Florida man sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving bacon in mosque

In San Francisco, five-times deported illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate is found not guilty of killing Kate Steinle and convicted only for illegal possession of a firearm, for which he will be sentenced to prison for 16 months to three years maximum.

But in Florida, a man gets 15 years in prison for breaking into and leaving a slab of bacon in a mosque.

Tess Sheet and J.D. Gallop report for Florida Today, Dec. 5, 2017, that Michael Wolfe, 37, faces 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to breaking into the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in Titusville and leaving a slab of raw bacon in January 2016.

Police said Wolfe broke into the mosque, ripping down lights, smashing windows and leaving behind the bacon. The bacon “enhanced” Wolfe’s criminal mischief into a hate crime because pork — including bacon and ham — is prohibited in Islam.

State Attorney’s Office spokesman Officer Todd Brown said that Wolfe “entered a plea deal and plead guilty to vandalizing the mosque itself with hate crime enhancement, making it a felony. He waived his right to a pre-sentencing investigation.” Details of Wolfe’s motive were not released.

Prosecutors said Wolfe’s sentencing was reached after discussions with the Islamic Society of Central Florida and Titusville police.

Imam Muhammad Musri, who oversees a network of mosques in Central Florida, lauded the state attorney’s office’s effort to send a message to those who would target Muslims or houses of worship: “The intent is to really deter similar kinds of hate crime. After what we’ve seen in Texas at the church, this is needed. Our schools, our churches, our theaters, it’s a red line. It’s heartbreaking. The hate must stop.”

Wolfe is a habitual offender with multiple run-ins with the law dating back to 1998, including

  • Burglary and grand theft in 2001 when he was 20 years old, for which he was fined and sentenced to probation.
  • Grand theft and burglary of an unoccupied dwelling in 2004, for which he was sentenced to two years, seven months and two days in prison.
  • Burglary of a conveyance in 2011, for which he was sentenced to 64 days in the county jail.
  • In addition, Wolfe was found guilty in three DUI offenses, possession of hydrocodone and cannabis, and an array of traffic violations.

Wolfe is prohibited from returning to the mosque — a condition of his probation. Other details of the probation were not immediately available. He has the option of filing an appeal within 30 days of his conviction.

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26 responses to “Florida man sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving bacon in mosque

  1. Say what you want, but I think he might have been doing a community service. He was trying to rid his community of vermin. What is the saying, something about good people doing nothing…… even with his minor record, at least he was trying. When Muslims rape our women, a whole lot less is done.

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  2. Years ago a 40-something handyman/delivery boy from Guatemala who worked for my wife and nearby businesses (who it turned out had a family here and another he abandoned in Guatemala) was identified breaking into the businesses by smashing windows with a crowbar and then going for valuables he’d identified.

    Convicted on eyewitness testimony and off to jail? Not quite. Instead this functionally illiterate 40-something criminal was offered and accepted a full scholarship at some bleeding heart college in Vermont where he no doubt flourished in something like identity politics. Today he’s probably getting paid to legally rob his neighbors by working for a government agency showing Hispanics how to milk the system and possibly eligible for a pension and benefits that working Americans can only dream about. All according to plan.

    I’m now thinking the Trump economic miracle is just more smoke and mirrors of the same sort we got with Obama. Take good-paying and satisfying construction jobs, as in the residential building boom in Florida. Non-Hispanics need not apply, while it is demonstrably false that mostly illiterate Hispanics are more productive than the displaced Americans whose jobs they’ve been handed with the blessing of both political parties.

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  3. So,sad he has to serve, I don’t believe so much about the bacon but the vandalism that got him in trouble, he could have walked in with a pig as his pet, after all pigs can be very clean and loyal, or he can say he is a troubled man, who knew?

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  4. This man is obviously criminal scum. With that said, he deserves to be jailed for the break in but leaving the bacon is his first amendment right. If some commie liberal can burn our flag then some nut can leave a gift of bacon.

