Draining of the Liberal Media Swamp: Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor and Time magazine

Something remarkable is going on — America is being fumigated.

Along with the outing of sexual creeps and perverts from the Hollywood miasma, the MSM swamp, populated largely by liberals and Democrats, is also being drained.

There were the eight journalists who either resigned or were fired for sexual misconduct. Among them are major figures in liberal journalism, like Leon Wieseltier, contributing editor of The Atlantic and former editor of The New Republic, and NBC News and MSNBC contributor Mark Halperin, said to have masturbated in front of a woman in his office, as well as placed his erect penis on the bodies of women without their consent.

Then came the firing of Charlie Rose, 75, of CBS Morning Show and the longtime PBS Charlie Rose show, after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct, including groping, lewd phone calls, and walking around naked.

The latest draining of the MSM swamp are Matt Lauer, Garrison Keilor and the sale of Time magazine.

(1) Matt Lauer

This morning, saying they were “heartbroken,” Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb of NBC’s “Today” morning show announced that their colleague and 20-year “Today” anchor, Matt Lauer, 59, had been fired “after a detailed complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,” rumored to have taken place in Russia.

In a memo to employees, NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said that the complaint, which was made by a colleague of Lauer’s, prompted a serious review and represented a “clear violation of our company’s standards,” and that although it was the first complaint lodged against Lauer since he took over as anchor of the show in 1997, there is “reason to believe” it wasn’t an isolated incident.

(2) Garrison Keillor

The AP reports today, November 29, that Garrison Keillor, 75, said he’s been fired by Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) over allegations of improper behavior.

Keillor is the creator and former host of A Prairie Home Companion, featuring tales of his fictional utopian Minnesota hometown of Lake Wobegon “where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average”. (As with Charlie Rose, I’ve had a visceral revulsion toward Keillor since he first emerged in the public eye.)

MPR confirmed the firing and said it would “end its business relationship with Keillor’s media companies effective immediately,” including ending distribution and broadcast of Keillor’s daily syndicated program The Writer’s Almanac, and  rebroadcasts of The Best of A Prairie Home Companion. In addition, Prairie Home Companion, which is now hosted by Chris Thile, will get a new title. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The firing comes shortly after Keillor, an avowed Democrat, wrote a syndicated column ridiculing the idea that Minnesota Sen. Al Franken should resign over allegations of sexual harassment.

See also “Sadistic pedophiles and Sen. Al Franken’s ‘joke’ about anal rape of babies”.

(3) Time Inc.

Three days ago, on Sunday night, November 26, in an all-cash transaction valued at nearly $3 billion, the Meredith Corporation agreed to purchase Time Inc., the publisher of Time, Sports Illustrated and People magazines.

Meredith Corporation, a hardy Midwestern company with a loyal print readership, is the publisher of Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens and AllRecipes. Its purchase of Time Inc. was made possible, in part, by an infusion of $650 million from the private equity arm of conservative billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch.

Meredith Corp. said that the private equity fund, Koch Equity Development, would not have a seat on Meredith’s board of directors and would “have no influence on Meredith’s editorial or managerial operations.” (New York Times)

Update (Nov. 30, 2017):

Variety has more and very damning details on the accusations against Matt Lauer:

As the co-host of NBC’s “Today,” Matt Lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as a present. It included an explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her, which left her mortified.

On another day, he summoned a different female employee to his office, and then dropped his pants, showing her his penis. After the employee declined to do anything, visibly shaken, he reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act.

He would sometimes quiz female producers about who they’d slept with, offering to trade names. And he loved to engage in a crass quiz game with men and women in the office: “f—, marry, or kill,” in which he would identify the female co-hosts that he’d most like to sleep with.

These accounts of Lauer’s behavior at NBC are the result of a two-month investigation by Variety, with dozens of interviews with current and former staffers. Variety has talked to three women who identified themselves as victims of sexual harassment by Lauer, and their stories have been corroborated by friends or colleagues that they told at the time. They have asked for now to remain unnamed, fearing professional repercussions.

UPDATE (Nov. 30, 2017):

Matt Lauer reportedly had a button under his desk in his NBC office which enables him to lock the door.

A former NBC employee told The New York Times that in 2001, Lauer summoned her to his office “to discuss work”. At the time, the employee was in her 40s and both she and Lauer were married (not to each other).

