Hypocrite: Miley Cyrus gets new tattoo that says, “Be Kind”

miley cyrus tattoo

Cyrus’ new motto…unless you disagree with her

From the Hillary Clinton-loving womyn who has said/done the following “kind” things:

Flaming hypocrite.

From Daily Mail: Miley Cyrus added to her extensive collection of tattoos on Saturday.

The singer posted an Instagram story showing a pair of new inkings — one on the back of each wrist, which spelled out the mantra: BE KIND.

She used the artwork to spell out a longer message: ‘Never forget to… BE KIND To All!

After undergoing the needle in her own bedroom, she then returned the favor on the artist. The Wrecking Ball star has more than 30 tattoos spread over her body.

She also used Instagram to show off the birthday present fiancé Liam Hemsworth gifted her for her 25th birthday: a rainbow necklace.

The ‘Malibu’ hitmaker is celebrated her special day on Thursday, and has took to Instagram to brand Liam as ‘winning’ after he bought her a necklace featuring the word ‘Lili’ – which is Miley’s nickname for her ‘Hunger Games’ star beau – engraved with rainbow coloured gems.

Read the rest of the story here.


10 responses to “Hypocrite: Miley Cyrus gets new tattoo that says, “Be Kind”

  1. Hopefully, mellowing with age at great speed. Maybe, new speech writer and publicity agent.

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  2. Excellent compilation of “be kind” Miley’s hate speech, DCG!

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  3. She is demon possessed, pure and simple. I expect this and much more from her legion of demon. Music and film industry is loaded with demons.

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  4. Oh, yeah, right…

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  5. My trash is better than Miley Cyrus.

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  6. I’m SO GLAD America’s youth has this shining example of Morality to shape their futures! (sarc)

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  7. I agree with Weezy: Entertainment is full of demons (as is education), and Miley needs the meal ticket and her narcissistic supply.
    That being said, I fear it does not end well for Miley. And she’s very nasty.

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    • My guess is that they would tell you “what good is owning media if we can’t use it to further our agenda?”. All this stuff is confirmation. It is WHY they control media.

      On one hand it is naive to expect that they would foster a Christian message. No, it’s all about weakening the herd. Makes them easier to control.

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  8. Yeah, because 30 tattoos are so very sexy when you are sixty.

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