Former John Conyers’ aide says most of them have seen him in his underwear and it’s “no big deal”

john conyers

Um, ok. How many times have you walked in on your boss in his underwear? Not cool by any means.

From Daily Mail: A male former aide to Rep. John Conyers has pooh-poohed claims by a female lawyer that the Democrat invited her to a meeting while he was in his underwear.

Melanie Sloan, who served as minority counsel for House Judiciary Committee, said last week that she was called up to Conyers’ office during her time there only to find him in his underwear.

But on Wednesday Bob Weiner, who was Conyers’ communications director from 1994-2000, said the representative’s underwear was a common sight at the time. ‘Most of us have walked in on him accidentally without knocking and have seen him in his underwear,’ he told CNN. ‘Big deal.’

Sloan told the Washington Post that she had been called to brief Conyers on a matter when she saw him in the uncomfortable situation. ‘I was pretty taken aback to see my boss half-dressed,’ she said, adding: ‘I turned on my heel and I left.’

But on Tuesday Weiner said that Conyers – like other representatives in the Rayburn House Office Building – had a wardrobe in his office, and so it was expected that staff would see his underwear from time to time.

‘Something else that people need to know: his closet is in his office right here. He changes clothes in his office,’ he said. ‘So to say that somebody came to a meeting and that’s how it was, that’s an untrue statement.  That is the kind of thing that needs to be explored before there’s any acceptance to that kind of an allegation.’

Sloan does not accuse Conyers of sexually harassing her, but did say that he was verbally abusive to her during her employment. ‘There was an occasion where he called me out of a meeting with a bunch of advocates and was screaming at me in the halls, including [about] me not wearing stockings on a 95-degree Washington summer day … while he wasn’t wearing socks,’ she told ABC.

She said of Conyers: ‘I don’t think he was having male staffers babysit his kids and I don’t think male staffers were berated in the same way that I was. Certainly, Congressman Conyers was picking on me and this was well known throughout the committee staff. It was obvious.’

But Weiner also denied that she was being picked on, or that Conyers was motivated by misogyny. ‘That’s not sexist. That’s just being aggressive as the member of Congress or the Cabinet member or the VIP that you are,’ he said. ‘It has nothing to do with being anti-women. I got it too.’

‘Representative Conyers has never done anything inappropriate to Melanie Sloan,’ his lawyer, Arnold Reed, told the paper.

However, Conyers – who stepped down from the House Judiciary Committee on Sunday – has other issues to contend with.

The House Ethics Committee is investigating him following a report that claimed he used $27,000 of office funds to pay off a staffer who accused him of sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

And another woman, now 77, claims that Conyers stripped down to his underwear in front of her in a hotel room while they were on a work trip.

Members of both the Republicans and the Democrats are now calling for Conyers to step down – and Weiner says the mood in his office is grim. ‘His staff is very depressed and think that people are trying to make the die cast against him, and everybody’s trying to work out statements of what to say that’s the right thing to say and it’s very complicated,’ he said.

‘People are hoping that the die hasn’t been cast too far too soon already… the staff is hoping very much that, at a minimum, that he gets the chance to complete his term as a member of Congress,’ he said. ‘That’s the objective right now of the staff.’

Conyers the longest serving member of the House, denied doing anything wrong after BuzzFeed News reported a woman was paid $27,000 from Conyers’ taxpayer-funded congressional office allowance.

The unidentified woman alleges that Conyers repeatedly asked her for sex.  In one particularly serious charge, she claims that Conyers asked her to work out of his hotel room, when the Michigan congressman began talking about his sexual desires, according to the report. She alleged that Conyers then told her to ‘touch it’ – meaning his penis – or find him a woman who would meet his sexual demands.

Read the rest of the story here.


21 responses to “Former John Conyers’ aide says most of them have seen him in his underwear and it’s “no big deal”

  1. Looking at that sack of crap in his underwear would be instant ED

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  2. If most of them have seen him in his underwear and it’s “no big deal”, then show ‘most of them the door’ today.

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  3. OK so his office dress code is a little non-traditional for most of us but not for the beltway or NBC TV.

    The low level staff see him in his shorts but
    The executive assistants are the one who get to see him necked.
    Isn’t that some kind of discrimination or profiling?

    When they say “no big deal” what are they referring to?
    Is this what Liberals discuss behind closed ‘drawers’?

    I heard Conyers goes to North Korea for rectal EMP treatments. They’re covered by the Congressional Health Care Plan

    Conyers walks into a gay bar in his underwear and the bartender who happens to be a horse says……

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  4. Charlie Rose walks around naked in front of powerless female staffers. Mark Halperin masturbates and puts his erect penis on the bodies of women w/out their consent. Matt Lauer shows his penis to a female staffer. John Conyers sits in his underwear in his Congressional office….

    I simply don’t understand behaviors like the above. What is wrong with these men? I don’t even sit in my underwear or walk around naked when I’m alone at home, and it wouldn’t even occur to me to do that in front of people.

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    • What is it about men and showing off their penis. I mean. They aren’t exactly the nicest thing to witness on a man’s body. Nice eyes and a flat stomach is much nicer to see. A few of these idiots are giving the good guys a bad rap.

