the Clinton Days. And then you have videos of you tubers showing these blue streaks coming through the smoke clouds. As part of my research, I found this… I am NO scientist by any means – and am really not quite sure what all this means yet – but click on this page and go to ASIM Mission – their you tube video looks like the you tube videos that people on the ground have posted about these fires — these blue streaks (which I gather according to TERMA is gamma rays from a natural storm cloud) – don’t know what the blue streaks are in the you-tubers videos in the CA fires. I guess this “observatory – if that is what it really is” is not supposed to launch with ISS until March 2018.

        If you have any links you like that may explain this better (for me) can you post them? Thanks very much.

        I think Dr. Eowyn needs to do some of her phenomenal research and give us an idea of what is really going on with these fires! (unless she already has and I missed it!)

        Thanks for the heads up – I truly had no idea – and lol….your right -“SHOCKED”!!!! (ie – yie – yie – Scary too!)


    • Lady goes driving in an area that was supposed to be on fire but sees no smoke whatsoever. So she’s asking, what’s the deal?

      She says near the end her husband was talking to one of his friends who is a firefighter, & he said it’s not near as big a deal as “they” are saying it is. (Maybe he meant in their specific area only?!?!)

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    • Here’s another tweet complaining that ABC keeps saying a certain building was burned down, & the tweeter says Not True, It’s Still There, & they are sick to death of Fake News:

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    • Teri, you are right. Google truth about CA fires. You will be shocked.


  4. The Lord is burning Los Angeles County and Ventura County (California) to the ground. Maybe they shouldn’t have voted for their Satan worshiper hero, Hillary Clinton. When you vote for the devil, you get burned.

    2016 Presidential Election Results

    LOS ANGELES COUNTY, California
    Hillary Clinton 72%
    Donald Trump 22.5%

    VENTURA COUNTY, California
    Hillary Clinton 54.5%
    Donald Trump 37.1%

    Scorched Earth


  5. My first thought was: RABIES. Don’t “wild animals” possibly have rabies? Not sure about wild rabbits in particular, but what if the “scared rabbit” panicked & bit the guy in the hand, eeek. :-/ That’s a beautiful “still shot” photo of him holding the rabbit, just the same. I saw a brief video of the same guy, & he was panicking, hitting himself on the head a few times & walked around in small circles a few times (in exasperation) because the rabbit was not coming toward him at first.

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  6. Southern Cali horses in a panic as the smoke fills the air all around … I’ve only seen things like this in “Old Westerns” on TV (barn’s on fire! let the horses out!!), but this is for real…

    If you go to that #LilacFire hashtag page, there are ongoing updates re the fire, plus more tweets/photos/video clips re all the horses … I guess there are horse racing barns in several areas … one tweet asked that people do NOT let horses on the loose as it creates problems for firefighters. Other tweets said they need horse trailers to get the horses out; another said they are using a fairground to gather animals; another said Costco donated 750 pounds of apples & carrots so far for the horses.

    Horses are amazing creatures! all that big heavy body-mass but such skinny legs & ankles! And more amazing that God created them just right so we can sit on them.

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    • Twelve-minute video of the horses/barn, smoke all around, which was aired on the Cali news, but this includes a youtuber, who lives in LA, who gives his opinion first that these fires are not normal; then he reads a full news article re the horses + the news video (shot yesterday/Thurs. afternoon):

      From the 189 comments at youtube:
      –Horses need to have their eyes covered to keep them from panicking, which is standard procedure, but no one was doing that in the above video;
      –Horses will run back INTO their barn, whether on fire or not, if they can get there, because that is where they feel is safe! (Yipes, I didn’t know those two facts!)
      –Everyone who commented is awake re NWO, Agenda 21, chemtrails, DEWs, etc.;
      –Hardly anyone believed the fires were “natural”; they think all these fires are being set on purpose to run people out of their areas (Agenda 21);
      –They think the causes are either/or: laser weapons, DEWs, fracking gas running all under & above ground that ignites, satellite lasers, plasma gas (blue arcs seen first), &/or exploding smart meters, etc.;
      –Locals say Santa Ana winds come in Sept.-Oct., but never Dec., & they are hot/humid, not cooler, & they don’t last long;
      –One person said they were chemtrailing over San Diego for 13 days straight before the fires appeared;
      –They said these fires are not like forest fires but are smaller popping up everywhere;
      –They say the winds that are blowing are being purposely created to “fire up the flames”;
      –Some said a lot of people were wearing purple but I didn’t pay attention (remember the “purple suspicion” near end of campaign, Hillary+Bill, Trump+Pence had purple ties or clothes, but I forget the significance, some supposed “occult message”);
      –One lady who was in the previous Santa Rosa fires, said Smart Meters were installed during/right after (which goes along with my decade-long-“theory” that they use “disasters” as cover, or as excuses, to implement/install more-evil-technology/infrastructure, in this case Smart Meters);
      –Another guy said he lives on the “Spanish East Coast” & that for the past three years they have had violent wind storms like nobody there ever remembers occurring in the past & those wind storms destroy entire areas, uprooting trees. He added: “Those winds are Always preceded by very heavy chemtrailing, as many as twelve planes crisscrossing the sky and turning the whole province into a chaotic mess. Definitely NWO dark agenda at work the world over…”

      Practically every person agreed with that, & that they all want the bad guys taken down! Amen!

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    • My husband was caught on the 15 N. freeway on the way home from San Diego when this terrible Lilac fire was first raging, about 20 mi so. of our home. The thoroughbred training center is just off the old state rd 395 and interstate 15 at Bonsall. He was stalled in “park” on the freeway while tons of volunteer horse transporters, veteranarians, and emergency vehicles blocked the freeway, trying to save the horses. My husband said that the temps raised inside his car from 70 degrees to over 90 degress in moments of being “trapped” on the freeway at this critical point in the fire outbreak. Sadly, about 40 thoroughbreds, some of them well-bred and well-known to our area, perished in the fire, despite the best efforts of so many to save them. Several groomsmen/workers burned and injured in the attempt….

      These things are so awful,just like hurricanes and tornadoes…but here in the inland valley of CA…we are horse and pet people….unless you live in a “downtown” of some little village or larger town/city, most of us in out-lying areas (unincorporated) own horses, rescue burros, mules, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, multiple cats, dogs…birds…..When my home was under “evacuation warning” just a few weeks ago, due to a fire on the Ortegas burning near to us…I could not even think of what ” valuables” to load into the car. All my husband and I could think about was how we were going to evacuate our myriad pets……and it didn’t seem like just the two of us could save them all……PLUS save our widowed elderly neighbor…..terrible choices to make in such times for pet owners…b/c you know you will always have to choose the humans first…….and leave your beloved non-humans behind…….

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  7. First time ever seeing PALM TREES ON FIRE, wow, San Diego Fire Dept. photo:

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  8. As much criticism the guy has taken for saving the rabbit, I bet if given a choice to save the rabbit, or Chrissy, Paris, Kim, Chelsea, etc. – he’d choose the rabbit – and so would most of America.

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    • Yes, and IMO the BEST comment yet! I don’t know who many of these movie stars are, nor do I care, but as soon as they start to speak they reveal how little intelligence they have, i.e., Chelsea Handler. Is she a porn ‘star’? Her name seems to indicate that, as well as her incredibly inane, stupid comments re Trump, etc. Hollyweird in spades!

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  9. The loss of life any life man or animal is horrendous. I pray a human or humans did not do this.

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  10. 😢

    Dozens of Horses Killed as Fires Tear Through California

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  11. I am coughing up tar from these fires. All of southern California is smokey.


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