Richard Branson, billionaire Obama pal, accused of sexual assault

The Weinstein Effect continues.

Now it’s Richard Branson, 67, the English billionaire founder of the Virgin Group of more than 400 companies, including Virgin Atlantic airline.

Branson is pro European Union and anti Brexit. (See “Secret document kept truth about EU membership from Brits for 50 years“)

He is also a pal of Barack Obama, whom Branson invited for an extended holiday on his private Necker Island in the Caribbean after Obama (finally) left the White House. That was when this pic of gender-ambiguous Obama kite-surfing was taken.

James Beal, Simon Boyle and Chloe Mayer report for The Sun, Nov. 24, 2017, that singer Antonia Jenae, 44, said Sir Richard Branson “motorboated” her at an alcohol-fueled party in 2010 on the billionaire’s Necker Island — “burying his head” in her boobs and making a boat engine noise.

Jenae said Branson had been drinking but did not seem drunk, and that he also “begged” her to go topless.

Jenae, from Florida, is a backup singer in “superstar” Joss Stone‘s band, whom Branson invited to his home on Necker Island, which he’d bought when he was only 28 years old.

Jenae said:

“His behavior was disgusting. I feel like it was sexual assault. We were by the bar and he was saying bye to everyone. He came up to me and put his face in my breasts. He went ‘brrrrrr’ and just walked away. It was surreal, totally out of the blue. Joss and I were like, ‘What the hell was that?!’ Everyone was wondering why I wasn’t angry because I’m usually a firebrand. But I was just too shocked.

We’d spent the day chilling out, touring the island. We had lunch and dinner. We were in the pool and there was a big, beautiful statue of a goddess there with her boobs out. Richard Branson tried to get me to show him my boobs and I said: ‘No!’ I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit and at the time I was very heavy chested.”

Branson’s behavior was seen by Joss and other stunned onlookers. Jenae said she and Joss recorded a video shortly after to capture their astonishment. According to The Sun, “a source” confirmed that Joss remembers the incident.

Representatives of Branson released a statement denying any wrongdoing:

“Everyone appeared to enjoy their time on the island. Richard has no recollection of this matter and neither do his family and friends, who were with him on the island at the time. There would never have been any intention to offend or make anyone feel uncomfortable in any way and Richard apologises if anyone felt that way during their time on the island.”

Jenae says she is now speaking out following the Hollywood sex scandal because “This needs to stop. I want everyone else to know what Richard Branson did. I don’t want him to do this to anyone else. He is a man in a powerful position.”

In a CNN interview in October 2016, Branson said he’s terrified of the thought of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States because of “how dangerous it was to have somebody so vindictive in the White House,” and that he felt no choice but to speak out to “let people who believe that Trump is wonderful know that there is a side to Trump that is dangerous and rather unpleasant and certainly unforgiving.”

Branson also said “I don’t think he’s a great businessman” and that Trump’s “unpredictability would unsettle the markets”.

Below is an August 2017 Bloomberg graph showing the number of market highs divided by the number of years each president was in office (in Trump’s case, 0.53 years so far), ranked from highest to lowest:


20 responses to “Richard Branson, billionaire Obama pal, accused of sexual assault

  1. He hates Trump because Trump is not a pervert. Therefore, Trump would be a threat to those types of people. This includes the filth display of naked people in so called, gay parades and teachers of perversion to educate youth to follow their ways. Hurray to Trump.

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  2. Actually she heard Branson incorrectly, he was begging her to KEEP her top on.

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  3. The man has enough money to buy the Vatican and you want me to believe he played motorboat with “that” woman?


  4. Yikes! seems like the engine lost power and got stuck! If true, I hope Miss Jenae can get her dignity “re$$$$$tored, as for Branson he’ll have to change his tune and start singing the blues.

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  5. Posted on FB.
    You know, in my lifetime of 74+ years, I have never known anyone like these people. What is the reason for this atrocious behavior? Maybe it’s just the circles I have lived within. I’m not naive. But this didn’t happen when I was young. The worst things in my memory was my Aunt Laura walking the few steps to our house with a bloody, bruised face and a broken jaw, crying because her husband beat her. And he was an alcoholic. And later, that he had given her some serious STDs. My father was like Pence. He would not be in a room with a woman alone. Ever. And before he met my mother, he lived a wild life in the speakeasies. That marriage lasted 53 years.

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  6. Do not want to touch anything related to Richard Branson with a ten foot pole. I am dumping Virgin Mobile and switching to Republic Wireless.

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  7. Well, if he did it then he’s guilty of poor taste more than anything else.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.


    The moral decay in our country has been escalating since the Clinton’s were in office. Just think, Bill Clinton, the sex predator in the White House, was being allowed to roam the halls just looking to attack women. Where were the secret service all of this time – were they watching? One of these days the books will be rolling out about the on-the-job training they received on how to protect the President while he is having sex or maybe they were participating.


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  9. Traveling to a private island with a notorious billionaire and a host of creeps. What could go wrong? Probably nothing, considering “Jenae” is probably going to cash in on this one.

    When you lie with dogs you get up with fleas. Look at the company this creep keeps. Obongo? They are all scum (spawn of Satan) and the women are mostly opportunists. Suddenly their “honor” is in jeopardy? I think it’s a bit late for that.


  10. Branson may dislike Trump, but at least Trump does not look & dress like a disheveled drunken-bum-homeless guy who just came out from a back alley (as does Branson in the Obama/Branson photo). His belt is sagging, his shirt is not tucked in properly, & he needs a shave & a haircut > that bleached-out long stringy hair on a 67-year-old-man looks ridiculous.

    Branson is also obviously a “boobs man,” so all women beware when in his presence if you don’t want your “girlfriends” “motorboated”!

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  11. Did Obongo throw Branson under the bus? Branson probably hasn’t done anything O hasn’t done (several times),so where are the accusations against HIM?


  12. Also,how drunk was SHE,that she didn’t knock a tooth outta his mouth for that? Not saying that makes it okay,but she could have stopped him. With all those big shots wandering around,he would have been “pooping in the punch bowl” (ruined the party) if she’d called attention to it.


  13. Obama has ALWAYS hung out wiith scum bags and d-ck suckers from the time he was in high school and maybe younger—-and brought these people w/nefarious backgrounds into not only HIS living room…but OUR living rooms. Pretty sick of trying to “shower off” the filth of the Kennedy clan, Obama, and the Clintons. I just want to be FREE of them……..any idea about HOW I can achieve this?

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