Gender Taliban comes to the Church of Sweden

The tyranny and insanity of Gender PC has come to Christianity.

Throughout the Old Testament, God is referred to as “he”. In Luke 11, Jesus taught the disciples “The Lord’s Prayer” that begins with “Our Father, who art in heaven,” not “The Lady’s Prayer” that begins with “Our Mother, who art in heaven”.

Despite all that, the Church of Sweden — the largest religious institution in Sweden — is replacing all masculine pronouns for God with gender-neutral words.

The RT reports that on November 23, 2017, the annual autumn convention of the Church of Sweden’s leadership in Uppsala approved a new handbook on how to conduct services — on the language, liturgy, music and other aspects of worship.

According to the new handbook, which replaces the previous version from 1968, the clergy are to avoid terms like “Lord” and “He” in worship services because they imply that God is male. Instead, the clergy are to adopt gender-neutral wording to make the Church “more inclusive”.

Critics of the change say it undermines the concept of the Holy Trinity, which is referred to as “the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” by Christians. They see the gender neutrality rules as politicizing matters of faith and a potential hurdle in spiritual communion between the Church of Sweden and other Christian denominations.

Christer Pahlmblad, an associate theology professor at Sweden’s Lund University, told Denmark’s Lutheran newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad the move was “not smart” and disrespects the theological heritage of Christianity — “You cannot replace 2,000 years of theology.”

The national Evangelical Lutheran Church was the state religion of Sweden until 2000 and currently has over 6 million baptized members in a country of 10 million. Women have been ordained as priests since 1960 and currently comprise 45% of the ordained clergy and an even greater share among the leadership.

Its head, Antje Jackelén, 62, is one of a handful of female archbishops in Christian churches. In 2013, Jackelén was elected 70th Archbishop of Uppsala and Primate of the Church of Sweden on a progressive platform. She is well known for interpreting Christian dogma from a spiritual rather than literal standpoint. As an example, Jackelén said that those who see the virginity of Mary, mother of Jesus, as a biological issue have completely missed the point.”

Jackelén dismisses the idea that human gender is applicable to God. According to the Swedish national news agency TT, Jackelén said that “Theologically, we know that God is beyond our gender determinations, God is not human.”

On March 7, 2017, to show their solidarity with International Women’s Day, the board of directors of Byggnads, a construction workers trade union in Stockholm, Sweden, tweeted this picture of themselves

See “Welcome to Sweden! – where men wear pink pussies“.

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23 responses to “Gender Taliban comes to the Church of Sweden

  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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  2. How did the Swedes become a suicidal culture???!!!

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    • Actually, back in the early ’60’s, that question was being asked. There was a film, I think it was called “Mondo Carne” (or something close to that) about strange phenomena all over the world. Sweden was cited for their suicide rate. The film attributed it to the gloominess of the place.

      Personally, I think they were among the first European cultures to put God on the back burner. They seemed not to want God to be a part of their daily lives or decision making. They thought they were “cutting edge”.

      It has been a socialist country for a very long time.

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    • Progressivism…

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    • Well traildust, unfortunately the problem of this craziness in sweden goes far back, a long long ways back, notably emanuel swedenborg, a neo-gnostic spirit-channeler & spiritualist whose occultic malarkey has spurred or influenced much, from mormonism to the modern new age movement. If you do a search most things you find on him will be glowing accolades and proclamations of his intelligence and such. Bypassing all that scuzz, one finds the false doctrines he promulgated and disseminated have lead to much anti-christianity and gnostification of churches etc. This spiritualism stuff is especially curious as swedenborg himself admonished to be wary of spirits, for they love deception, perhaps he should have taken his own advice? (His malarkey is connected to a lot of stuff, even as far as the “neverending story” book & movie, etc.)
      Should you look him up be prepared to run into a lot of stuff claiming him to be good and holy etc. (He was a false prophet too, by the way, claimed the last judgement happened in heaven in 1757, now you know where the JW cult and 7th day adventist cult got the notion.) and a lot of propagandizing efforts to try to win you over to their cult.

      Also, sweden is also home to the “new covenant church of god”/NCCG, a mormon-originated cult that well, has been really bad for some time, have a look here: (this site is against the cult, just FYI).