She says Lauer used a button under his desk to lock the door and then told her to unbutton her blouse. Lauer then stepped out from behind his desk, pulled out a chair, bent her over and raped her until she fell unconscious. The woman woke up on the floor of his office with her pants halfway down her legs, prompting Lauer’s assistant to take her to seek medical attention.

She did not tell NBC about the alleged incident at the time because she thought she could have done more to stop Lauer’s actions. She left NBC around a year later.

The NBC investigation that led to Lauer’s spectacular downfall was sparked by an intern who accused him of sexual assault in early 2014 at the Sochi Olympics in Russia. On Monday, the intern informed the human resources and legal departments of NBC News. Lauer was fired 24 hours later because the messages “showed incontrovertible proof of inappropriate sexual behavior on his part”, Page Six reports. (Source: Daily Mail)


55 responses to “Draining of the Liberal Media Swamp: Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor and Time magazine

  1. So much winning. MAGA.

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  2. We have waited for so long, keep’m coming.

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  3. This may be just a small part of our change in popular culture and bringing us back to times of values once held. What is public and common today was but a short time ago unthinkable to most although practiced by a few. Almost all of us, if not all of us, were/are flawed, but not without a sense of guilt. Paraphrasing and believing James and his excellent if brief book, the prayers of a [relatively] righteous people availeth much.

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  4. Now, if we could just find a scandal system to take down the droves of liberal bimboes we’d be set! Unfortunately, they are Teflon. Look at Sleazy Lena Dunham. She’s been proven to be a disgusting human being but she gets a free pass for her chickhood. Heck, Hilary Clinton could be pronounced room temperature and still have supporters. If that continues I foresee the possibility of a very violent backlash erupting against female public figures. Crazies are lining the streets these days and it takes little to jump start them.

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  5. This is just the foamy froth, off the top of the coffee.


    • I don’t understand your dismissive cynicism. Charlie Rose, Mark Halperin, Matt Lauer are not “foamy froth”.
      Froth or no froth, I still rejoice that they’re gone.

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      • Maybe I should have said “tip of the iceberg”.

        Arresting a couple of dozen talking heads is just an appetizer. There is a full blown 12 course meal out there but the majority of Americans are satisfied with a tiny tea biscuit.
        The communist have taken over and seeded themselves deeply into the areas of Law, Academics, Media and Politics. (LAMP)
        There are hundreds of thousands of these people in the LAMP institutions. It is like playing walk-a-mole. You can smack one or two but you are going to need a major extermination effort ringer all of them.
        Unfortunately, the average American doesn’t have the stomach for it.

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      • I think we need to be careful that the precedents set by dismissing as the result of allegations doesn’t come back to bite more than the lefties. It seems to me that they are establishing a precedent whereby anyone with an alleged complaint merely needs to voice it and some putative action will follow.

        I don’t know enough about most of the players here, but whenever they seem so anxious to do something like this there is always a reason that is not what it may seem. Everyone should have access to due process. This sword slices both ways.

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        • See Twitchy. Apparently NBC knew of Lauer’s harassment and did nothing. Lauer even had a button in his desk to lock his door, keeping women “hostage.” A very damaging report by Variety magazine.

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        • “anyone with an alleged complaint merely needs to voice it and some putative action will follow”

          Surely you are not so naive as to think NBC, CBS, PBS, et al., would fire Lauer, Rose, Keillor peremptorily, without compelling evidence — and in so doing, risk being sued by those creeps.

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          • Well, I don’t think that getting emotional over it makes it anymore “right” to punish people if all they have are allegations. If they have more, fine. That’s all I’m saying. I am cautioning against different standards for those we consider to be “enemies”.

            Just like I honor the First Amendment for those I disagree with, the presumption of innocence is important to me. I don’t “like” these people, or what they do, but if their futures are damaged simply because somebody made allegations, I have a problem with that.

            If that isn’t the case, fine. I said before that I managed a “sexual harassment program” once upon a time. I also said that I only ran across one valid case. I had DOZENS of complaints.

            There shouldn’t be a different standard simply because there is a “gender” issue involved. If someone is harmed they should seek redress. The accused is entitled to due process. That’s all I’m saying.

            Trust me, if people begin to take delight in the fall of others simply because someone accuses them, it won’t be long before their “heroes” fall for the same reason. So my advice is to temper our enthusiasm with a little justice.

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            • “So my advice is to temper our enthusiasm with a little justice.”

              Gosh, thank you for your patronizing little lecture!

