Church Funnies!

Don’t ever say Christians don’t have a sense of humor!

And my favorite:

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


12 responses to “Church Funnies!

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    Church funnies.


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  2. Like these signs, they are funny and send a message through.

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  3. Hadenoughalready

    Bwahahahaha ALL GREAT! Thanks for the laughs.

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  4. LOL- love it!

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  5. Enjoyed them all, thanks, esp. ‘SIN BAD JESUS GOOD DETAILS INSIDE’!

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  6. good laughs with a message…thank you Dr. Eowyn…

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  7. I especially like the last one,”Be the kind of person your Pet thinks you are.”

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  8. …but the police have radar…..that’s not all they have.


  9. Loved the last…”Be the kind of person your pet thinks you are…” b/c we are preparing to be out of town for a family event for 2 days…and my cats have been “fixating” on me….gazing into my eyes for 10 minutes at a time, as tho’ trying to tell or ask me something…….circlilng me, laying across my feet, or on my knees as I sit on the couch…..laying in front of the door so that I can’t exit without picking them up and then “backing out of the door” and then gently flipping them back into the room so I can leave without them following me…….I know that they know that “something is afoot.” I love this about cats and dogs in general…that they KNOW somehow when your routine is interrupted for whatever reason. They KNOW when something different will come to them to “handle” (going to the kennel, for intance). And then, they try with all their might to make you stay……the clinging cats, who do the “I love you blink” while gazing for untold minutes into your eyes…..or who reach out to touch you with a paw…..or roll over and act “coy” for you…..or, how about the dog who climbs into the open suitcase as you are filling it???? WHo says that animals can not talk?????

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    • Hadenoughalready

      You made me laugh as I reflected, reading this.
      Just yesterday morning, as I got dressed and headed out the door to warm up the car, my dog, “Fluffy”, instead of sitting at my feet, waiting, he disappeared.
      On gathering my coat and hat, I found him sitting behind the desk, next to the door, tail wagging. He wasn’t about to let me out that door without him. I couldn’t help laughing, admiring his savvy.
      As you said, who said animals are stupid…?

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  10. I like these tasty little giblets of wit! I especially like the Heinz 57 one!

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