Jennifer Lawrence wants to throw a drink in Trump’s face

jennifer lawrence

Libtards are still whining…

Take a chill pill, girl. Better yet, go get on that farm. It’s not like Hollyweird box office will miss you since your latest movies have not been all that stellar.

From HuffPo: Jennifer Lawrence has never met President Donald Trump, but she knows exactly what she’s going to say ― and order to drink ― if she ever runs into him.

“I’ve got a pretty good speech,” the 27-year-old said in an interview with Oprah for The Hollywood Reporter. “And it ends with a martini to the face. I have something to say for all of them. I watch different characters on the news, and I’m like, ‘You just wait.’

Considering Lawrence is a self-proclaimed fan of all things “Real Housewives,” we’re sure her drink-throwing technique would be on point.

“I would [be prepared], definitely,” she told Oprah. “Oh, my God, I’ve been waiting for this moment. I’ll give you a hint — it’s not nice. You wouldn’t want me to say it to you.

We can try to imagine what she might say, since Lawrence came up with a short speech last year when she heard she and Trump would be at the same event.

“I was at a concert where I heard he was attending, so I had my full security team, like I was like, ‘Find Donald Trump,’” she said on the “Graham Norton Show.”

“I was adamant on finding him and making a video of me going, ‘Hey, Trump, f*ck you!’” 

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17 responses to “Jennifer Lawrence wants to throw a drink in Trump’s face

  1. I wish she would, so the secret service can throw her to the ground and cuff her oh so brave ass. Idiot.

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    • EdK . . . I must confess, does she really think that “her security team” is going to take on the SECRET SERVICE. This is another loony who needs to be caught in a butterfly net and delivered to the closest mental facility. Do these people actually run through in their mind before they say nonsense like his. If she were ever to get close enough to President Trump to throw a drink in his face, which is highly doubt-able. The act of throwing anything in his face would be an act of battery, or assault. That would be a career ending occurrence in the life of a Secret Service agent, and they are not about to let that happen. She would find herself battered, broken and in a heap on the floor, with her wrists in handcuffs. Why go on television, or any media and act the fool? She demeans herself, and proves that she is an airhead, and of no consequence.

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      • Once again, Auntie, you’ve beat me to the punch –so to speak– on defining this species failure, so I won’t add more. It is rather incredible that these people have any access to the MSM, just based on the ‘quality’ of what they might contribute: NONE. If we could just leave them to self-destruct… but they’d likely take another with them.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    And yet, still, none of these ‘low information’ elites had a problem with a proven fraud, foreign infiltrator, who was not natural born of any where, there for should have been disbarred from even candidacy for the office, illegally occupying our white house for eight years.

    Only the ignorant, traitorous liars, or cowards,…..referred to obama as president.

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    • Kevin . . . Amen to that. A recent poll I saw which listed four Presidents, including Clinton, Nixon, Bush, and Obama . . . . the question was, Who was the biggest crook amongst these men? The poll results came out that 57% (I believe) voted that Obama was the biggest crook of all. We cannot escape the fact that he was a usurper of American national power from the get-go!

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  3. Says the self important twit that has no respect for anyone, including herself. While working in Hawaii, she sat her rear down on precious rock memorials and tried to scratch her skanky butt. She needs to get over herself.

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  4. As that would be a federal felony, carrying a MANDITORY 25-life without…. I say let her and watch the fun!

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  6. “I was adamant on finding him and making a video of me going, ‘Hey, Trump, f*ck you!’”

    Wow Jennifer Lawrence, what an erudite, brilliant, and original mind you have there! If we only had more highly intellectual, deep, and profound thinkers such as yourself in the world!

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  7. “ How unladylike, but I’m sure that’s how they talk when they are making a movie scene, so I say, “tell me whose company you keep and I’ll tell you who you are”.

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  8. Hey Jen
    I’d love to throw your face in MY drink, so we’re even.

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  9. That’s okay.

    I want to throw komrade Lawrence the hell out of my America.

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  10. “I was adamant on finding him and making a video of me going, ‘Hey, Trump, f*ck you!’”
    What a ridicu8lous thing to say. Our President ALREADY has a fine,classy,smart,confident,beautiful,capable REAL woman-why on earth would he consider f**king YOU??

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  11. Throwing a drink in someone’s face is so a Jennifer Lawrence thing!


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