Thief robs store where everyone is armed


15 responses to “Thief robs store where everyone is armed

  1. Finally..!!! = a gun story with a Happy Ending..

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  2. I’ll bet when word gets out they’re never robbed again.

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  3. nope, never try that store again…love it

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  4. And THAT proves my point-if it’s widely KNOWN that EVERYONE carries,what Criminal will be stupid enough to rob the place? Just the one in Prison Cell # E-437 and the misc. DEAD ones.

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  5. Ha he drops his gun. Amateur

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  6. I trust this was for real and not staged as a demonstration; it looks to be spontaneous. Did any reader-viewer notice if the fool’s gun was taken from him?


  7. Taco Bell should offer to bury the perp in a large taco shell.

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  8. Point made!!!

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  9. think of all the future criimes that were just prevented.

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  10. Instant karma, not much is better.

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  11. The perp’s leg motions denote an effective cns shot placement. Nicely done.


  12. TOO cute by half! I keep warning all my bully boys that I teach in middle school that one day…when they think they are, as usual, going to get their way & no rules apply to them, and they can take what they want from others without recourse…….LIFE is gonna reach out and SMACK them on the head. There are other people out there “in the real world” who are NOT gonna take it and you never know if it’s the granny next door or the 20-year-old girl behind the counter…..or the big burley trucker….or a fellow shopper—–not gonna take kindly to your bully pulpit/w/gun or anything else. Someone will “whoop you” back one day, and sooner than later.

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