Soy Boy epidemic: How soy makes men into leftist wusses

Hilarious and alarming!



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  1. Why do you suppose all packaged and processed foods are laced with soy? And all chips and fried snacks are cooked in soybean oil? Additionally, all commercial soy is GMO. Why would anyone want boys and men to become emasculated soy boys? The answer is: Global DEPOPULATION.

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  2. Although this is extremely funny . . . . if you think long enough, you see the real tragedy in it. I’m all for men staying off SOY.

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  3. AHA!! Soy THAT’S the problem! I’ve suspected that for years,just from the behavior of the “hippie” folks I know.

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  4. Quite right, Watson. As usual.

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  5. Haha, yep! I love edamame beans but haven’t eaten them in years as I don’t want to serve them to my son. Wouldn’t be surprised if soy consumption in childhood was somehow linked males being gay- there’s no way in hell I’d knowingly feed my son estrogen!

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  6. OK, that video was amusing, but in the spirit of love and concern for my brothers and sisters, I must mildly object. I haven’t been here long, but I dig this blog and have promoted it several times on my own blogs. I like most of youz people here, so I want to clear up this misconception about Soy before it gets out of control and everyone starts buying into it.

    I became a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (NOT vegan!) in late 1985. That’s about the time I first started eating Soy products. My Soy intake increased greatly over the years, primarily because I discovered Soy Lecithin granules in 1995 and began taking that daily. Why? To make sure I never have a heart attack or a stroke, and to preserve my youthful looks (and boyish charm? Ha!) But, yes, I’m actually serious!

    Not to boast or pound my chest but in high school I was on the football team and was a varsity wrestler my senior year. I have always been a [Link> “CONFIDENT HETEROSEXUAL”.

    And despite my decades of regular, daily Soy Lecithin intake, I can assure y’all that I do NOT have moobs, there is nothing the least bit effeminate about me, and no one in their right mind would mistake me for being gay or girlie. I’m a strict Founding Fathers-era Constitutionalist — as conservative as it gets — and even at the age of 58, I can do more push-ups than any gay or girlie Leftist of any age.

    So, now, my FOTM friends, let me save y’all from future heart attacks and strokes (and maybe even help you preserve your youthful appearance — or reverse some of the aging, anyway)…

    This is too many words to post here in a comment section, so I’m including a link below to a review I originally wrote years and years ago promoting the benefits of Soy Lecithin granules and some of the first-hand testimonials for it that I am connected to:

    [Link> LEFT FOR DEAD

    Bless And Be Blessed!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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    • You can take non soy lecithin granules with the same results. You may be fortunate you suffered no ill effects of using soy for such a long time. It would be interesting to know if you had your sperm count done at any time during this period. Without knowing if it was in the normal range for a man your age, it’s hard to say you are free from the effects of soy on the male body. Also, because, you, personally, may not have had any side effects, doesn’t mean others haven’t. Kids are being raised on copious amounts of soy from infancy. You were not. An adult body is not the same as an infant’s or child’s. Who would knowingly bombard a small child’s body with unneeded estrogen, and expect no consequences? You can add to this, that something like 90% of all US and Canadian soy is now genetically modified, to boot.

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      • NOREEN ~
        I suspect that this anti-Soy campaign is a CIA disinformation program meant to scare conservatives away from Soy so that they will all eventually die of heart attacks and strokes and then the Soy-ingesting communists can take over the world!

        No, I don’t REALLY suspect that, but it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.

        What I do think is that quite possibly this “Soy Boy” slur began as a way to poke fun at Leftists — those pinky-in-the-air, Little Debbie cupcakes who live at Starbucks. Much like the terms “Libtard” and “Snowflake” (both of which I use regularly, by the way). But then people started taking it too seriously. And now, something that is really beneficial in so many ways is being scorned. Ain’t it just like the devil to work that way in “this world”?

        It’s true that nearly all Soy products, including Soy Lecithin, are now GMO, and that’s the one thing I don’t care for about it. (But then the majority of what the majority of us now eats is also GMO.)

