Walmart Selling ANTIFA Shirts!

A couple of Google searches turned up the following results:

Hey Walmart! What are you going to sell next? Comet Ping Pong shirts?

8 responses to “Walmart Selling ANTIFA Shirts!

  1. This is ONE MORE reason to stay away from Walmart. More anti-American Chinese knock-offs. American made products cannot compete with cheap, often toxic Chinese imports. Walmart is right up there with Amazon – they are the modern day slave masters, the profiteers between producers and consumers. Their pricing demands on suppliers almost ensures inferior quality end products, only Walmart wins in the end.

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  2. They have NO values,if they get in the way of PROFITS. What sucks is there’s a LOT of stuff people need that they just can’t FIND anywhere else.

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    • truck, you are correct, but…….I understand they are open 24 hrs. and some prices are not bad. I don’t visit the store because parking is awful and some people look wild, they don’t treat employees that great.

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  3. This is a shame. I like Wal-Mart, too. But every now and then they make a mistake. This one’s a beaut. I have read Wal-Mart has pulled them.
    I think the Che Guevara T-shirts are more offensive, or at least just as offensive. Never had one, never will.

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  4. So we can mark Walmart off the list as being America’s store?

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  5. And yet Walmart pulled Confederate flags from their shelves.

    To add injury to insult, Walmart’s Antifa shirts are made in Mexico.

    Walmart should know that both the Obama and Trump administrations classify Antifa as “domestic terrorists,” which means the Antifa t-shirts they sell glorify domestic terrorists.

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  6. I think it’s kinda funny – in a dark way – Wally World suckers shills into buying shirts with an ignorant message, further contributing to the success of that which the antifa stands against. The joke’s on who?

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