    There is no such thing as a hate crime and if our judiciary weren’t so corrupt these unconstitutional laws would have never been enacted. Period.

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  5. The muslims/islamist rape our women, kill us, and destroy our property and culture and get away with a slap on the wrist. This guy leaves some bacon on a door knob and gets prison time. Sorry something is totally out of whack here.

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  6. symbolic gestures like are not effective. time to play hardball. american tax paying citizens have been sold down the river.


  7. Reblogged this on Roberts Thoughts 2 and commented:

    Amazing! Just defies logic. What happened to common sense?

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  8. If this was his first crime, i might have a little sympathy. Multiple felonies and such, nope. He is well past three strikes and out.


  9. I’m glad my daughter didn’t bring him home to meet dad. But the bacon thing was pretty funny.

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  10. As I recall, five-times deported illegal alien Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had a trial by jury. With San Francisco being a sanctuary city, my guess is that the prosecuting attorney did a half-hearted job under orders from his boss. Thus the jury probably received very little evidence from the prosecutor but quite a bit from the defense attorney. Hence the not guilty verdicts.


  11. Isn’t it funny how islam does not allow for their CULT followers to eat certain animals but yet they can have sex with those same beasts.


  12. Eh given his history , I’m glad the muslims were able to hammer him, obviously he was a public menace, and quite a recidivist. Given the meat was uncooked as well, without proper refrigeration and likely unwrapped, I’d also tack on public health hazard as well. Whether muslim or not, religion or not, Righteousness demands that personal biases be damned, lest Justice become injustice… that said, the case with zarate is also sounding like an injustice, how do we know that he didn’t murder her out of hatred? The vile “la raza”, for example, hates other “races” just as much as any black panther or skinhead group, I’d be very curious if he had any gang associations or otherwise that would indicate a belief in racial supremacism, in which case there’d be grounds to conclude that was a “hate crime” on top of being murder.

    Given his social status as an illegal though, the over-reaching goal would seem to be to stoke “race” war by infuriation (same as they’ve been doing for the last few decades), just like this other filthy criminal with his bacon malarkey, I doubt he’ll actually serve the 15 years and possibly get out early once he is used as much as he can be to stoke civil war, assuming someone else doesn’t “hire” him for something else.


    • “Eh given his history , I’m glad the muslims were able to hammer him”

      Really? 15 years in prison for break-in and leaving a slab of bacon? Uncooked bacon is a “health hazard” only if one eats it raw, and no Muslim in that mosque would do that.


      • Yep! Just another demonstration that proves that they don’t work for us. Their owners have told them what the party line is. Our rights and opinions don’t matter. They get their bought-and-paid-for judges to do their work for them.


  13. I recall reading a short story by Edgar Allen Poe that centered around a prank pulled on Muslims by someone. I won’t give away the plot & outcome, but in the end the perp was tagged as a ‘diddler’ [prankster], one who pulls off a good diddle [prank]. Today of course s/he’d be imprisoned for 4 to 10 years. So what happened to the USA’s sense of humour? Or appropriate justice?


  14. I say justice was served; what if a Muslim broke into a Church or Synagogue vandalized the place left offensive material. It would be unacceptable. So who are we to condone destroying a Mosque….


  15. You take that prosecutor and judge who railroaded this guy and you do your own jihad on them.


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  18. This guy has something wrong with him, that’s for sure,
    But one of the things that is not wrong with him is that he feels humiliated and betrayed by the establishment, and threatened by sleeper terrorists pretending to be holy, peace loving, and patriotic.
    bullsht bullsht and more bullsh*t.
    His acting out like that demeans our legitimate complaints and concerns about our Republic and our Christian-Judeo; Constitutional culture.


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  20. Yahweh is my favorite “hate criminal.” He says to destroy the altars of false gods.

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  21. Yeah meanwhile “they” can come over illegally,get welfare etc rape / harass our women and breed like RATS. And their buddies can blow up churches, kill priests,crucify and behead Christians but THAT”S OK,

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