        I very recently learned that a non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin is also available. (Lecithin from Soy and Sunflowers are the only forms I’m aware of.) It seems, however, that the Sunflower variety lacks a certain element or compound (its scientific name escapes me), and I haven’t yet had the time to research it to see just how important that missing chemical is.

        I may eventually switch to the Sunflower Lecithin, but for now, the Soy version, which I’ve used for 2 decades, is just fine. True, I’ve never had a sperm count conducted, but for many people, that’s not a matter for concern. And besides, I’d need to study a peer-reviewed report on that before putting any stock in it.

        I agree with you in that I wouldn’t be feeding Soy milk to infants, or anyone whose body is still in early development stage. But as for adults, the results as noted in my review — namely, the health food customer, my Ma, myself, and others — are enough to convince me that Soy Lecithin is almost a wonder food. (I’m 58, but no one thinks I look close to that age.)

        Frankly, I think, not Soy, but American universities are primarily responsible for creating a country full of panty-waisted, limp-wristed, so-called “male”, cupcake communists! It’s not Soy we should be avoiding, but professors of higher education institutions… who themselves should be institutionalized!

        I believe this Soy milk craze is just the latest Loony Leftist fad and will soon be replaced by a new “in crowd” fad for fruits. Meanwhile, we conservatives will stick to our traditional fad of clinging to our guns and religion.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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        • I have held the belief for the last two decades that giving any kind of hormone disruptors to our children, even during pregnancy (that would include many chemicals, as well as soy), was contributing to infertility, sterility, and a feminization of males. If you are happy eating what you eat, go for it. I disagree. As far as being a CIA plot, you may actually have something there, but not in the way you think.

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  7. Ya’don have to consume soy and turn into a wuss, that comes from the company you keep.

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  8. Multi-causation there, but soy sure didn’t help:

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  9. A good doctor to listen to is Dr. Ted Broer (of Florida), a regular guest on Hagmann & Hagmann. Not only is the man a walking encyclopedia of history and all things New World Order, he also sells supplements on his website,
    At any rate, Dr. Broer is a purist in all things health-related, and I do not hold to everything he says 100%. For example, he maintains that coffee raises blood sugar levels and should be avoided. He also maintains that pork should not be eaten, and he has explained why the Old Testament ban on pork makes sense.
    All Right, these two examples can be compromised with, at least occasionally. But there is one absolute I agree with 100%, and I hold to it. And that is, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should soy ever be ingested, by anybody. Dr. Broer explains that when pregnant women eat soy products or food with soy in it, that they risk a tremendous hormonal imbalance in their developing sons, and that they can spell disaster for the baby, for life.
    He also explains how ingredients can make their way down the food chain, like antibiotics in cattle, for example. And he passed on this information that this is one of the KEY WAYS in which the eugenicists can affect the population at large via slow-motion or incremental poisoning. He and Alex Jones have explained that fluoride in the water, antibiotics in cattle, women on The Pill, etc., etc., work their way into the food chain and into the water tables and soil and poison the population.
    Alex Jones calls these practices the “soft kill” platform of their genocide. I have called these practices extinction protocols.
    If we are to have a healthy and intelligent population, soy is just one of those things that MUST be eliminated from our food chain. And soy attacks men in worse ways than it does in women. Paul Joseph Watson has also proved himself to be a great illustrator of our problems, with examples, explanations and a lot of comedy. He is a master of sarcasm and subtlety!

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  10. When judging Alex Jones, keep in mind that such a person should be judged by you according to the enemies he has. They are reluctant to even mention his name or

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  11. It’s part of the plan to make grown men into pussies….

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    • True George . . . . thank you for bringing up that comment. I am sure that those who wish to install a One World Government do not desire to have the males of ANY country to be high testosterone carriers. Let’s face it, the pansy-like males we see in some liberals, are not exactly what we think about when we consider the males who landed on Normandy Beach, or those who withstood the physical trauma of going to war.

      Looking at the country of Japan, where high amounts of soy are naturally a part of their diet . . . we find that very few of their men register on the high scale of manly traits. It is sad that Japan now has the problem that their young men are rather androgynous, many of their young people, both males and females are exhibiting the trait of not wishing to participate in sexual expression, nor do they wish to marry or reproduce. If you really think about it, this is rather awful for their country as a whole.