              I am completely mystified how you could equate my post — which is a straight-forward REPORT of what happened to Lauer, Keillor and Time Inc. — with hand-rubbing gleeful “enthusiasm,” a lack of “due process,” and “double standards for those we consider to be ‘enemies’”.


              • I’m sorry you take it that way.

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                • Do enlighten me as to how I should take it.


                  • Well, for openers, the comment was not about “you” or “your post” but the ideas and sentiments expressed. I have now been enlightened that that is not how this site operates, and the comments are apparently supposed to be critiques. That was not my intention, and I think that’s fairly clear from what I said.

                    Obviously, there is only one acceptable opinion here. But, it’s your site so I can’t argue with that, and won’t. My opinion remains.


                    • If I misunderstood your prior comment, then I owe you an apology.

                      However, it seems that you’ve also misunderstood me — interpretating my dismay and protestation at wet-blanket comments like yours as “there is only one acceptable opinion here,” which is palpably absurd, as demonstrated daily in the many and varying comments that are published on this blog.

                      FOTM readers, including you, do not hesitate to express their opinions, whether assenting or dissenting. But FOTM‘s owner and writers are not entitled to the same? Am I not also entitled to express my agreement or disagreement with readers’ opinions?

                      Regardless, I value your contribution to this blog, with your many comments and insight. You are also my brother in Christ, and I wish you peace.

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              • Lophatt – “I also said that I only ran across one valid case. I had DOZENS of complaints.”

                Wow. You obviously did work in advertising! I had a dozen valid cases a week. Half of the young women has to be shipped out to a dozen of the other offices we had across the US and abroad. These women were paid well and given high paying jobs as HUSH-HUSH. I don’t think ONE of them ever went public; and I never heard one complain – not that they may not now.

                Many of us have worked in corporate America – I was head of personnel for many many years. There is NO WAY any company would FIRE people like Lauer, and the likes of Charlie Rose, et al who have been dismissed WITHOUT OVERTLY COMPELLING evidence – probably as good as Monica Lewinsky’s Blue dress. I am sure it is not just a “he-said/she-said” because if it were – the corporations are looking at multi-million dollar lawsuits from these men with HUGE contracts! These guys would not STAND DOWN just because of a “he-said/she-said”. What is ironic is that with these congressional pervs -we the PEOPLE have evidence of DUE PROCESS – its called “payouts and non-disclosure documents”, which left a huge paper trail. For Conyers to say it didn’t happen – is just pure BALONEY!

                Expect more to fall – these power ego type MEN aren’t going to just walk away if the fight can be won by them. I for one, am glad Lauer got CANNED. I watched him way back when he had “hair” when he was on some talk show with Christie Brinkley and he was all smug and told her it was her loss she wouldn’t go out with him. You could tell she had nothing but contempt for the perp and put him in his place. He was the supposed source behind the “Trump/Billy Bush leak” because Billy Bush was too great of threat to Lauer.

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          • Dr. E, I agree with you on all of this, and too am a little puzzled why some of the posters here aren’t more “enthusiastic.” This is a PHENOMENAL day! And has been a great year so far watching all these progs go down in flames‼️ The tide is slowly turning, and I can remember only a year ago thinking how depressed I was facing the thought of Hillary taking office… ugh. We now have hope after living through 8 (seemed like 800) years of the tyrannical berry sotero !

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            • Me, too.

              We were beaten and worn down through eight long years of Obama and his transvestite “wife” in the White House, and every demon coming out of the woodwork. Eight long years when we witnessed every institution in America — government (remember the corrupt IRS? — I was targeted), media, schools/universities, churches, VA hospitals, “entertainment,” pop culture — corrupted and deteriorate at an alarmingly rapid rate. Many, including I, believed that the 2016 election was America’s last chance to reverse course — a Hillary presidency would finish America.

              Given all that, I am also puzzled by the sour wet-blankets. I can only imagine how President Trump must feel, with the constant carping even from supposed “friends”, no matter what he’s achieved.

              Taking some satisfaction from the ongoing fall of big-name liberals in the MSM and Hollywood is not being unduly “enthusiastic” — unless, of course, one never fought in the first place. Soldiers fighting in the trenches in a long war need victories, whether small or big. None of us, still in the trenches, is getting hubris over the victories. We are only too aware that the war is ongoing.

