Dog no longer an orphan

Shy Shelter Dog FLIPS OUT After Realizing He’s Been Adopted

Earlier this month, Benny was finally adopted by a loving family. His reaction upon realizing that happy fact? Priceless.

by Animal Lovers News


7 responses to “Dog no longer an orphan

  1. I LOVE it when this happens!!! (lump in my throat!) BEAUTIFUL Dog!

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  2. Benny’s happy!! I hope they buy him a decent leash and harness right away. He looked like a lab/pit cross, very strong boy, and such an expressive face! Watching was just like being at the shelter again – heartbreaking to see so many unwanted, caged animals.

    I don’t know how people choose just one, without feeling guilty about leaving all the others. I end up donating enough money that the shelter guarantees will keep 3 (three) of their residents alive until they’re adopted, or one year – whichever comes first. Its sinful to see so many dog breeders in the business of solely selling puppies, and so many willing customers to buy them.

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    If I had a farm, I’d rescue all of them. Scenes, like this, make my heart melt.

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