      Sometime ago, and it may have been on this site, I read of a young Japanese man who wished to undergo surgery to have his reproductive organ removed (not as in removed and replaced with fake female organs.) As I recall, he was a chief, and in order to afford this surgical procedure, he went ahead and had the operation. Upon his instructions, the doctors saved the removed organ . . . (this part is rather gross) He invited a number of friends, where he charged them to prepare a dinner. The entrée he served was the reproductive organ that the doctor’s had removed. It was in this manner that he “financed paying for the surgery.”

      I just think in order to protect young boys (and girls) they should not be exposed to any degree of soy in their diets.

      Dr Eowyn . . . This is a most excellent article! Thank you for bringing this important information to us.

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  13. Newsflash:
    It ain’t the tofu creating this generation of fagalas.
    It’s emasculated or non-existent male role models present.

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    • As Anonymous astutely observed in his comment above, it’s a case of multi-causation. Paul Joseph Watson over-stated his case. Soy is only one factor in rendering men effeminate. Other causal factors are brainwashing in schools/universities, MSM propaganda, pop culture Hollywood/music icons, and absent fathers. So those men, in abandoning the children they sire to be reared by single mothers, bear responsibility as well.

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  14. So, can we cut to the chase here ? Soy makes men turn Queer ?
    Is this true or false ? Why can’t a medical professional tackle this question ?

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  15. I use soy sauce on occasion, but I don’t go near soybeans in any other form.

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  16. Plain raw or cooked soy is considered suitable as pig food only… The fermented soy can be ingested by humans, but in moderation… We found drinking soy milk at any stage leads to gastro distress inflamation, femininization.. Gmo soy leads to false pregnancy in pigs, humans, rats, infertility liver cancer & other tumors


  17. I remember when soy was stealthily slipped into the food supply after a vast and excessive marketing campaign labeling it as the “asian secret to youth and beauty”, extolling all it’s supposed virtues… and now the blasted stuff is even in bread & chocolate, its almost impossible to escape, the majority of food has been soyled, as I call it. With respect to D-Fens, with the GMO rate of soy, combined with the mainstream media nigh myopic promotion of it on a vast level, saying effectively every last thing that could possibly be construed as good about it, it would seem the evidence suggests that the ploy is not to remove soy, but to promote it wantonly, and excessively, in it’s worst forms, unfermented. As it stands, soy itself is a toxic bean (See here: ), which toxins serve to block nutrient intake. The estrogen levels in the plant itself may not be enough to account for the bizarre things these days (What happens to male animals when they have a higher intake of plant estrogens and synthetic estrogens, what about females as well?), but combined with partially metabolized hormones in city water supplies, and the intake of beer, there are lots of estrogens as well as synthetic estrogens people are gulping down daily. (Remember folks, people eat more than just a single food/drink item, we have to look at what the cumulative effect is, not just the effect of the single item.)

    Its very difficult (and expensive) to try to find anything not soy-stuffed (the usual offender is lecithin.) but as is its being used to compromise the food supply along with compromised corn, and monsanto’s allegedly destroyed (but not really, because a plant was found in Oregon not too long ago, kinda proves their seeds were not all terminated, don’t it?) GMO wheat… (which I suspect is the reason for all this “gluten intolerance” stuff these days.) and given the huge media backing campaign & how it’s jammed into almost every food item imaginable, I greatly suspect something malevolent is going on, the satanists do not do anything for the public benefit without a terrible cost, after all. If soy were such a blessed food, why would they want to promote it so excessively? Should a dictator give his people vitamins to make sure they are fit enough to overthrow him? I’d say something is rotten in topeka.