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              • Yes Dr. E, far too many are still “sleeping.” But to quote an overused phrase, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Keep fighting the Good Fight! You are truly doing yeoman’s work ‼️


          • The anonymous accuser methodology needs to go away. This kind of crap happened in gulag Soviet Union.


            • The right to confront (expose) your anonymous accuser applies to criminal prosecutions, not civil cases or other proceedings, i.e., an internal company investigation.

              The government is required to apply due process and cannot harm a person without it. If you believe that an individual or private firm has harmed you without due process, take it to court.

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            • Institutions don’t fire people because of “anonymous accusers”. The accusers are “anonymous” only to outsiders. Let me give you an example in real life:

              In my university, a female student in one of my classes came to me with a detailed account of being sexually harassed by a male colleague (JA) in my department — of being leered at (which JA also did to me — that’s when I really understood and experienced what “leering” means), pestered for dates, and told that he wanted her “to feel his big motorcycle between her legs”.

              Following department procedures, I brought the student’s complaint to the attention of my female colleague LW, a liberal and “feminist” who had appointed herself the department’s person in charge of “student-faculty relations”. In an email, LW actually told me to leave her out of it because she “loves” JA “like a brother”.

              So I went to the college dean. The university then hired a well-known and very reputable attorney, who interviewed both me and the student, separately. The university put JA on paid leave for the rest of the academic year, then made some deal (the details of which were not made known) for him to leave.

              JA is an “African American” whom the university had hired WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, i.e., without going through the normal procedure of advertising the position, reviewing the applicants, and interviewing those on the short list. All of this was done without the consent or participation of my department.

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      • By anonymous accusers?


  6. Something indeed is going on. Not only all of these people being cut loose, but also the very large number of sealed federal indictments that have been filed in less than a month. It’s allegedly now about 4,300 for all district courts combined!

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  7. They are all coming back, whatch, they are not done, and Matt Lauer is not going to fade away, he’ll hang low for a while until this blows over, the liberals need him much, he’ll come back as is Rose, Bryan Williams, etc., harassment is en-vogue and it caught up to him, this is just emptying the chair for a new comer, Megan Kelly, watch her too, she is coming on strong, give’r time, sneaky bitch.

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  8. And, apparently, an evil politically-incorrect memo (for which its author was publically vilified and fired) is too much for Google but improper sexual relationships are not worth the trouble there.

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  9. Well, they have certainly set my icky button off. Lauer has been a pompous ass for years and the rumors have surfaced off and on and it was silenced pretty durn fast. And his condescending attitude to others, like when he interviewed Bill O’Reilly is an example.
    Decades ago we enjoyed listening to Keillor on Sunday nights while riding in the car. Then his far left turn, however long it had been buried, made us turn him off.
    As for the magazines purchase, not sure and really don’t care, we stopped reading them years ago. I hate paying for that much advertising with no substance.
    The states have spiraled into a toxic abyss of depravity for several years now. I hope we can save her.

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  10. After Plotting & Planning, the Democrats unknowingly started this whole sex thing which was ONLY supposed to be between Judge Roy Moore (the accused) and the Democrat Al Franken (the sacrificial Lamb ) – and game ONLY until Judge Roy Moore was defeated.. Once Judge Roy Moore was Blocked & defeated, – the Dem.sacrificial lamb Al Franken would be exhonerated of all sex charges and his accusers “hushed up” with payoffs.. Well-well, look at the repercussions, now EVERY molested women is coming into the open to finally tell their stories of sex horrors.. The Dem’s wanted just two people in this fight, = Moore vs Franken, Not Hundreds..!! The Whole sordid Democrat Plan Blew up in their Face, and now hundreds of abused women are opening up on their supressed stories.. Democrats across the Nation are running for Cover, = Repugs as well.. GOOD..!!

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  11. I said it before and I’ll say it again…..now is the time to drain the sicko, leftist sexually perverted professors out of the swamps of our state-funded, Federally subsidized universities. They have been cavorting freely for years amongst a “captive” population of youngsters for whom they represent success or failure for the rest of their lives….. There are legions of girls (and boys) out there who could not find a way to stand up to their propositions, fearing for their grade point-average or degree…..I can not wait until this sunami arrives…maybe our university systems will be “reamed out” FINALLY. For sure….there are SOME principled profs out there….but it’s just like Hollywood and the entertainment/news at large–and the DC SWAMP–“everyone has known for years” which professors are lecherous and which ones are not……..the ones you’d never get onto an elevator with….or stay after class alone when summoned……

