The Real Pizzagate Victims

Seriously, the things recounted by these innocent children are unspeakable and unfitting for most conversation. If you listen to the whole testimony, PLEASE DO IT PRAYERFULLY, being careful for your own emotional, moral and spiritual wellbeing. 

These 2 videos present the tragic story of 2 children

Lord, grant us the wisdom and strength to put an end to such things as described in these videos. And grant us the resolve to uncover all of the pedophile networks and bring them to justice. Amen

11 responses to “The Real Pizzagate Victims

  1. Oh my, I don’t know if I will make it all the way through the video. I had to stop. I found the little boy believable and he certainly knew things a regular little 8 year old should never know.
    If all this is proven true, I hope these adults are exposed on every TV screen and publicly flogged and arrested and convicted.
    God help these little ones.

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  3. I just can’t watch these vids. Just. Cannot.

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  4. The many kids who came out against the adults in the Franklin Credit Scandal – were discredited (there were a ton of them) and many were killed, (or died under mysterious circumstances = murdered) as well as others (adults) who were investigating. . Not sure why John DeKamp was not shut down, as in “Murdered”. A congressman and his son were killed in a plane crash – and all the evidence he was bringing back from Chicago – (photo evidence taken by Larry Kings private photographer) – ALL SCRUBBED by FBI.

    It’s Real Folks!!

    Everything in NE is under seal or has been bleached-bitted/shredded YEARS ago. NE is notorious for corruption! And if I am not mistaken, a couple of the lawyers in the Franklin Scandal went on to become District Court Judges. Do ya think our Justice Department’s NEED TO BE OUTED TOO? They are COMPLICIT – that is WHY nothing has been done about this and in my opinion, ever will be, to the degree is needs to be done. Sure, a few scapegoats will go to jail – take a plea and be out in 5 year. Yeehaw!

    I had read other places that William Colby was planning to “blow the whistle” on lots of nefariousness within the Govt. – which included the “High Ranking Pedo-Kings/Queens”. There is more stuff to read about Colby – but here is a smidgeon…..its incredible to me how all this STUFF is so intertwined…….

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  5. AMEN!


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  7. This is beyond disturbing. Does anyone know if these children are safe now? This was 2014.


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