Embattled NYC housing authority chair makes staffers lobby to keep her job

shola olatoye

She’s a Bill de Blasio appointee (February 2014).

From NY Post: Embattled Housing Authority chair Shola Olatoye is working overtime to keep her job — by getting paid underlings to mount a public relations campaign on her behalf before an oversight hearing next week. A form letter created by two New York City Housing Authority staffers has been circulated to tenant associations, urging that they sign a petition praising Olatoye as a great leader.

Tenant leaders also say they’ve received phone calls as part of the unprecedented PR push after NYCHA was found to have falsely claimed for years that it had been inspecting apartments annually for lead paint.

“NYCHA residents overwhelmingly support Chair Shola Olatoye because she has improved public housing and is making a significant difference in our lives as well as the lives of our children and grandchildren,” reads the form letter. Anyone who is standing-up for NYCHA residents and has any knowledge of public housing understands that the Chair is the right person to continue leading the Authority.”

The letter also takes a shot at the Council ahead of what’s sure to be a heated oversight hearing on Tuesday, warning that tenants supposedly fear it’s going to devolve into “political theatre [sic]” and grandstanding.

Even after NYCHA officials discovered in mid-2016 that they had been violating city and federal laws requiring lead paint inspections since late 2012, they never informed tenants about the dangerous lapse.

This includes four years without inspections at more than 4,200 units that house children younger than 6, who are most susceptible to the health dangers of elevated lead levels.

Mayor de Blasio also knew about the failings as early as April 2016, but has suggested the city wasn’t obligated to inform residents about it — characterizing doing so as going “an extra mile.”

He also didn’t move to discipline any employees until after the city’s Department of Investigation issued a scathing report on the scandal earlier this month.

The City-Wide Council of Presidents, a tenant group that represents NYCHA developments, was quick to issue a harsh condemnation of the self-serving petition. “The residents of NYCHA will not be used as pawns to further NYCHA’s self-interest,” the group wrote in a statement obtained by The Post.

The City-Wide Council of Presidents will not stand by while NYCHA attempts to ‘spin’ the lead paint fiasco into something else. NYCHA has severely jeopardized the health and safety of the residents and while this is far from their first offense, it is certainly the final straw.”

Council member Rafael Salamanca (D-Bronx) also slammed the NYCHA outreach efforts as “spin.”

“The reality is that lead paint testing is a serious issue in my mind and the minds of my public housing constituents,” said Salamanca, who has previously called for Olatoye to resign in the wake of the scandal. “We want answers and progress instead of a letter seeking support.”

Data embedded in the circulating letter indicates it was created by NYCHA community coordinators Makeba Price and Denise Guess. NYCHA officials didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The mayor has been downplaying the fiasco by claiming just four children in NYCHA units tested positive for lead poisoning since 2014. But the city has no idea how many children living in public housing were never tested.

Health Department data from 2016 shows that only 51 percent of children citywide were tested for lead poisoning at ages 1 and 2, despite being required by state law.


11 responses to “Embattled NYC housing authority chair makes staffers lobby to keep her job

  1. When you vote in idiots, morons and sleazy criminal types why bitch when they live up to their potential? You asked for her, now live with her!

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  2. Why is it that public housing authorities tend to be a refuge for the most incompetent bureaucrats?

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  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5140293/Now-unisex-Scouts.html#ixzz50AWa4HWI

    I realize the “Girl Scout” post was a few days ago, but wanted folks to see this. The absolute reckless stupidity of society seems to be accelerating at a geometric rate.

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  4. This is PRECISELY why unelected bureaucrats must NEVER be allowed to make decisions that impact either our wallets or our lives. Also, I knew someone (an older white male, who was 60 at the time) who worked for this agency (this was in 1989). He told me that his supervisors were not white, and that there was a lot of yelling, cursing and screaming in the office on the part of the administrators or supervisors.
    We do not need tax dollars supporting this institutionalized dysfunctional behavior, whether the goal of ridding homes of lead paint is good or not. But this is what New York City (and a number of other cities!) is: Everything here is a racket.
    Not To Worry: Donald Trump is the first President we’ve had since Reagan (or maybe even Kennedy) who is against this dysfunctionality being enshrined in the UN. We see this in the European Union now; Want to see it on a global scale?
    There is the vast majority of the human race that just wants to be left alone. Then there is the small minority of dysfunctional leftist monsters who demand we allow them to drag us down into the Rabbit Hole once again! There’s no getting rid of them! They keep popping up with every new generation!

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  5. She is on her way out…..


  6. Holy cow! I thought Buckwheat was dead!

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  7. NYCHA officials resign after lead paint inspections report; authority announces changes


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