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    • The way I see it this is beta male behavior–resentment and revenge against women simply for conveying in their eyes and voice their instinctive rejection of such beta excuses for men. This behavior meshes with liberalism and is reflected in the typical male media figure, being in large part the political expression of these beta types seeking to enchain their male betters. Women rightly feel defiled by sexual advances from effeminate, liberal slugs like this bum or Rose or Lauer, yet we still live in a false reality when nubile females can be brainwashed into believing resentful, woman-hating losers like these leftist bums are attractive partners.

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  5. It may have something to do with the environment in which one grew up. Walk through a public park park in Berlin on a hot, sunny summer day, and naked bodies of both genders can be seen lying about.

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    • marblenecltr, I agree with You, some years ago I was vacationing in Santo Domingo and the Europeans, particularly the Germans, were completely naked sunbathing and swimming, the children too. We were stunned and were told that it is their custom.

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    • Europeans sunbathing topless or in the nude is not the same as being naked in their work place, or taking out their penises before their female co-workers. Nor are Lauer, Weinstein, Rose, Halperin, Conyers, et al. either Europeans or in Europe.

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  6. Ugh, betcha the old goat wears polka dot boxer shorts, hahaha, and suspenders so his avocados don’t “hang loose”’ no wonder he is bent when he walks, hahaha.

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  7. I live in MI,fortunately on the other side of the state. We have not known this about Conyers but we have known that he is a worthless piece of work for a long time. The people of Detroit vote for any person with the letter D behind their name, and especially if they are African American. I hate the phrase person of color. It is just a turn around of the phrase colored person that was used in years gone by and grew to be disliked as being too much of a slur, so I don’t see it as any less of a slur. In speaking I generally revert to the term black as most people would call me white, and I would have no problem with that.

    Conyers was a hero of the civil rights movement, I guess. He hasn’t done much for anyone but himself since 1970.

    While ANY form of harassment towards women sexual or otherwise is never acceptable, what I find distasteful is the part of the equation where some of the charges are ignored by the women for 40 years or more, until it becomes politically expedient, and then they come forward with nothing but a story. I personally saw a friend who was going through divorce almost ruined by a vindictive ex-wife, who coached their 2 young children into making claims of abuse against my friend. He went to jail for several months, and luckily, found a good lawyer, who got a good counselor to deal with the kids and got the mother’s plot turned into nothing, but she still got custody and he almost got life in prison. He ended up getting a relationship with his kids, but his life was never the same, and he quit his job and started a cleaning business, just so he could get away from the people who didn’t believe him at our employer. This was many years ago, and things hopefully are different now, but I doubt it. There was nothing done to his ex for her attempt to send him to jail at all.

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  8. I wonder how much of our tax payers’ dollars went to pay weiner to make those statements trying to cover for his old boss….what favors were pulled? what new position will weiner hold with conyers or a buddy of conyers?

    I guess conyers never heard of a door lock when he changes his clothes or maybe he just thought he never heard the word “no”?
    if congress had to pay out of their own pocket for sexual assault or harassment, there wouldn’t be any sexual assault or harassment.

    more evidence that the people who are committing these despicable acts while making our laws should be held to higher standards…and the fact that they are not, speaks volumes.

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  9. I’m a public employee of the State of CA. They write my paycheck. They run my retirement program….they observe me for a performance review every 2 years….they evaluate my “product” via performance testing every year according to my students'( my “results”) test scores…..they even have an over-all anonymous “end of the year survey” in which any or some or all of my colleagues can evaluate what I deliver to our overall growth/or non growth intellectually on site. So, I guess I’m saying….once I was hired (elected) into my position…..I was not “hired for life” like some of our Senators from the Neanderthal age. Some might argue that elections are “evaluations” & nothing should be done. But, the reality of most people’s lives are like mine: I have to keep proving myself on a bi-annual basis…..WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND the 4-year and 6-year terms of our POTUS and Senators, for instance….WE also have have proscribed areas of ‘expertise” before we can even be considered or “allowed” to compete for our jobs…….NOT SO OUR POLITICIANS..and for instance, both Barak Obama AND Donald Trump are prime examples of this. I think the example of the opposite ends of this political spectrum PROVES that, for the last many years, the American public, the voters, have been trying to find and vote in a NON-LIFE-LONG-PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN. We struck out with Obama…..and now….on to Trump……..Those who think that these two don’t have anything in common should reconsider……..and search anew.

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  10. Conyers said that if he’s going to be held to account, he’s going to name names, saying that “over 1,000” of them are doing the same thing, or in words to that effect.
    Conyers can actually do society a great favor by naming everyone he possibly can, but I will call his bluff: In all likelihood he won’t, unless he wants to either save his own hide or sink a rival. Even if he names names, he’ll still be a LOSER.
    I get it: At his age, he doesn’t care: He just wants that pension….

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  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    If that is common practice – then it tells me as the saying goes – FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT.


    Is that the way congressmen or senators respect their staff AND CONDUCTS BUSINESS? Or is that just lowering the bar of morality to LET Conyers go to the next lower level called SEX? He could have worn a robe.



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  12. This ought to get interesting…

    John Conyers Announces His Retirement: Endorses Son to Take Seat But Nephew Already Announced Run

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  13. How nice of daddy Conyers to endorse his thuggish son to take his seat…

    REPORT: Conyers’ Son Body-Slammed His Girlfriend Then Sliced Her With a Knife

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