Europe commits suicide: Explosive increase in rapes and HIV from Muslim migrants

Europe is committing demographic and cultural suicide by opening their doors to the flood of Muslim “refugees” and “migrants” from the Middle East and North Africa. See:

Now, new and startling statistics reinforce the suicide observation.


10 News reports, July 8, 2017, that rapes in Sweden have soared since the country began taking in large numbers of Muslim migrants and refugees. New data from Sweden’s national bureau for statistics, BRÅ, shows that:

  • The number of rapes increased 14% in just one year: 3,430 rapes were reported during the first six months of 2017, an increase of 14% compared to the previous half-year.
  • In all, 9,680 sexual crimes (which include rapes) were committed from January to June of 2017. The real number of sexual crimes is likely much higher because according to a 2013 BRÅ report, only 23% of sexual crimes in Sweden are reported, which means that the real number of sex crimes in the first half of 2017 more likely is 42,000.
  • Migrants and refugees commit 92% of all violent rapes and 100% of all stranger rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact).
  • 9 of the top 10 countries-of-origin of rapists are Islamic: Iraq (which accounts for most rapists), Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo. Only one of the top ten is non-Islamic — Chile.
  • Migrants and refugees from Afghanistan are 79 times more likely to commit rape than Swedes.
  • Most alarmingly, victims of rape and other sexual crimes are not just women, but include children. According to BRÅ, 43% of rape victims are children.

Instead of curtailing Muslim immigration and deporting criminal Muslims, Sweden instead is curtailing the liberties of their women. A Swedish survey found that over the past year:

  • 34% of Swedish women, out of fear of abuse, have chosen to take an alternative route or another means of transportation.
  • 12% say they have stayed home from something they otherwise planned because they were afraid.
  • 23% find that their quality of life is affected by increased insecurity, up from 13% the year before.
  • Music festivals are now planning gender separated events, just like in Islamic countries.

In a recent tweet, independent Swedish journalist “Peter Sweden” also alerts us to an explosive increase in the rate of HIV infection.

According to the Swedish state institute for public health, the number of HIV cases increased 270% in ten years — from 1,684 cases in 2006 to 6,273 in 2016. “Migrants” account for a whopping 85% of those infected with HIV.

10 News observes that “The same pattern is seen all over Western Europe, and in many places, it has an impact on demographics in public spaces. Just like in Islamic countries, many countries with a high number of Muslim migrants have fewer women than men on the streets.”


10 News reports, Nov. 27, 2017, that according to statistics from the Danish state bureau of statistics, Danmarks Statistik, in just two years since the summer of 2015, the number of reported rapes has increased 232%. That figure likely is much higher because, according to a government report, “many rapes are not reported”.


Fear of being sexually assaulted or raped also is curtailing German women’s liberties. According to surveys:

  • 44% of German women believe their personal security is threatened by immigration from “Islamic countries”.
  • 48% say that they are afraid of walking in certain areas in their own neighborhood.
  •  Borwin Bandelow, Professor of Psychiatry at Göttingen University, believes the women’s fears are “well-founded”.


22 responses to “Europe commits suicide: Explosive increase in rapes and HIV from Muslim migrants

  1. It is God’s wrath on the European nations that have rejected God for years and years. If you don’t want God in your life, you can have the devil. These European nations have sown to the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind: they have sown sin into their culture and soon shall reap destruction: civil war, mass destruction, plague(?).

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  2. In addition, the global oligarchs have finally found the way to eliminate half of the world’s population. Despicable.

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  3. EUROPE: When your only asset is ignorance this is your result!!!

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    • jones4842 . . . On the surface what you have written is 100% correct . . . the sad thing is that the leaders KNOW OF ASSUREDITY exactly what they are doing in allowing this mass immigration. The people who are the peasantry of these countries plead with their governments for relief from the horrific plague. I am very sure that they would never envision that their own leaders would throw them to the lions.

      I am so grateful that my Swedish grandmother’s parents left Sweden in the 1860’s to come to this land. I grieve for our cousins who remained there.

