Attack of the flying tire

Look at the trajectory of this flying tire!

The tire above caused no human injuries or material damage.

Sadly, that’s not the case in other flying tire incidents.


16 responses to “Attack of the flying tire

  1. It’s an alleged tire, and it’s owner lawyers up.
    Hey, Congress can tack a new law regarding flying tires on the budget bill and threaten to shut down the gov if it isn’t passed.

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  2. Wowowow, those are scary video clips! That’s the first I’ve ever seen of “flying tires,” even with 40 years of driving experience. Thank God I never encountered a flying tire in person. Very dangerous. I don’t even recall ever having a tire go flat while driving. Whew!

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  3. What can happen when the rubber leaves the road.

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    Good reflexes of those seated at the desk, tragedy for man hit on the head.

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    Yes, tires attached to cars, trucks, etc. , should be checked like filling up your car with gas and the air in your tires. We don’t realize with wear and tear – they do work loose. Our neighbor’s son was killed years ago when a loose tire came rolling down the freeway and hit the car windshield he was a passenger

    It happens.



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  6. The Laws of Physics cannot be broken. I appreciate the humor at the outset, but stories of this kind used to be legion on New York City’s (and N.Y. State’s) roads. Take a look again at video # 2 where the tire hits the man on the head from behind, where the man gets smacked down on his face. Make no mistake: I’d like to find out what happened to him—he very likely could have been killed!
    For 28 years, my father—we lived in Flushing, New York at the time—drove the Long Island Expressway east to Deer Park and Melville, Long Island, to work. He told me the horror stories and the near misses—of a tire bouncing parallel to his car in the same direction—in the opposite direction, down the road. Of accidents that happened 100 feet in front of him.
    News Channels had a number of stories of trucks that lost a tire—only to bounce into a bus’s front window—at least one killed a bus driver with people on board!
    I have been most lucky: In all of my travels, I saw only one car lose a right rear tire in the fast lane when I was in the middle lane. Luckily, the road was not crowded, and we were all going about 30 mph. The driver—an older man—was able to keep control of his car.

    These accidents seem to have declined drastically over here in the past few years—Thank God! And, Yes, to bring it to the spiritual level, traffic or some other department, I never thought I would live as long as I have. I really am convinced that we have a Guardian Angel, and that Angel can see the event, in real time, before the laws of physics can take effect.
    In other words, the spiritual level is this: We cannot see the End, in Time, of our actions, until they occur. But God Can! God Sees the end from the beginning and we cannot. This being said, God can Deputize His Angel to observe the Same. And in observing the Same, that Angel can take the proper corrective and safe action—upon any agent involved in the accident event—to safeguard the person God Commands be Safeguarded.
    In other words, in our World of Nature, we are limited to secondary causes: If I want to talk to you on the phone, I must take the cell phone out of my pocket, tap the screen a number of times, and wait for a dial tone. If I want a light on, I have to get out of my chair, walk to the wall, and flip a switch.
    God is not confined to the “tyranny” of secondary causes. When God Said, “Let There Be Light!” BEHOLD, there was LIGHT. And this happened BEFORE He Created the very first star.

    THIS is why I believe in miracles. Jesus was and is a Wonder Worker. But He is NO “Magician!” Jesus was able to make the deaf hear, the blind see, the crippled walk, cleanse lepers and even Raise the Dead. He could do these things because He IS GOD, and He is not confined to the Laws of Physics. Because he is not confined to secondary causes—said causes recognized by the pagans Aristotle and Plato! He worked His Miracles to prove His Credentials, to elicit faith and belief, and to command us how to live after His Teachings and Example. THIS—in addition to the physical evidence we have from the Holy Shroud of Turin and the electronic recordings that have been observed at His Burial Site (which FOTM posted about in an article this year) are proof enough to me that He is God, that His Authority maintains, even absent photographs and video recordings, across the Centuries, because these things obey, in the true phenomenological sense, the FORENSIC EVIDENCE that Human Reason requires for belief.

    Bouncing tires can be funny and can make us squirm! But I am absolutely convinced, given my time on this Earth, given the testimony of others (including my own parents and other family members and other people I have spoken to) and, given the physical forensic evidence, that we are not alone in this game.

    And Yet, this evidence, in and of itself, cannot and will not cure me of my ACEDIA. This feeling of being a BUM. Of being a NOBODY.
    Dear Lord Jesus, Have Mercy on me, a sinner!

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  7. About a year or so ago, I was hitchhiking on I-90 in Montana. I had walked for a few miles and thought I would put down my backpack for a while and thumb on the side of the road. This big tractor-trailer was coming towards me at around 70 mph when its back tire blew up. The explosion blew debris at least 30 feet up into the air. The explosion was really impressive; it sounded like an artillery piece going off. It happened about 100 yards from where I was standing. I was grateful that it didn’t blow up right where I was standing. The Lord protected me.

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    • Here is another story about the Lord protecting me on the road:

      [April 2010]

      “In the past week, I hitchhiked from Helena, Montana to Dayton, Washington. The ride from Helena took me to Missoula. This guy’s name was Harry and he came from the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in northeast Montana. Harry was from the Assiniboine Tribe; we had a good talk. I told him that I was a Christian. He knew very little about Christianity. I told him about my faith in Jesus and that he should read the Gospel of John in the New Testament. I think he said that someone gave him a copy of the New Testament some years ago.

      “It had been snowing that morning when I left Helena and there was some slush on I-90. Harry was going 85 miles per hour when he hit a patch of slush. All of a sudden, we were going sideways down the interstate. Then we went sideways down into the median (I thought we were going to roll his van over) and continued going sideways into the next lane into oncoming traffic. This big tractor-trailer was bearing down on us and I thought we were going to get T-boned by the tractor-trailer when, all of a sudden, the van straightened itself out. Harry took control and we drove on the shoulder to the next exit. That happened near Clinton, Montana.

      “It was quite a rush for at least several seconds. It all happened so quickly. Harry and I looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief. Harry said that my God saved us. I said, Praise the Lord!”

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  8. When I was a kid I was at a race track and a wheel came off one of the cars, shot straight into the air and landed about three feet from me, shattering a bleacher. It then proceeded to run up the bleachers and crash into a concession stand. It didn’t hit anyone.

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  9. One time I was hitchhiking in Texas somewhere between Amarillo and Lubbock. I was walking down the interstate when I looked behind me and there was this tire rolling down the middle of the median. It looked like it was going 40 miles per hour. It hit this power pole in the median, bounced back several feet and then fell over. It was a funny sight. It happened in the middle of the plains of north Texas; I was probably the only guy to see it. Which begs the question:

    If a tire rolls down the middle of an interstate median In Texas and hits a power pole and nobody is there to see it happen, did it really happen?

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  10. Alma: I appreciate your concern, but the Lord has had me hitchhike all over the United States for most of the past 21 years. I am 57 years old. I know that the Lord is protecting me because I am in His will. I have met a lot of great people on the road. In 21 years of hitchhiking only once did someone pull a knife on me.

    The Only Time Someone Pulled a Knife on Me

    Here is another good story:

    A Hitchhiker, a Knife and a Piece of Paper


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