      Lastly it would seem sweden has been compromised by the NWO jerks for quite some time, possibly before swedenborg, but I don’t know exactly when that country was hijacked.

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  3. How dare God object! Talk about arrogant. I won’t get into a long-winded lecture on theology but suffice it to say that the “Evangelical Lutherans” (whatever THAT is), don’t speak for me.

    Neither to the “Full-Gospel Tabernacle of Signs and Serpents Rising”. That’s the trouble with a divided Church, idiots take themselves entirely too seriously, then they get followers.

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  4. In the Bible and the catechism of the Catholic church the Blessed Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all masculine. But Wisdom, an attribute of God, is a she. In some languages the word wisdom is neuter, but not so in Hebrew. In Hebrew, wisdom is definitely female. The Bible doesn’t play the neuter gender game.

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  5. A good friend of mine who is a Catholic priest gave a great homily on this very subject. Here is a paraphrase from it. The “new” theology we are seeing these days is unfortunately based on the theology of self instead of Christ, making it useless for the salvation of souls. Do not be led astray by these Swedish idiots pretending to be clerics.

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  6. Excuse me, but I am befuddled in my older age abt these “new age theologians” & that of which I’ve been reading for all my years….I could think of 20 Bible verses, & looked them up easily to check myself, that stress that fact that MAN was made in the image of GOD (“Man and Woman, He made them”—-showing that man came first….and was based upon God’s image). In fact, the first, Genesis 1:26-27 says it twice. Most of the verses say it twice–or more, making sure it is said in with a choice of words repeated that leave no doubt. I really don’t care if God is male or female or a vapor—-if it floats the boats of people like Jakelen—let her “rock on.” But, I know for SURE that Christ existed historically, and He was male…his mother was female……and if you are a believer, then you accept from your Holy Book that Christ was the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON of his FATHER, through Mary, his mother. That’s the way birth works, you guys. One way or another….still takes the SAME chromosomal parts to grow a human being inside another human being. That’s what was available THEN if you were going to be brought into life on Earth…..and that’s all that is available NOW, thousands of years later. We can not now, and never will, legislte a different reality.

    If they were ALL some miasmic, ethereal, vaporous, unisexed individuals/ Gods/ Deities of any kind, any religion
    ….would it change anything within the Christian religion, really? Are people attracted to the Divine in life and death due to gender or due to the spirit? I don’t know the answer anymore myself. I thought that our religious studies and traditions in this country were fueled by the divine, and that we always gave expressioin to them in the ways that our Holy book taught us to speak….b/c for centuries…that’s what we could understand universally……and I NEVER EVER thought it to be exclusionary ……like I knew that “mankind” meant ALL OF US. These “gender-benders” are “half-a-bubble-off” of level these days, IMO. Seems to me that they are working through their own gender “angst” in public through one venue and the next, and we “have” to suffer them. I’m willing to let them have their own proclivities about this…but, OH GOD, I pray (OFTEN) that they would just let me alone to MINE, too. When did this TAIL start wagging the dog? There are statistically maybe 1% to a high of 4% of gender-fluid people in the USA or the world, and suddenly, they are “in control” of major institutions–religious and secular—-& major historically-held mores, belief systems, political systems, school systems, public bathrooms, legal systems/rulings on and on ad nauseum. When are they going to realize that they are JUST a part of the pack? They are NOT really all that “special.” There are legions of others—the differently abled, the homeless, the abandoned Vet, the beaten women, the abused children, the shy, the bold, the aged, the mentally ill, the “differently looking” and so on and so on ad infinitim….that are AHEAD OF THEM in line with tryng to have a voice?????

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  7. Looks like Sweden does not have any conservative Christian fundamentalist. If it were so there won’t be women priests and this silly notion of gender proof church is just nonsense, and a virgin that gave birth is a biological issue….

