New York Times promoting sexualization of young boys

young boy wearing makeup

The new beauty “norm”

On Saturday, writer Bee Shapiro published an article in The New York Times entitled, “His Eye Makeup is Way Better Than Yours.

The Timestweeted it as such: “How teenage boys (and younger) wearing makeup are affecting beauty norms.”

The article shows many pictures of young boys making themselves pretty with makeup. Imagine the outcry if they had done this with young girls, trying to make them look “pretty.”

I don’t care how this author and The New York Times wants to spin this gender bender baloney. The fact that they found some young boys who desire to wear makeup does NOT make it the “norm.”

Excerpts from Bee’s article:

Would you be inclined to buy makeup because a 10-year-old boy is showing you how to create a look on Instagram? If we’re talking about Jack Bennett of @makeuupbyjack, then the answer could well be a resounding yes.

Since convincing his mother to start his account in May, young Mr. Bennett, who lives in Berkshire, England, has amassed 331,000 followers and attracted the attention of brands like MAC and NYX, which have offered products to create looks. Refinery29 has celebrated him as the next big thing in makeup.

He is the latest evidence of a seismic power shift in the beauty industry, which has thrust social media influencers to the top of the pecking order. Refreshingly, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and, more recently, genders. Hailed by Marie Claire as the “beauty boys of Instagram,” the early male pioneers, like Patrick Simondac (@PatrickStarrr), Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) and Manny Gutierrez, (@MannyMua733), have transcended niche to become juggernauts with millions of followers. And their aesthetic is decidedly new: neither old-school-rocker makeup nor drag queen.

“When you post an Instagram or YouTube video, it’s similar to ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ where you can see the humanity of the contestants and see their struggles,” he said. “It helps show viewers that we’re just people.” He paused and giggled: “And it’s beauty, it’s just fun. Patrick is a walking rainbow.”

Men like Mr. Starrr have since influenced a new generation of young men who are wearing makeup and posting about it. According to the Instagram data team, there has been a 20 percent increase since the start of the year in mentions of “makeup” by male accounts on the platform.

In only a couple of years, these young men have gained sway in the industry. Cosmetics brands like Milk Makeup have built their offerings on genderless beauty; the skin-care company Glow Recipe hosts sold-out boy beauty mask classes; and in the fragrance aisle, unisex scent houses continue to grow.

“If you’re amazing at applying makeup, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what gender you identify with,” she said. “If you’re young, already embracing who you are and are insanely talented, those factors will make you stand out even more.”

Though the younger generation of influencers are of diverse molds, they are similar in that they take men wearing makeup as a given. “I didn’t think about gender identity, what you do with your life, things you associate yourself with,” Mr. Warden said, referring to the time he started his Instagram posts. “I think no matter what gender, you are free to do what you want.”

“What you have now are millennial moms who have grown up in an era where gender is more fluid,” Ms. Friedman said. “Millennials are very in tune with empowering their children.” For example, she sees a wide range of hair lengths on boys. “It’s not unusual for boys to sit in the chair, take out an iPhone and show a picture of what they want their hair to look like,” she said, adding that they start around age 6. “There are many role models for them to look to now.”

Read the whole article here.

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33 responses to “New York Times promoting sexualization of young boys

  1. Pray that what was on Frontline’s “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan” doesn’t get anywhere near us, that every move in that direction be reversed.

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  2. When the “revolution” finally happens, the first 6 months will probably eliminate 1/3 of the population.

    Fortunately the freaks are making it easy to identify themselves.

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  3. From a very young age boys (and girls) show their true characters and inclinations. Some parents, usually a mother, feeds into it and looks at it as a phase the child will grow out of. There is professional help for parents and children, the hurt will be lessened as the life of the child takes shape. Love and understanding leaves the door open as the child grows up and chooses his./her destiny.

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    • Alma, God made male and female. Your DNA is determined at conception. You do NOT get a choice. God does not make mistakes, man does!!!

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      • weezy, I agree with You, and my uncle, a man of God and a retired pedriatician (just turned 95) has maintained that same theory for a very long time, DNA cannot be changed, he tells me compassion for them is important as they go through knowing they are different, their life is difficult but manage to adjust, or they couldn’t make if it had not been from the support of family and friends.

