Loser Hillary says Trump and China should soften up on North Korea

hillary clinton nasty woman

Grandma, you ain’t president. Go back to the woods.

From NY Post: Hillary Clinton used a conference in Beijing to blast both President Trump and the Chinese over their stance toward North Korea — saying it needs to soften up soon before things get out of hand and nuclear war breaks out.

Serving as the keynote speaker at Caijing Magazine’s three-day annual conference on Tuesday, the former secretary of state called on Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to avoid “bluster” and “personal taunts” when dealing with Pyongyang, according to Bloomberg.

She reportedly criticized the Trump administration for retreating from diplomacy in recent months and said she hoped that China wouldn’t follow suit.

While Clinton focused much of her sentiment on the US stance toward North Korea, she took most of her jabs at the Chinese — claiming they, too, were taking the wrong approach to the situation and making things worse with their “secret” military buildups.

“Beijing should remember that inaction is a choice as well,” Clinton said.

Like the Trump administration, the Chinese have chosen to avoid diplomatic talks with the North Koreans as tensions continue to escalate in the region.

Clinton said Tuesday that she hopes the six-party talks — multilateral negotiations held between China, Japan, North Korea, Russia, South Korea and the US on denuclearization — will be brought back after being shelved in 2009.

The Chinese have called for a resumption of the process in the past, to no avail.


14 responses to “Loser Hillary says Trump and China should soften up on North Korea

  1. Hillary, like o’shitbag, would pay them to stop. Nothing changes with these morons.
    As for Trump being dangerous with the nuke codes: Imagine her in a flopping fit and pissed off…a rabid, frothing, cat in a grand mal seizure…

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    • They never intended to let her “win”, and they didn’t. There must be some mysterious reason why she hasn’t “suffered a medical problem” by now. She is clearly a liability to them.

      Out side of shrieking lesbians and whiny Hollyweird losers, who wants her? Answer: Nobody!

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  3. WHY, WHY, WHY, does anyone hand any Clinton money or a microphone??

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  4. You know that for a “small donation” to the Clinton Foundation she’d sell them the White House.

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    • Hey,she has as much of a right to sell the White House as she had to sell our Uranium to Russia…..

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      • Unless she croaks from getting arrested (doubtful) the old hag is gonna hang around for a while.

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        • I know Alma…call me shameful, but when she was running for POTUS, I researched her family longevity….and was crestfallen to see that her parents had both enjoyed long lives…..which meant to me….that her aging was NOT prohibitive to her serving as POTUS a term…even two….and it does not now prohibit her from running again.

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        • During the campaign, I heard on the local news that a doctor (not Hillary’s) said she had some degenerative nervous condition, and that she “had about a year to live.” I only heard that report ONCE. Alex Jones has chronicled her fall outside the 9/11 Memorial on Sept. 11th of last year, as well as other episodes that FOTM has also reported on.
          She won’t be around forever, but degenerative conditions can go on for years. I would, however, prefer for her to live long enough to see her arrest, prosecution and conviction. It could yet happen, given that boot for her “broken toe.”

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  5. Why? How much did the North Koreans pay her for this?

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  6. Well, we dodged that bullet when she lost. She would have given them billions by now. Just because ole Bill gave them the farm themn lied to us about what a great deal he made, doesn’t mean she should follow suit.
    I guess she hasn’t been paying attention, the little guy has been threatening us for a few years before Trump was even President. He is the one shooting off missiles and it is he that said he was taking out Hawaii and Guam and the US. He does this every few years to extort money for his army, to heck with his people. But this time his weapons have grown in danger.
    His people are starving and are full of parasites. But, someone is financing him. The amount of money it takes for all those missiles can’t be raised inner country.

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  7. Every time I feel down I remind myself that the Hildabeast lost. Then the world seems a better place.

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  8. Yes, THIS was the hectoring, harrowing harridan who said, in a debate with Donald Trump, “When the President gives the order, the order must be followed,” in referring to a war with Iran. And she also announced, on at least a couple of occasions, that if she were elected she would “attack Iran.”
    Yes, THIS is the QUEEN OF BLOODLUST, and I cannot thank God ENOUGH that she lost! Had she been elected President, we survivors would be living in a world-wide nuclear ruin right now and practicing cannibalism!

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