    I know people must wonder why this is a “pet peeve” with me right now….yes…I did experience all that propositioning many times over….AND it was in a conservative, traditional school, by all appearances……My grade point average was so high that it was laugable when any of them made a propsition…so, I had a “way out” and I treated it like that right to their faces..I was willing to take a grade drop for my refusal and challenge them on it…..BUT….I had a few classmates who were “average students” and were afraid to stand up to them, afraid to tip the grade maybe one grade lower than they earned……and probably, hopeful that it would tip it one grade higher than they earned……and so, they went along. Whatever the reasons….it has happened and will continue to happen with these sex sharks until college students stand up to it the way these others have in varied areas of our culture are doing right now……

    While I’m on a roll….I think it would be entertaining to hear the experiences that women have had with all those self-righteous professional football players who are taking a knee against “mistreatment” of this and that group. Wonder if they are “clean” enough to be taking that knee—-wonder if they have targeted and used and abused anyone? We better start asking.

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  12. I did not expect Matt Lauer or Garrison Keillor to be among the pervs. A sad day. But if the allegations are true, it is better they are brought out.

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    • Really? The rumor river about Keillor has been running deep and wide for decades.

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    • Why is it “a sad day”?

      From Variety:

      “As the co-host of NBC’s “Today,” Matt Lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as a present. It included an explicit note about how he wanted to use it on her, which left her mortified.

      On another day, he summoned a different female employee to his office, and then dropped his pants, showing her his penis. After the employee declined to do anything, visibly shaken, he reprimanded her for not engaging in a sexual act.”

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      • I heard that Lauer had sent a text of his junk to the female staff member, who kept it on her phone. When she showed it to the big wigs, they had no choice. This was on Glen Beck today.

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  13. Our friend, Judi McLeod of Canada Free Press, has a different take on these sexual harassment eruptions. And I’m afraid she’s right. It’s sinister, scary, and not at all a remote possibility. It’s the Plan B to take out Trump, since Russiagate seems to have failed.

    Judi writes:

    “Somewhere in a bug-proofed, swanky lawyer’s office, President Donald Donald Trump’s sexual harassment character assassinator is being groomed and rehearsed.

    “Mentors are prompting her how to state her case to the mainstream media; how to cry with enough pathos to be credible.

    “The mentors are counting on people to be too busy preparing for Christmas 2017 to be aware of what lies ahead.

    “Their MSM pals are pushing an almost daily meme that it’s now been discovered that rich and powerful men in Hollywood, politics and business are helplessly addicted to inappropriate sexual behavior, counting on it not being too much of a shock when the president is openly accused of having long been among them.

    “After all, allegations of sexual harassment against women by the rich and powerful are now prolific, aren’t they?

    “Politicians are exposing their privates on the House floor. Taxpayers already paid out some $17 million for sexual harassment cases against elected officials never tried in court.

    “After the 16 sexual harassment Trump accusers who vaporized into thin air during the 2016 presidential election campaign and the spittle-flecked charges of media darling Hillary Clinton, Billy Baldwin was first off the mark linking Trump to inappropriate sexual behavior, by suddenly remembering 20 years on an incident involving Trump and his wife—on Thanksgiving morning…”

    Read the rest here:

    Judi also writes:

    “Just as Canada Free Press (CFP) predicted only a week ago: The Washington Post is replacing ‘Russia-gate’ with ‘Sex-gate’ to take out President Donald Trump.

    “’Trump is the real target of this campaign’ (the Roy Moore one), columnist Cliff Kincaid, of America’s Survival Inc., wrote on Nov. 12. ‘If Russia-gate fails to evict him, a new version of Sex-gate is next. You can count on it.’”

    More here:

    We need to pray for the President, that the Lord will deliver him from all these evil.

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  14. I was surprised by these revelations, but pleased that their employers or syndicators dropped them. Hopefully, more will be forthcoming—and not only from the mainstream media and publishing, but in the political realm also.
    Rep. Conyers has threatened to expose “over 1,000” other persons, presumably all men (?). I say, Please, Conyers, start naming the names!
    In the meantime, WHEN do people start deconstructing feminism?

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  15. And the casualty list of leftist boot lickers grows daily! I can only hope these cretins come to the realization, once they are shot for being wounded, that when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.

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  17. In case you missed it…

    Disgraced TV host Matt Lauer faces ‘character test’ over New Zealand land purchase [Video]



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