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        • Yes Alma. If someone knows a young person that is experiencing “confusion” about their sexuality it is up to the parents and loved ones to straighten that out, not encourage more confusion.

          We agree that it is NOT a “choice” and it should NEVER be presented that way. But, what do we see? Just imagine how destructive this is. Does anyone actually believe that there are that many “confused” people out there “naturally”? I don’t.

          Nobody had to tell me what to be attracted to. I have know one person in the “confused” category in my entire life. All the others were political statements. They do it because its “fashionable”.

          The “real” confused girl I knew still lives as a man. I do not think this has anything to do with DNA. It has to do with having had a real screwed up childhood.

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          • Hahahfgehnehduei

            Hello I was just scrolling through comments and happened to see yours and you need to be straightnened out real quick. A boy wearing makeup has nothing to do with who he wants to have sex with. I am a Christian boy who wears makeup and I don’t have an inclination to want to have sexual interaction with another man. Makeup is art and is only considered feminine because of our stupid culture. A boy can do I just as much as a girl can I mean it’s in a public store that a guy can just walk into and buy it there’s no sign saying excuse me this is joys only like no if that’s how someone wants to express themselves that fine but for you and weezy to make this about sexuality is another story and you need to leave because the only people that have things messsed up are you.


        • Alma, as a kid I knew that only boys and girls existed. Look in a mirror, what do you see? A boy or girl. Kids know, unless someone destroys their psych or is demon possessed. Much prayer is needed and good councillor.

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    • Parents don’t realize that the “He’ll grow out of it in a while” train of logic is a MYTH. MY parents thought, “Okay,we’ll let him get a mini-bike,and that’ll be the end of the motorcycle phase.” But that bwasnm’t enough for me,so they let me buy an actual “basket-case” motorcycle (The seller delivered it as a frame with wheels and 4 boxes of misc. parts.) They thought trying to put it together would frustrate me,I’d give it away or sell it,and that’d be the end of “the motorcycle phase”. But I got it running,worked on it after school,rode it all weekend,broke it,fixed it,rebuilt it when I blew the motor racing my friends,wrecked many times,broke fingers,toes,ribs,got a concussion or two,etc. etc. and now I can’t imagine me without a motorcycle. So much for “growing out of it”.

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  4. And of course, Bee Shapiro is a member of the Tribe.
    Just sayin….

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  6. I could rant against the Times and be right about it, but this works both ways: If you want something to go away, STOP BUYING IT. The unfortunate thing is that there remains a core market that will continue to buy—and read—the New York Times.
    I will say this, however. There has been a war against manhood for as long as I’ve been alive. I’m not ready to die yet, but I long to go to a better world where manhood gets the respect it deserves. I swear to God, 60 YEARS of nihilism is wearing me down!
    Please inform me: Do the women out there actually LIKE what is being done to men and boys these days? Do some of them think it’s funny?

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    • Bro,I think the HUGE majority of Women don;t like “Man lite”;if that’s what they wanted,they could date women much easier and spare us the watering down of the MAN. It’s the “progressive fringe” in Frisco,New Yawk,Hollyweird and their OTHER Liberal strongholds that push this on Society,but people go along with it because they’re tired of fighting it. They’re trying to normalize the removal of manliness,that’s part of their drive to make all things good into bad,and all things that are right illegal.

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  7. It’s this whole “metrosexualization” of males, as well as the confusion being wreaked by this lunacy of sexual transformations and “preferred” pronouns.

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  8. This whole sordid business of gender mongrelization only magnifies the lack of respect that girls have for boys!

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  9. The Jews are laughing their asses off over this. More destruction of social norms among the Goy. What could be “better”?

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  10. I found these guys in National Geographic once and thought they were pretty cute. That was years ago. But they have wife gaining purposes.

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  11. The pain this deception is causing in families today is incalculable.

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  12. Will humanity really be better off with more femmes and betas? Last I checked womenfolk and children still feel safer around “butch” men…

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