Seattle mayor on her first day: Traffic will get worse before it gets better and don’t blame me

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From Traffic in Seattle is bad, and newly-sworn-in Mayor Jenny Durkan has already warned us it’s only going to get worse. But Mayor Durkan wants to make sure she isn’t blamed for the problem.

During an interview with Seattle’s Morning News, Durkan said, “In many ways, traffic in Seattle in the next four years is going to be worse and it will not be the mayor’s fault.”

The city’s newest mayor has a range of ideas to help curb the traffic problem, from staggering work times to expanding transit options. But, apparently, Durkan doesn’t believe any of those ideas will be able to fix the problem during her first term as mayor. In fact, it’s likely going to take more than one solution.

“There’s no one thing that is going to fix it,” she said. “So we’re going to have to do a whole bunch of smaller things.”

Meanwhile, the population in Seattle and Washington state as a whole continues to see rapid growth. The top city for growth — not surprisingly — is Seattle, followed by Vancouver, Spokane, Federal Way, Kent, Tacoma, Auburn, Redmond, and Everett, according to the Office of Financial Management. The population estimate for Washington’s incorporated cities and towns reached 4.7 million in April. But populations in unincorporated areas increased by 40,600 people as well, which means more people potentially driving into work.

Durkan has mentioned several times that more needs to be done to reduce the number of solo drivers heading into Seattle.

“If we can do a better job at having fewer cars driving into the city, we will, in many ways, improve what happens in the city,” she said.


11 responses to “Seattle mayor on her first day: Traffic will get worse before it gets better and don’t blame me

  1. I don’t claim to have a solution for Seattle’s traffic problems but neither did I run for Mayor. I will say that Seattle does seem to have the absolute worst traffic problems I have ever encountered though.

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  2. With Democrats in Power Anywhere & Everywhere, it will Always get Worse before it gets Even Worse..!!

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  3. Smart mayor (sarc) she is, she puts the patch on before the pimple shows!

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  4. it seems the best and the brightest have no desire to run for mayor in seattle

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  5. Where will Seattle get the money to re-design the traffic system? I know-they can add a big ol’ GAS TAX. That way the people who drive the most will be paying the most to keep the traffic moving. With all the new residents moving in there’ll be PLENTY of tax money coming in-oh,wait-most of ’em will be homeless,jobless,takers of resources other more productive people need. Maybe she could hire a bunch of the homeless to do the work the regular City employees just don’t have time to do or cvan’t muster enough able bodies to get done.

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  6. These politicians are not in dreamland; They are in control land: They have absolutely NO intention of solving ANY problem. Why? Nietzsche (correctly) said that “He who is charged with solving a problem has a vested interest in keeping that problem alive.”
    Let me explain.
    This is happening in New York City—has been for the past 50 years: New York has been openly anti-automobile since at least Mayor Lindsay.
    But it is also happening in North Carolina, Delaware and everywhere else. Why? I’ll tell you why, at least for New York: Mayor Bloomberg signed on to the Agenda 21 program and instituted the “Vision Zero” program.
    Bloomberg gave us bus lanes and bicycle lanes that very few busses and bicyclists use. He also staggered the lights—and this slows the traffic down tremendously. Instead of getting crosstown from east to west in about 20 minutes, try at least 40.
    And NYC, in Manhattan alone, has experienced the results it has been looking for: There are at least 45,000 LESS motor vehicles in NYC on any given weekday. Think they’re going to give up the ghost now?

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: A number of countries have signed on to the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 programs, written up and implemented by the UN. YES, I SAID THE UN. There is a DEPOPULATION AGENDA, and they have begun to implement it. Traffic control is behavior modification, and it is population control. It is another EXTINCTION PROTOCOL in their Bag of Tricks.

    And traffic control has been a nightmare: Billions of dollars spent on bus lanes and bike lanes, and hundreds of thousands of gallons of paint. The City looks like an INSANE ASYLUM! And it has given us another “benefit”: It teaches drivers LEARNED HELPLESSNESS: Every night I see drivers on the roads who look like they don’t know where they are, or where they have to get to!
    It has also taken money out of EVERY professional driver’s pocket: If we can’t get anywhere, it’s less jobs and less money for us.

    But here is the peoples’ problem (in addition to being trained to die!): I have tried to explain this to my passengers. But they just don’t get it, and I wonder if they’re pulling my chain.

    There is a plan to ELIMINATE the internal combustion engine and the motor vehicle. There is a plan to return us to serfdom. There is a plan to kill us. But people refuse to take that Red Pill. They just don’t get it. They don’t want to. They would rather have politicians who are, like New York’s own Deblasio, aholes. That’s because many people themselves are aholes. I don’t mean to get nasty here, but that’s the plain, unvarnished truth: Ask any Manhattanite: They’ll be very glad to tell everyone else how they should live—because they think the rules should apply to ANYONE ELSE but them!

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