For cat lovers =^..^=

And a très élégant kitty ballerina!


15 responses to “For cat lovers =^..^=

  1. Great good stuff! There are some real gems here, so I’m forwarding yr email to several friends, starting w/my housemate, whose 15 yr old and still very athletic Shu Shu is also a boarder here. Shu tolerates Dakota, but would prefer her own palace….

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  2. I guess they’re in the same house:

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  3. (WordPress would not let me post my previous comment. Too many cap’s??)
    Anyway, cats are wonderful creatures. I wish I could have one, but I live in a room.

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  4. CATS RULE! I love cat posts! I don’t want to be a “downer” but, on the contrary..I want to be an “UPPER,” —-Labor Day, we lost our most adorable & precious “Feival” a cat we adored & raised from kittenhood (adopted fr wild litter b/c our then-Shih-Tsu mix brought the day’s old kitten to us) for 23-1/2 years in our home. We were sad to lose him, b/c no time is ever “enough” w/a beloved pet…but, OMG…can you BELIEVE that we were blessed to have him for so long???? It was a continuing MIRACLE to us! And, he did not suffer any long, terrible malady…he just slowed down to the point that he limited his “range” to where ever” we were in the house …instead of running around doing “cat stuff” inside and out. By his last weeks, he pretty much limited his ‘range” in our home to the kitchen/family rm….b/c that ‘s were we are most of the time. NO CAT DEMETNTIA THERE! He was smart right up to the end!

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    • 23+ years? That’s amazing! Feival was one lucky 🐱

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    • 23-1/2 years! That surely must be a record of feline longevity. Feival and you are both blessed.


      • I’ve had a family wedding…so a little late to reply…but, Dr. E….our Feival cat did not set a record for longevity……but nearly so…as I think the longest lived feline is somewhere in the 24 or 25-year or more range…. however …Feival’s life with us was still amazingly healthy and long, right up to the end. He was never sick a day in his life, other than ailments that we took care of at home, even though we maintained a pet insurance on him for years and years…”just in case.” We were blessed with him for so many years…He helped us finish “raising” both of our children! They were in Jr High and maybe Freshman HS when we got Feival. After they both left home, one of the first things they’d ask us on a Sunday “call home” was, “Is Feival still alive??” For so many years, the answer was “Yes, he’s OK.” So, just figure….a cat that was 23-1/2 years old….was invested in more than half our children’s lives.. a third of our lives….saw the birth of my only grandchild….He was our love and a miracle of longevity and good health as he lived and loved in our family over these years. The early story of his “miracle” is that he was brought to us out of a wild “kitten nest” by our “maternal-yearning” little female dog, a Shih-Tsu, who longed to be a mother. It was on a cold March day..and she dug out a “nest” under backyard hedge along our porch in order to “nurture” this new-born, wild-born cat, who was about 2-3 days old.We took him from there…..and that’s why we know that he was 23-1/2 years old…b/c we raised him from day’s-old in our home, bottle-fed–before his eyes were even open.

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  5. Loved the ballerina kitty!

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  6. The thimble…that made me laugh lol

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