More conjecture about Bill Hicks Alex Jones

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By a guy who calls himself Sage Wanderer

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  1. He makes the incredible seem possible, even credible. There are questions, however. Jones’s DVD “911, The Road to Tyranny” is an excellent, telling work, After I first saw it, a year or two after 9/11, I was devastated and could not look at it again for two weeks. I now ask, why would the CIA let him produce and distribute it? Perhaps it is keeping to the Illuminati sportsmanship rule that they must drop hints before carrying out their plans lest it just be as easy as shooting animals in a cage. Sage Wanderer is worth listening to, good find, Traildust.

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    • Marble, I’d guess, given what I’ve read, that “letting him produce it” isn’t actually a risk to them, because unfortunately, I’ve found that the “conspiracy”/alternative circles are as rife with “misinfo” and “disinfo”, and as many agents thereof, as the mainstream media, so the odds of someone joining the movement posing an actual risk, and avoiding all the “traps”, is rather smaller than one might initially think, look how many people still believe springmeier’s stuff, or consider eustace mullins a hero. (when the evidence stands against mullins being legitimate, despite some uses of legitimate information to bolster his deceptions, plus the things he attempted to promote, [nephilim shlock, serpent seed filth, racism, gnosticism] seem to indicate he was one of “them”, and certainly no hero) when the truth is quite different… the gnostic subversion of “conspiracy” circles is a vast plague, not unlike the sheeple mentality in regular society, unfortunately… guess that’s cointelpro for you.

      Far as a “rule” to disclose what they’re up to, I doubt that’s it, part of evil’s behavior is to have ridiculous rules, or else none at all… I would suggest it fits the M.O. better if these are not disclosures, but rather wanton bragging out of pride/hubris, knowing that they’ve poisoned much of the “regular” public, and also the “alternative” public, mind, and anyone who does end up figuring things out is going to be decried by both groups. They will be hard pressed to get any backing or support from anyone in either “group”, making their threat minimized for lack of audience, and there may already be deployed cointelpro (IE people thinking the towers were brought down by an energy beam.) against whatever truth they find, or if not already deployed, its cooked up, and then spread through the disinfo agents who already have a following, and those groups further ensure that the disinfo gets rooted in as the default understanding. This also results in effectively shutting out anything contrary as it can be demonized as being from a “shill”/”disinfo agent” etc. (this is the control method used for the “alternative” media etc.) utilizing and playing off regular old xenophobia or fear/mistrust of someone not “part of the group” to make the charges stick. (Think of how david icke’s followers typically react to those proposing ideas outside of their “group” acceptance, for example.)

      This is the system I’ve encountered, per my experience anyway, “cults of personality” (alex jones, jeff rense, steve quayle, thomas horn, david icke, jim stone, etc.) are utilized to control groups of “followers” the same way as the regular mainstream media, bits of truth are thrown in to “sweeten” the trap (as well as confuse people about who to trust etc.), and grow a “follower” base, and anyone who does end up putting 2 and 2 together will tend to be considered “fringe”, even amongst the “fringe”, and what they find will tend to get crowded out in favor of popular, controlled, opinion, per usual.

      Gotta be able to discern who works for what, what their motivation is, “do they know enough about the subject to know better” if they’ve reached a wonky conclusion or position, and if someone is merely a “repeater” (who may well be innocent and only spreading disinfo because that’s all they know on it.), a “semi-repeater”, (has a working mind, and can recognise some disinfo garbage, but still makes mistakes.) or one of two types of disinfo agents, “conscious” and “unconscious”. (“conscious” is a willing shill, and is either fully aware or partially aware of participating in the spread of disinformation, whereas “unconscious” is someone who fully believes their own disinfo, making a “sacred cow” out of it and spreading it in earnest because of their conviction.) All of these are still useful for the same ends, of course… and if someone does manage to get out of being one of those, their previous mistakes can be used to sink any good legitimate info they get, as well as their reputation… especially if they’ve made multiple mistakes. This is just my opinion, ‘course.

      In case anyone is wondering, the names I listed here I do suspect are “conscious” disinfo agents, possibly with some degree of “unconsciousness” mixed in, in some cases (icke seems to be unstable at least, thus probably prone to believe his own malarkey, for example).

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      • Concentrating on Alex Jones, his work has been very accurate in covering the past, present, and future, watch his many DVDs. Errors are probably natural, and apparent biases are part of human nature. I doubt that he presents as truth arguments or material with which he strongly disagrees.

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    • ” I was devastated and could not look at it again for two weeks. I now ask, why would the CIA let him produce and distribute it?”

      He likely doesn’t fart without agency ok. Anyway to answer the question, perhaps it’s because of the effect it had on you, they want to make it so no one resists because they’re powerless against such satanic force, when they can.


  2. Sorry, TrailDust, but I stopped watching the video after the dude claims Elvis Presley faked his death and is still alive. I also don’t care for his supercilious “if you want to understand what I’m saying, educate yourself on conspiracy theories” attitude.

    I looked up whether faking one’s own death — which Bill Hicks allegedly did — is a crime. This is what I found:

    James Quiggle, director of communications for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud in Washington, D.C., said: “Pseudocide (faking one’s own suicide) isn’t inherently a crime. But it involves so many built-in frauds that it’s virtually impossible to legally fake your drowning. Frankly, you’ll only be drowning in fraud. You may be stealing life insurance. Or your spouse is part of the con and files a false police report. You’re also avoiding a large variety of taxes, and defrauding lenders of your home and car. Then when you resurface with a new identity, you’re defrauding every government agency that processes your new identity — and old identity. And you’re defrauding new lenders if you buy a house or car under your new identity.”

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  3. I watched this Sage character, and he seems likable enough on the surface. And I get it: He’s right—or it used to be true—that, like the Mafia—once you’re inside the Illuminati, there’s no way out.
    Sage is also right about a few other things, but Elvis, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix faking their own deaths is way out there.

    Alex Jones himself has tackled this question on his show a few times before, always with good cheer. Alex Jones, you’re no Bill Hicks!

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  4. Hey guys, I’m just toying with the Hicks-Jones subject, but don’t have any answer I’m sure of. And “Sage Wanderer” reminds me of plenty of guys I’ve met who would like to spill out all their thoughts at a quiet bar room. Not knocking him. It’s just that he’s an unknown.

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  5. I didn’t like the guy either and stopped watching when he said “conspiracy theorists always jump to conclusions without much thought”. Quite the contrary. Conspiracy theorists was coined by CIA to make those who questioned Kennedy’s death seems like “nut jobs” and it stuck. Conspiracy means “an act or deed of malfeasance committed by one or more” and “theory” is a hypothesis. If, I as a human being, who is opened minded to “think of all possibilities, good or bad”, then so be it…I am a conspiracy theorists and not a sheeple going over the cliff with the rest of the herd. This guy needs to let this be his FINAL ONE HIT WONDER. The jury for me is still out on who Alex Jones is, but I like Alex Jones and what he has to say.

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