Tuesday Funny! Sale on NFL cover-up tattoos

Capitalist ingenuity making America great again:

H/t Reddit

Meanwhile, NFL TV ratings continue to fall.

Richard Morgan reports for the New York Post, November 28, 2017, that “NFL fans flipped the league the bird over Thanksgiving” with ratings for each of the three games played on Thanksgiving falling double-digits from last year:

  • The Minnesota Vikings-Detroit Lions early game on Thursday produced a ratings decline of 10% compared with the early game a year earlier.
  • The second game, between the Dallas Cowboys and LA Chargers, saw ratings tumble 25%.
  • The late game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins produced a rating down 19% from 2016.

Continue #BoycottNFL!


13 responses to “Tuesday Funny! Sale on NFL cover-up tattoos

  1. Hahahahahahaha!

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  2. WINNING!!!

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  3. This is just the very best Christmas present ever! I would like to see all the tallies at a 25% reduction, but the time is still early. If people will just continue to starve the beast. I hope that at some point in time, the players will realize that they are the ones who are committing economic suicide. Let’s hope that most of them have enlisted financial advisers to build their wealth, because it may soon be a rainy day. It’s not that we don’t believe that they have the right to sponsor things to help those of their communities, but we want them to use a different venue . . . . not one that disrespects our flag, our nation, and our military. If they hate this country so badly, then perhaps they should find another country that they feel would treat them better and move there.

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  4. Don’t you love it? The boys of summer are always applauded for their good games and not the shows, fast balls, strikes, stealing bases, and maybe at times a flare up cause the pitcher hit the batter with a hard ball but in the end it is a fair game, no head injuries, no helmets, I love to see how handsome they are and I can see the bodies move fast from base to base and slide to make a triple play! . No visible padding and cups. Take me out to the Ball Game any time!

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  5. Gotta love that American ingenuity. 🙂

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  6. “NFL fans flipped the league the bird over Thanksgiving”. That’s because they are foul!

    I don’t understand why they are willing to commit suicide like this. I understand that Soros is funding a lot of this crap, but what about next year? Will he continue to fund them? Do the players think they will just apologize and everything will be hunky-dorry with their former fans? If so, they’re going to be mighty surprised!

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    • Maryaha . . . You have made an excellent point. I agree that most of us once we have become disgusted by someone, or something, if the anger and hurt is deep enough . . . then we just turn our backs and walk away. We may on occasion have twinges of nostalgia at missing that person, or thing, but within a period of time, we realize that we can very well do without that particular aggravation in our lives.

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  7. I stopped watching college football w/Penn State, Paterno, et al, involvement w/protracted, many-yr-sexual-abuse of children—AND the way they covered up for each other for literally years at the alter of the TEAM.

    It is NOT painful or difficult, after all that, to abandon the professional teams over their ignorance of the WHOLE history of this country, which led them to choose the using of our flag and anthem–(-which honors ALL Americans, including our veterans and others who died to keep that flag and anthem intact and the symbols of our sovereignty, our freedoms, our opportunities, among other things)—-as an object of derision, a symbol of the exact OPPOSITE for which it truly stands. Kiss my grits. I have not missed these people in my living room for ONE cintilla of a second. They are UNIVITED and therefore, unwelcomed into my home. I didn’t even have to build a fence. I just clicked the “off” button. Easy. Painless.

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  8. AMF – NFL
    Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye


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