    I don’t know if soy, and these synth estrogens are responsible for the emasculation of males these days, I think the schools/re-education camps, and the rabid homosexualist, and feminism, monsters are doing that well enough, as is. But I do think they’re doing something nasty… what that is seems to be obscured by the wanton promotion of the toxic bean, & other misdirection techniques, however. I wonder presently if this isn’t mean to deliver “famine on demand” so to speak, with the intent of slowly starving people to a certain point, goodness knows the mental illness of anorexia and bulemia have been promoted by the medical industry backing that BMI garbage, perhaps the soy plot is related due it it’s nutrient-blocking toxicity, or perhaps all these estrogens are intended to make it s that women conceive mostly females most of the time, on the sly? It seems to me as if the female birth rate, at least where I live, has increased in recent years, as I notice there are far more little girls running around than little boys (roughly 4 girls to every 1 boy or so, but I am not good with numbers, mind you). Anyone have any thoughts or observations on that, or can check the correlation of those birthrates with the huge spike in food-borne soy intake?

    Merely speculation, of course. As far as heart health goes, your suggestion is appreciated D-Fens, although to my mind, given the heart is a muscle, and the vascular walls are strengthened by vitamin C , or so I hear, it would seem to me the best way to avoid heart troubles is to take care of muscle tissue (Good whey protein for example) the vascular integrity, (vitamin C, and since the cardio-vascular system is laced with muscle tissues that keep blood circulating, even without a pumping heart, the whey will probably help that.) the blood, (although obviously the liver & bones are important as well, all the systems are inter-connected anyway, but you get the idea.) and the nerves, which report data to the brain to keep things functioning nominally. (Fat at least seems to be good for the brain, much opposite to the anti-fat pushing going on these days.) I’m no nutritionist or anything, this is only a guess, anyone else have good suggestions for taking care of the health of these specific parts?

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  18. Kevin J Lankford

    All seems to make the old “Soylent Green” movie all the more ‘prophetic’.

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  19. This conversation has taken on a more serious tone than I’d have ever imagined. As it should be, everyone is free to make their own decisions about what they consume. But I want to add one final E-Ticket plug for Soy Lecithin, and then I’ll bow out.

    Although I’m still highly Spiritual and have a very reAlationship with God and Jesus, I was at the peak of my Spiritual life in 1995. At that time, I was working in a health food store and, in fact, it was while working in that store that I was visited by the first of three real angels. (Believe me or not. That’s your choice.)

    With my off-the-charts blood pressure and cholesterol count, I’d have probably died years ago if I had not been introduced to Soy Lecithin. Looking back on it all these years later, I wonder if perhaps God guided me to employment in that health food store simply so that I’d meet that man (mentioned in my book review) and become aware of Soy Lecithin. I only worked there for about a year and a half, but the good side benefits of that job are still with me 21 years later. First of all, I’m still alive.

    I feel certain that, with my reAlationship with God and Christ, if Soy Lecithin was detrimental to my health, they would have warned me about it long before I ingested it for 20 years.

    Some of you may recall from that old Steven Paddock / Mandalay Bay Vegas Shooting thread here at FOTM that I was able to supply a little first-hand knowledge due to the fact that the mother-in-law of a good friend of mine — I’ll call him Al — is a housekeeper at that hotel.

    Well, Al is a Trump-supporting conservative who works out strenuously in Mixed Martial Arts. He once even traveled to Thailand in order to train there in Muy-Thai Kickboxing. (Is that masculine enough?)

    I learned from Al that he was a longtime sufferer of clinical depression. Yes, he’d seen a doctor about it and had been prescribed meds for it.

    Wanting to help my friend if I could, I suggested he might give Soy Lecithin a try, and I sent him some info on it, including this:

    “Choline is one of the few substances able to break through the brain blood barrier. … Fledgling research indicates that Choline from Lecithin may be able to boost memory and counteract depression and dementia traced to a deficiency of acetylcholine.”

    He completed the 12-Day Flush to clear out all the gunk from his arteries, improving the blood and oxygen flow, and then he went on the reduced daily regimen of two tablespoons a day.

    Not long later, I received the following from Al in an Email:

    Where I’ve noticed it most is my skin, believe it or not. My wife actually had all of her hair salon girls examine and touch my face, and all of them were jealous. I think the majority of them are now taking soy lecithin just because they can see how youthful and smooth it’s made my skin. Not that I was ever some haggard, wrinkled harpy, but I guess it’s a huge, noticeable difference.

