Billy Baldwin tears into Trump for once “hitting on his wife”

billy baldwin

Brave Billy: Coming out with details over two decades later…

So now hitting on a woman is considered “sexual impropriety?” Careful what rules you want to establish while trying to deflect, proggies.

From MSN: Actor Billy Baldwin on Thursday alleged that President Trump hit on his wife at a party, calling the president a “5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations.” “Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations. In fact… I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel… your father showed up uninvited and hit on my wife… invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City,” Baldwin tweeted.

“She showed his fat a** the door,” he added.

Baldwin’s tweet came in response to a post from Donald Trump Jr. sharing the latest allegations against Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.).

Sexual misconduct has been a major focus in Washington in recent weeks. In addition to Franken, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of making advances on teenage girls when he was in his 30s.

Multiple women have accused Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), the longest serving member in the House, of sexual misconduct.

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump surfaced during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump denied the accusations, and on Tuesday appeared to throw his support behind Moore and downplayed the allegations against him.

Baldwin’s brother, Alec, has been a staunch critic of Trump. Alec has drawn Trump’s ire for his portrayal of the president on “Saturday Night Live.”


26 responses to “Billy Baldwin tears into Trump for once “hitting on his wife”

  1. Hmmmmm, if Billy’s wife was invited on a helicopter ride to Atlantic City..
    maybe she could have innocently alluded she had not gone on a helicopter ride, word got around, and……..GAME ON!

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  2. What is wrong with his face in that picture? Is he wearing lipstick?
    💄 💄 Clowns usually do!

    His story sounds totally made up.

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  3. After a lifetime in show biz, 54-year-old Billy or William Baldwin has a shockingly low net worth of only $500,000.

    Can’t help but wonder if this is his way of drumming up some work by getting his name in the news.

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  4. A man hitting on a woman is NOT sexual assault. Better watch out women or you will find yourself sitting home alone a lot. We are making men even afraid to ask for a date. Gee could this be the plan. No date, no marriage, no babies…….hmmmmm.

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  5. Silly me, but my idea is that, if you don’t like a fool like this, why pay any attention to him? He should go to “Craig’s” and NO paparazzi show up.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would invite this dick weed to go anywhere.

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  6. Wouldn’t you love to see that guy just punch his lights out?

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  7. Flirting and seducing are two different things.

    I flirt with women (harmlessly of course) while my wife is by my side! Both women always enjoy it. It’s as natural and playful as it is for a father to tease his daughter.

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    • Yeah, I think that’s their whole point. They wish to make “normal” perverse. That is a rather accurate definition of Satanic.


      • Agreed. When I was a teen, I was mildly interested in witchcraft and the occult. I remember reading the first few chapters of a “how-to” book on gaining occultic powers. One of the first things they recommended was teaching yourself to write backwards.


        About sums it up.

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      • “They wish to make “normal” perverse.”
        And they wish to make the perverse NORMAL. How ELSE can they “Do what they wanna do” LEGALLY?

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  8. He’s worth NOTHING to me. Does THAT effect his net-worth?

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  9. Pipe Down, “Little Marco!”
    I know they put fluoride in the water, but the whole town of Massapequa, Long Island can’t be this bad!

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  10. Yeah, Billy Baldwin set the bar high in his movie, “Sliver”. Creepy sexual deviant. He may have been the film’s serial killer too; I couldn’t sit through the whole film to find out… even the T.V. version.

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  11. Is that Billy’s “derp” face, or just his face?

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