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  8. I don’t care if the Church of Sweden is sweden’s largest church…real Christians would not exalt political correctness over God. the congregation needs to call on the Lord and ‘gird up their loins’ for the fight against satan’s followers and kick political correctness (atheism disguised as feminism) out of the church before it is too late.
    clearly, this PC “church” (which is an oxymoron) and country have been hijacked by satan’s minions.
    sweden is getting what it has been told to want….diversity.
    now, they even have blasphemy in the church disguised as “diversity”.
    and also from sweden 2 years ago:

    “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”
    2 Corinthians 11:13-15

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  9. No surprise (bear with me). The Church of Sweden was instrumental in creating both the ecumenical movement in Europe as well as the World Council of Churches which in 1948 resulted from the merging of that movement with the one here in the U.S. The reason why I begin by saying, “no surprise” is because the U.S. delegation that was sent to England in 1937 to found the World Council of Churches was headed by Henry Sloane Coffin and John Foster Dulles… Ok, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, so what?” Dulles was not only the brother of the head of the CIA (Alan Dulles), but as Secretary of State, he encouraged (if not helped to implement) CIA foreign policy initiatives such as the 1953 overthrow of Prime Minister Mossadegh of Iran and the military coup in Guatemala in 1954. The point here being that Dulles worked closely with the CIA. Now add to that, the CIA is effectively the taxpayer-endowed arm of Yale University’s notorious secret society Skull and Bones, of which Coffin himself was a member (it’s no secret that the CIA has always preferentially hired from the ranks of Skull & Bones). So, the two men who, in 1937 headed the U.S. delegation to England to engineer the founding of the World Council of Churches were effectively members of the U.S. intelligence community and in particular, the CIA — known the world over for its long bloody list of human atrocities. If that isn’t enough, the leader of the ecumenical movement in the U.S. (who I believe also helped to organize the European movement) — Episcopal Bishop Charles Henry Brent — had close ties to Skull & Bones as well, one of which was the soon-to-be President William H. Taft. Taft had sailed with Brent to the Philippines where he (Taft) would serve as civilian governor following the Spanish American war. And Taft wasn’t just any member of Skull & Bones — his dad was a co-founder of the secret society. Likewise, Skull & Bones is no ordinary secret society either. As real history shows, it’s a Malthusian death cult whose long-term goal is to help bring about a massive decline in human populations worldwide (for an excellent illustrated history of this organization including some photos of their handiwork, see So, is it any real wonder that the Church of Sweden is pushing for acceptance of non-traditional gender roles? For additional insight indicating that something isn’t right with the World Council of Churches (revealing other aspects of their leftist agenda), see Incidentally, according to the WCC page on Wikipedia, the Justice, Peace and Creation Commission within the World Council of Churches has, as a main focus … environmentalism! I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked! 😉

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    • Interesting stuff Postman… (do you always ring twice?) all I had been aware of as far as the spy agencies go with such culty stuff was the unusual prevalence of mormons in their ranks, particularly the CIA. (something I have yet to figure out the reason for, myself.)

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      • When people talk of the Illuminati in America, whether they realize it or not, they’re effectively referring to Skull & Bones. In fact, they’re also referring to the Order of Freemasons.** The reason is that Skull & Bones was created by the Illuminati using Freemasonry as a conduit. This is why the origin of Skull & Bones is typically described in just one or two sentences when it’s discussed at all by the media — because discussing it at any length would quickly make it clear to the astute reader that Skull & Bones was directly created by Freemasons and all of the back story that has been constructed is merely intended to hide this fact. See “The Masonati Origin of Skull and Bones” ( Unfortunately, the alternative media overall has failed to grasp this important relationship and as a consequence, most Americans believe that the Illuminati no longer operates or that its power is greatly diminished. Anyway, there’s a theory of mine (and probably of many others) that real power abhors competition (big surprise) and it tends to consolidate or cooperate as a result. Therefore, once you’ve arrived on the investigative path of power, you’ve almost certainly found “it” — because essentially, there is no other. This makes researching power’s evil deeds that much easier. They can run, but they can’t hide — at least, not from REAL history. 😉

        ** No doubt, other secret societies could be included here but just judging from history, these are the two main (most powerful) ones.


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  11. Aside from sociocultural issues in Sweden or other countries, I would like to recommend an article, “The Gender of God,” found at the following URL:, which I discovered via the ASOR blog.


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