Madness: British girl scouts to allow adult ‘transgenders’ share toilets & beds with girls

In the UK, girl scouts are called Girl Guides or GirlGuiding— a 107-year-old organization founded in 1910, with a total membership of 553,633 in 2013.

The Girl Guides recently updated its rules that are a boon for pedophiles.

According to the new rules, male-to-female (MtF) “transgenders” will be allowed to share toilets, changing rooms and beds with girls. Since Girl Guides members are aged 5 to 25, that means adult biological men will share toilets, changing rooms and beds with little girls.

The Telegraph reports, November 26, 2017, that the new guidelines, published on the Girl Guides’ website, say that because “the use of gendered facilities,” including showers, toilets and changing rooms, “can cause anxiety . . . members are allowed to use the facilities of the gender they self-identify as.” That is because “girl” is “based on gender identity. This means that any child who self-identifies as a girl should feel safe and welcome in our girl-only space regardless of the sex that they were assigned at birth.”

Girl Guides’ CEO Julie Bentley said the organization follows the requirements set out in the UK’s Equality Act 2010, which states that organizations providing single-sex services must treat people according to their acquired gender, and allow people to legally challenge their gender without facing “demeaning” rules that force them to undergo a formal medical diagnosis.

Bentley said:

“In line with our values of inclusion, we welcome any young person who self-identifies as a girl or young woman. If a young person doesn’t feel comfortable sharing accommodation, for whatever reason, we encourage them to talk to their leader about alternative accommodation and facilities.”

There are concerns, however, that sharing accommodation and personal facilities will threaten the safety and privacy of girls, especially as.

The guidance states that it is not “best practice” to inform parents that a trans person will be attending a residential event, and so parents of younger Girl Guides members would not be automatically told if their daughter will be sharing facilities with people “who self-identify as girls” — that is, with biological males who claim to be females.

David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth in South Wales, told The Mail: “If transgender girls who are physically male are going to be sharing facilities, it’s going to make some girls threatened and uncomfortable and the Guides shouldn’t be doing that.”

It is not known how many “transgender” members are in the Girl Guides.

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37 responses to “Madness: British girl scouts to allow adult ‘transgenders’ share toilets & beds with girls

  1. There is little doubt in my mind that the father of lies has concocted this most hideous endeavor to seduce the sons and daughters of God the Eternal Father, to take them away from the paths of righteousness, and to lead them that they may be enslaved and forever lost from returning to the presence of Our God.

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  2. Catering to the perverts has certainly gone far enough.

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  3. Over ONE MILLION native Brit girls have been made into sex slaves and
    raped endlessly by Paki immigrants with impunity. Female Jewish MPs have
    even called for the lowering of the age of consent to 12 to eliminate
    criminal penalties for the vibrant Muslims. Any fathers of these hapless
    Brit girls who protested have been demonized, arrested, and harassed.
    Girl Guides mixing with transgenders is small potatoes. Check FBI
    statistics. Similar abuses occurring in the USS Titanic.

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  4. the type of people running the girl guides are idiot savants of liberalism…
    “inclusion”- code speak for satanists and pedophiles…
    I wanted to make the obvious statement about any self-respecting parent allowing their daughter in that organization, but, I know there are plenty of liberal-progressive-commie-satanist-infected “parents” who believe this is progression towards “inclusiveness”…
    they will happily sacrifice their children to achieve their goal of “inclusion” or “equality” or “diversity” or any other term that simply means rejecting Christian values to favor a life of “do as thou wilt” and embrace anything that is “antiChrist”.
    may God have mercy upon their souls and I pray for the children.

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  5. Since the leadership of that country has severe mental problems, let us pray the parents have enough of a brain left to withdraw their daughters STAT.
    A safe life is hard enough without purposely putting your own daughter in the line of danger.
    What guarantee can they possibly give that every one of those men are who they say they are and not just pedophiles?
    The Girl Scouts had always had a strict age limit and 25 isn’t it. That is asking for problems. It is a girl group and should remain so. I was a Scout starting at day one until the age limit and there never was a male member or leader. This should be based on birth sex and age. I was also a leader and they have now strayed so far from the original concept by Juliet Low. It needs to be disbanded.

