Say wut? 33-year-old woman engaged to a chandelier

A whole lotta crazy here.

From NY Post: A British woman plans to marry a chandelier she bought online — and admits she’s hooked on “kisses and cuddles” with the dusty antique.

Amanda Liberty, 33, isn’t fazed by the whopping 57 year age gap between her and the tarnished light fitting, who she has dubbed “Lumiere.”

Speaking of her wife-to-be, who she spent over $500 shipping over from Europe in 2016, she said: “As soon as I saw Lumiere on eBay, I knew immediately that she was the one for me and it was love at first sight. She was based in Germany and although I knew it would be tricky to get her home, I knew I needed to find a way to make her mine. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and how beautiful she was — she has such a beautiful shape and I could feel really amazing energy coming from her.

After winning the online auction, Liberty patiently waited for her to turn up at her Leeds home, turning to her 24 other chandeliers, who she claims she was in an “open relationship” with before meeting Lumiere.

She said: “After buying the chandelier, I patiently waited for her to be imported into the UK and after six days of waiting, she was finally in my arms. She had been disassembled for her own safety, but once I put all her pieces together and she settled into her new home, our relationship just went from strength to strength.”

“A friend of mine actually named her Lumiere because of the film “Beauty and The Beast,” after the candlestick who comes alive.”

Last Valentine’s Day I proposed to her, to signify our long lasting love. I hope at some point we will have a commitment ceremony — I haven’t been engaged before so it’s very new and exciting!”

Perhaps due to Lumiere’s age, Amanda doesn’t take her to bed every night, preferring to snuggle up with another of her fancy light shades called “Jewel” under the covers.

Liberty said: “None of my chandeliers are jealous of each other, they understand that I love them all for all of their different personalities. For example, I love kissing and cuddling Lumiere, but I sleep with Jewel every night, as she is portable and very nice to cuddle.”

“I’ve always loved the look of chandeliers and when I saw my first chandelier, Luna, it was love at first sight. You can’t control who you fall in love with and things just went from there.

“I spend my spare time restoring old and broken chandeliers to their former glory, which I really enjoy as I can tell that they enjoy the attention that they receive. My dream job would be to work in public buildings such as Buckingham Palace, looking after the grand chandeliers that they have there.”

But it hasn’t always been a light touch that Liberty has craved. As an Objectum Sexual, someone who is sexually attracted to inanimate objects, all sorts of bits and bobs have caught her eye.

Her first relationship was with a drum kit when she was just 14, but as she grew older her tastes developed — and she soon had her eyes on bigger sights.

Liberty fell in love with the Statue of Liberty — who she affectionately calls “Libby” — and has traveled to the US six times to gaze longingly at the 305-foot tall monument. In 2010 she even changed her surname by deed poll to “Liberty” to show her commitment to the 142-year-old statue.

However, Liberty struggled to have a long distance relationship with the green woman, who has an eight-foot-long face and she turned to her chandeliers for comfort. Her living room is adorned with memorabilia dedicated to the monument and she insists that she still loves Libby.

Liberty said: “People often can’t understand that this is just a natural orientation for me, that I can find the beauty in objects and can sense their energy. I want others to see how happy the chandeliers make me and how much they’ve enriched my life. I’m not hurting anyone by entering into a relationship with them, I am simply just following my heart.


31 responses to “Say wut? 33-year-old woman engaged to a chandelier

  1. Are we to believe, since she calls this chandelier a “she” that this woman is a lesbian? The woman stated, “You cant’t help who you fall in love with . . .” Since when can a chandelier be considered a “who” referring to the woman’s statement. Good Golly! Please someone catch this woman with a butterfly net and present her to the nearest mental facility! You’re just killin’ me with stories of all the loonies that are out on the loose!

    DCG . . . . You have brought the perfect story to us . . . . it is amazing, it is astonishing, it is unbelievable, thank you for bringing out the following feelings in me, I am flabbergasted, I think it is humorous, it is pathetic, it is sorrowful!. It just causes me to run the full gamete of emotions God bless you for waking me up this morning!

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  2. Anything from across the pond is real, however a good switch is recommended to dim her desires before she plunges into total darkness.

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  3. More insanity from the Left. There really is no other word for Amanda Liberty (I doubt that’s her real birth name).

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  4. A variant of the Illuminati in the UK, United Knuthouse.

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  5. Lucifer also means light, just like Lumiere. I suspect he is behind this kind of mental aberration. 😈

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  6. At least we can hope she won’t be breeding.

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  7. It can’t be true love because I heard that, from the start, she was cheating on Lumiere via her flashlight.

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  8. ??????????????????
    That’s all I have to say.

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  9. How does this woman make a living? That’s what always baffles me about these stories of these crazy people

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  10. I was laughing hysterically until i realized that public establishments will have to try to squeeze in another bathroom not just for object lovers, but rather, lesbian object lovers.

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  11. Just a lonely Plain Jane who will do ANYTHING to get a little attention from ANYONE. Very sad.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  12. Hadenoughalready

    And if they breed, what will the offspring be called? LED’s?
    One can only resort to laughter as any serious attempt to reconcile this insanity would require heavy medication and a heavily padded, rubber wallpapered room.

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  13. Lol…Lumiere must be a unisex name (like Evelyn, Lynn or Jamie). Same name as the candelabra figure in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast.

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  14. HOW is it that she’s NOT confined to a rubber room?? Surely this must be insanity in any State or Country in the WORLD,except California-THERE,it’s just business as usual.

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    • Hadenoughalready

      That, my friend, is a question that will continue to be asked for as long as there are future history books…should civilization survive to record any.

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  15. NO offense meant to the NORMAL people of California.

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  16. Only until the chandelier has been revealed to have groped and assaulted women in the past. Meantime, someone start this woman on a strong medication.

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  17. Nutz iz nutz.

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  18. If she is serious she needs some serious help, also as Auntie Lulu observed, she writes lesbianism into the thing, as if an abstract object can have genders, thus she needlessly promotes homosexuality as well with her insanity.

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  19. So, according to “Liberty,” she’s never been engaged before. GEEZ LOUIZEEE….Wonder Why? (tongue in cheek). Well, at least a lighting fixture is portable and she even “sleeps with” one of her “harem.” A woman here in CA (San Diego I think) married a BUILDING. Gotta be tough on the longevity of the mattress(es).

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  20. If there ever was a need for a family intervention. This is it.

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  21. Initally I wasn’t going to watch the video about the idiot woman and her light fixtures. But, I relented and did indeed watch it. Sadly, I am now very remorseful that I watched it because I have confirmation that she isn’t just pulling a publicity stunt. She truly is a demented idiot.

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