    Maybe a week later, he sent me this:

    I just went for a run, and the craziest thing happened. I could not get tired. Now, I hate running. I’m not good at it. It’s one of those things I do just because I know I should, and I don’t try to overdo it. But today I could not get tired. I just kept pushing myself and pushing myself, whereas usually I have to slow down quite a bit and my heart is racing like mad. I know soy lecithin is good for the heart, but is it supposed to help with your cardiovascular system? Because this is a striking difference to me.

    And I’m not saying that it IS the lecithin, mind you, but it’s just very, very startling to me that I’ve never been good at running and always quick to exhaust during runs, and suddenly, after taking this stuff for a month, I feel like I could run so much harder without tiring.

    I wrote back:

    This actually makes sense to me. Because having done the 12-Day Flush to scrub your arterial walls, and with the daily maintenance, you now undoubtedly have much better blood flow, delivering more oxygen to all of your internal organs. Improve the delivery system and it should improve the capacity and efficiency of the body parts.

    And then a couple weeks later, he wrote me again and doubled-down:

    During my [latest] boxing workout, I pushed myself to 195 Beats Per Minute (my new max), which implies that I have the heart of a 25 year old. While it’s not 100% scientific, it’s generally accepted that to figure out what heart age you have, you push yourself to your absolute limit, and then you take down your BPM. Subtract that number from 220 and you’ll see what ‘age’ your heart is. So I’m a 34 year old with a 25 year old heart.

    Secondly, as in my previous workout, I could NOT get tired. I actually was throwing in more combos, throwing harder punches, and pushing myself harder than usual. I boxed for 45 minutes straight.

    At the end of each workout, my watch tells me my average heart rate throughout the entire session. Usually it’s something like 110, because it counts the highs of when I’m really pushing myself, along with the lows of when I’m resting or just warming up.

    My average BPM for that session was 164. I was at my ‘peak’ for almost the entirety of my workout, and yet I kept going without ever feeling the need to stop for more than just a few sips of air. Also, my resting heart rate was 64 before I started taking lecithin. Now it’s 58. None of my exercise habits have changed, nor has my diet otherwise.

    Al related the following to me, in regards to his depression:

    Just last night I noticed that I was in a particularly bouncy mood. Then I realized I’ve been like that for a while now. I asked my wife, do you notice an improvement in my mood? She laughed and said for the last month you’ve been a totally different person. It’s almost strange.

    So I told her you’d probably get a kick out of hearing that. Yes, I think the soy lecithin is definitely affecting my mood, but since I’m probably biased, I’m just glad to hear my wife thinks it’s such a night and day difference. And she used those exact words to describe it. Like night and day.

    As a final note, Al is big into researching things, and just this morning, he shared the following with me:

    Thinking of soy lecithin in regards to soyboys, it makes me wonder… does soy lecithin not produce estrogen? Is it different from regular soy products? Because it IS a known fact that soy produces estrogen, which even caused male lab rats to grow breasts (but didn’t shrink their genitals). It may also increase femininity, but no one seems to be clear about that.

    But is soy lecithin different? Here’s an article excerpt I found that might interest you:

    Recent research suggests that excess levels of estrogen in the female or male body can have negative consequences on health. Estrogen Dominance can lead to acne, weight gain, changes in mood, male breast development and may increase risk factors for hormone sensitive cancers.

    Soy foods include phytoestrogens, which are plant estrogens. These estrogens molecules are found specifically in soy proteins.

    As a result, many people are concerned with limiting their intake of soy products to help maintain a healthy hormone balance. This may cause some to avoid soy lecithin, which is a derivative of soybeans

    However, phytoestrogens found in soy protein are purported to have different effects than certain “bad” forms of estrogen found in the body. When these weak phytoestrogens bind to cell receptors in the human body, they antagonize those receptors by blocking the binding of natural estrogens.

    And, so, that’s all I has to say ’bout this. Let each person do their own research and follow their own conscience and wisdom. Me? I’m off to the kitchen for today’s two heaping tablespoons of Soy Lecithin…

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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