      I must admit that I agree with Tim Shay’s synopsis. . . . when a nation turns from their God, their God is slow to hear their pleadings for His help.

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      • I must agree with you Auntie. A good many people have been pleading with their governments to no avail, unbeknownst to them that the leaders know damn well what they are doing as you said. And I have said this before, but really are we so much better? Europe just got indoctrinated earlier and more often , esp. Germany by way of false Holocaust guilt that was bludgeoned into every child over and over again in school. Is it any wonder this is the result when you have told a nations children that they are terrible, guilty, and if they ever think of embracing their race, nationality or culture again it will turn into a homicidal fascistic empire.
        We’re in for it in this country too because the same crowd is bringing the migrants in to erase our culture and our race no different than what they have done to Europe. Add to this the fact that the majority of young educated ( brainwashed) young adults now embrace communism/ socialism. What happens to this country when these kids hit the 40 mark and have come to their prime? Those that think we are not going to suffer the same here are still up on their high horse I’m afraid.

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      • Hi Auntie…one of my many X gr- grandparents on my dad’s side was Mans Anderson, one of first/few Swedes who came as “first Swedes to settle in America,”1638, to what is now Delaware, on the ship “Kalmar Nyckle” (or some such spelling). It was the second Swedish ship, but the first to bring permanent settlers. He was a very colorful dude, who moved back-forth betw boundaries of today’s PA, MD, Delaware, according to the politics/governments of his day…as they changed back/forth betw Swede, Dutch, English &”whatever.” He didn’t give one wit for whom was in “power” at the time, he just cared for himself/family& what was best for them. He was married 3X, having outlived at least the first 2 wives….and married a Swede, A Dutch woman & possibly a Germanic & spoke all those languages, plus his own Swedish…..I have a primary source account fr the day that describes him thus….fluent in several languages ….a land-holder in the tri-state area, who negitiated several colonial “rulers” during his lifetime that had a “hold” on his properties in any of the 3….

        I guess my point is that , these are the “immigrants” that we refer to when we say we are a “Nation of Immigrants” here in the USA. They had NO WELFARE payments…no free educations for themselves or their children…NO “English as a Second Language” special classes for their kids OR THEMSELVES….no free health screenings or safety nets….no one built foot-baths , with USA tax-payer money, into public or university restrooms for a particular religious sect from a culture foreign to us naturally and historically in this country. They were on their own…the cream amongst them rose to the top and prospered……they had the same thing that EVERYONE ELSE HAD AT THE TIME…and that is: OPPORTUNITY. They just got there first and with the most ability/talents/skills that they developed through a lifetime of depending upon themselves…and not others.

        Today, people ignore “opportunity” b/c they don’t want to be held responsible for their own “fate.” They want to make it appear that “opportunity” is NOT offered them b/c they are a “special” group……and so they can not be faulted or blamed for their own failings at taking advantage of OPPORTUNITY. It all is circular thinking, which means……in short, “I messed up, I am a flunky who did not take advantage of what was given to me…I did not make the most of it…I made the least of it…and now I think I can play the “blame game” and escape responsibility (maybe even sqeeze some more pity and bucks out of the system)….by calling out “racist” or “anti-immigrant” or whatever floats the boat of dismissing/passing on “OPPORTUNITY” which is…the OPPORTUNITY given to all of us in this country, regardless of race or creed or etc…..OK…so, we’ve already had a 2-term-elected “Black” POTUS…so…….when does it all stop…when does all this race-mongering, race-baiting, and race-loading (allowing in the “sure-to-vote Democratic for generations” illegal aliens & offspring “legaL voters” ) come to a point where we have to wake up and actually visualize WHERE our national borders are????????? Do our borders encompass Mexico, Centrail America……some portions of South America? Maybe the Islamic MidEast? Pakistan?? The point is….THESE PEOPLE BRING THEIR BORDERS TO US….and with our present “sanctuary cities, counties, states….we do NOT reciprocate with schooling them or enforcing upon them OUR borders.

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        • CalGirl . . . . Your post is so absolutely right on. The immigrants of the 1700’s, 1800’s and early 1900’s were willing to work themselves to death to make it go. Many of the men who came were talented craftsman, many farmers, they were people who actually had something to G-I-V-E our country, besides hungry mouths that the rest of us must feed.