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  6. This is a perverse generation. No wonder England is being overrun by Muslim pedophiles. Alfred the Great is rolling in his grave.

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  7. The Brits have lost their minds! How can any parent, who loves their little girl, just hand them over to such degenerates? Jimmy Savile would be proud.

    My daughter is 25, and she was in the right age range to be a girl scout around the time the Girl Scouts decided it would be a good idea to preach abortion and lesbianism to little girls. When I found out they were teaching that crap, there was no way I would let her join. I even stopped buying Girl Scout cookies, as I am not going to help fund such activity.

    The British people are going to pay a very high price for handing their children over to Satan. So will America if they keep it up.

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  8. Absolute madness. I mean, come ON!!!

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  9. Madness indeed! I think the Brits have actually outdone the pussy-hat Swedes in self destructiveness!

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  10. We seem to be just serving our children up on a platter to any disturbed pervert on the planet. Common sense is gone.

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  11. they won’t learn until something happens…fools

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  12. Sounds just like my middle school directives…….came down from county, which came down from State…..Mexifornia… by the “moonbeam” governor……

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  13. England has long been a moral cesspool (as have been parts of America), and it’s high time we cut them loose. We don’t need England; England needs us. She has more than proved she’s on a suicide mission.
    When the Obama Administration floated this over here, I knew he did not come up with this idea. (I doubt it if Obama could come up with anything original in his life!) We’ve had hints and warnings along the way, from Kinsey to date. Let us not forget Hillary Clinton’s 25 year long campaign to destroy the Boy Scouts over here.
    The crusade of moral turpitude continues, and it’s going to claim even more millions of lives. But if you try to educate people—on the bus, on the checkout line, or anywhere else, about the New World Order or anything related to it, you bump into no one but blue-pilled people. I have tried to tell people about the UN’s Rights of the Child Treaty. Nothing—crickets.

    I hope President Trump can succeed in his efforts to crack down on pedophiles. Now if only Atty. General Sessions’ bloodhound will only wake him up. (Remind me not to hold my breath).

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    • What do you make of this? Any credibility?


      • I think Hannity is correct. And why hasn’t anybody brought up the FACT that Montfort was part of Podesta phedophiles, I mean Podesta business partners for over 20 years? He was a plant, IMO. i still haven’t figured out Flynn in my brain, except that he has/had the “goods” on the Pizzagate players and had to go. Mueller and his satanist groupies are scrubbing evidence…they are the only ones who know where to look.


    • Sessions is a turn coat! As it turns out, (no pun), he wants to cherry pick his cases, he also went behind Trumps back, to make a deal with someone so that he cannot be Fired for any reason. (little worm)


  14. Of the above, 99% wee good commets, so I ticked them as such, and I need not make a long comment. But I do wonder if the madness hasn’t already gone too far: ‘girl’ guides at 25 yrs? And while the admin makes a claim that “If a young person [Person? Not a ‘girl’?] doesn’t feel comfortable sharing accommodation, for whatever reason, we encourage them to talk to their leader about alternative accommodation and facilities.” HOW is that going to undo or lessen damages done to a 13 yr old who has to deal w/a situation that NOTHING in her life has prepared her? It seems to me what guidance is offered is pretty damned weak.

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  15. Bob’s your uncle

    “…can cause anxiety.” Oh my!


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  18. I’m SO tired of all this transgender crapola, but here’s what came to me today: by far the vast majority of complaints involve a natural male in female posture violating traditional women’s space. I RARELY hear men complaining of women posing as men in male facilities. In fact, it’s SO rare I cannot recall a single instance. Not one.

    Not one. Why is that?


    • TPTB are trying to supplant natural women with deviant males and call them “women”…..this is the highest form of misogyny and autophobic/ignorant females and their satanist handlers call this “progress” (progress towards satanism in my opinion)


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