          This morning on the news I saw where President Trump removed the US from the UN agreement on “immigration and their numbers.” He stated that the US will determine its own future. I swear to you, that was the most amazing gift I could ever imagine. Perhaps he truly is beginning to disentangle our nation from the tentacles that wish to bind us and overcome our sovereignty. The UN is hovering over us because they wish to access our wealth, our national treasury, our land and mineral rights, etc.

          God Bless Our President! I can not even begin to imagine a better Christmas present than that! God Bless him that he will have the strength to travel through the adversity that is thrown in his way.

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  4. and
    are covering this white genocide constantly. Canada and USA
    are not far behind.

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  5. Steven Colbert must know something we don’t. (sarc). I will pray for those people!

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    • I suspect his writers are wash-outs from every other script writing group in America. I was never even remotely impressed with him as a comedian,and I’m even LESS impressed now.

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  7. Those who hate God love death.

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  8. Except for Syria, NONE of the countries listed above are in any type of war situation. Just more phony ECONOMIC “asylum” seekers!

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  9. Well, there we have it: The British Empire Model, as well as organized Talmudic and Cabbalistic nihilism, is alive and well in Europe. Karl Marx was right: “There is a spectre haunting the Continent of Europe. It is the spectre of Communism.”
    Yes, Marx was correct: The spectre haunting Europe (which is the Spirit of Anti-Christ) is the spectre of Communism, an organized Talmudic-Cabbalistic paradigm of nihilism, perpetuated by a British eugenic model run by oligarchs and plutocrats. And Yet, Marx says that this is a good thing.
    Let’s be clear: A real Christian model, predicated on the Gospels, would never tolerate such a system. And this is no hypothetical mumbo-jumbo: Millions of people around the world have died as a direct result of this Anti-Christ System. It is a BEAST SYSTEM. And I believe that, in historical terms, we are on the cusp of its Final Battle. (I believe the Anti-Christ of Revelation is a single individual man, and that he is alive on this Earth NOW).
    Just a reminder to the monsters: WE are the real change and the real stability. You can NEVER kill us off. You never learn: The more of us you kill, the more our Christian ethos and system grows! We have read the Book, and we know how it ends: YOU WILL LOSE.

    The Outcome to this Final Battle has already been decided. Go join Karl Marx in HELL, you scum!

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  10. Karma visits Europe since they are the ones directly responsible for the turmoil that is happening today…..

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  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The people of Europe voted for these people who are causing these rapes and HIV from muslim migrants. They can change this by voting for people who want to make a correction in this committed suicide.

    It is not too late.


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    • Maybe I’ve lived too long and seen too much, but I believe Germany is self-ruined and cannot be herself in a few more years, after the human locusts have settled in and bred even more parasites. It’s very near ‘end-game’ in several nations, and many FotM readers will live to see the nightmare endings of these sad dramas.


  12. Rome engineered its own downfall by taking in “soldiers” from any and every place and conferring upon them citizenship in the Roman Empire, without any other “vetting” other than “promised” service. These Goths turned on them and destroyed them. The great Roman Empire was felled from within by this stupidity. I can’t feel sorry for Europe for repeating the errors of history…….they have been warned by experience and history….and I do fear that the United States will suffer the same if Trump is quashed by the left in trying to avoid the same lessons of history…so that 80-yr-old Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and the ancient Diane Feinstein, for instance, continue to dictate US immigration, “sanctuary” and foreign policy, allowing others from anywhere and everywhere to pour in….and bring in the “chain migration” of tens to hundreds of “relatives” and WITHOUT EVEN the “promised service” that the Romans asked of these same sorts……..I feel that we are doubly damned.


  13. not a coincidence…it’s a shame that europeans have become so socially and politically cucked that they refuse to see the truth in front of them…and that truth is that those who “represent” them, resent them and seek their total demise of country, culture, genetics, land, liberty, and life.
    Their only salvation is to turn back to Christ and follow Him and reject evil in all it’s many disguises.


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