Vatican threatens to excommunicate priest for criticizing Pope Francis

About two weeks ago, I posted about Cardinal Gerhard Müller sounding the alarm that there is a “pervading sense of fear” in Pope Francis’ Curia — the administrative body of the Holy See in Vatican City, Rome. Müller had served five years as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith until this July, when Pope Francis decided not to renew his term for reasons Müller said had never been explained to him.

Müller wasn’t exaggerating or being a false alarmist. Nearly two years ago, I’d posted about the sorry situation of the Catholic Church under Pope Francis, wherein critics are censored and threatened with excommunication.

Pope Francis hides the Crucifix meeting Israeli rabbis

Alessandro Maria Minutella, 44, is a priest in Sicily nationally known for his open criticism of Pope Francis’ controversial Amoris Laetitia “apostalic exhortation” and what Minutella calls “the false Church of modernism”.

Because of his outspoken defense of the traditional Catholic faith, Minutella was officially removed from his parish and forbidden to celebrate Mass, administer the Sacraments, or preach. He was ordered to remain silent for nine months, which he obeyed, although he was attacked and vilified by the Italian media, especially by the satirical TV show, The Hyenas.

After observing silence for 9 months, Minutella was threatened by the Curia that he would receive a “double excommunication” (whatever that means) if he did not make two public acts of fidelity to Pope Francis on social networks. Never mind the fact that pedophile and openly homosexual priests are not excommunicated. (See Pope Francis’ Vatican: a cesspool of pedophiles and homosexuals“)

On November 9, 2017, sitting at a desk with a statue of St. Michael the Archangel, Alessandro Minutella recorded this video as his impassioned response, which was broadcast on Radio Domina Nostra.

Some excerpts of Minutella’s speech:

“Since when on last June 26, 2017, my bishop, Corrado Lorefice, removed me from my role as parish priest, with immediate execution, I didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye to my parishioners and substantially was suspended . . . even though they continue to say ‘This is not a suspension! This is not a suspension!,’ when in fact it substantially is.”

Note: Corrado Lorefice was appointed Archbishop of Palermo, Sicily, by Pope Francis in October 2015. In June 2017 Lorefice donated a chapel to serve as a synagogue for the Jewish community of Naples. He has written favorably about the neo-Marxist liberation theology.

Minutella continues:

“Last March, I was obliged to remain silent on all social networks . . . for having spoken the truth on the false church. I have known moral persecution and have been practically reduced to being an exile” — his priesthood “unjustly scorned” and his reputation “ruined” and “derided”.

Minutella vows that he will continue “to raise my voice in defense of the Catholic faith which today is being jeopardized like never before,” and decries Pope Francis’ so-called “Church of Mercy” that “runs to all the Italian ports to welcome the poor immigrants, but then brings to the guillotine those who don’t adhere to its single line of thought of dictatorial nature. These people are not afraid of me who can easily be eliminated — I have no bodyguards and no defense . . . . Holy mother Church has been occupied, because we are speaking of a true invasion,” which Minutella calls a “heretical deception . . . that reevaluates Martin Luther to the point of considering him a holy reformer”.

Note: Pope Francis had declared 2016 to be a “Holy Year of Mercy”.

On the demand that he must make a public fidelity to Pope Francis on social networks or be “doubly excommunicated,” Minutella explains that in the past, he had expressed his “respect” for the pope’s “intellect” and “will,” but he cannot declare a public fidelity to “the Roman pontiff” because to do so is to go against his soul as “no one is above the Gospel”.

Using apocalyptic language, Minutella all but calls Pope Francis the False Prophet of the end days. He calls on Catholics to “all stand up” in “resistance until the end” because the battle is not “between the progressives who are in government and the ones who are suspended and excommunicated for being faithful to the Magisterium. This is the battle between the woman dressed in the sun and the infernal dragon that has launched its most subtle attack on the Church.”

Full transcript (in English) of Minutella here.

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40 responses to “Vatican threatens to excommunicate priest for criticizing Pope Francis

  1. Truth be known Pope Francis is a flat out Communist. More a political figure than papal.

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    • Just because the Vatican is headquartered in Rome doesn’t uphold the laws of the Italian government. The Vatican is a powerful entity in itself, with its own laws and vowed to secrecy by a few powerful (unholy?) MEN including Francis; the Vatican is a rich empire, housing treasures unseeing only but just a few and hiding secrets to fulfill conquest and domination as the other religions to that sacred place Israel, if true to prophesy, Francis, a younger man, will reign the papacy until the end of the conquest, right now the Vatican, is internally experiencing a war, the bad and the holy -Francis is Satan’s envoy on Earth.

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  2. I am certainly disgusted with this pope, he is a Marxist, and to hide the crucifix of Jesus is to deny our Savior. Too much wrong with this man.

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  3. A little off track but Cdl. Burke appears to have some issues with comrade Bergoglio and yet I have seen pics of the cardinal also concealing his crucifix when meeting Rabbis.Hmm.


  4. When he “took people off the safe list” (AKA: Murdered them) in Argentina in the 70’s, did he lecture people on “the sacredness of life”? Read “Washington’s Pope” on

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  5. Francis is indeed the False Prophet. Look to Francis to point out the Antichrist in the months ahead.

    The Church will be in overt schism soon and Pope Benedict may be exiled.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Let there be PEACE among all people.

    Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.


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  7. If twenty years ago Hollywood had made a movie that did nothing more than accurately convey this pope’s many heresies, these politicized apostate bishops shilling for the Democrstic Party, and further sensationalized the film with vignettes of drug- and booze-fueled homosexual orgies in the Vatican and various bishops’ residences, Hollywood would justifiably have been condemned by all Christians as one of the greatest enemies the faith has ever faced.

    I hope I couldn’t be more wrong, but I get the impression most of the modernist clergy and hierarchy–heretics by definition–are effectively Teilhardists who believe that the evidence-free pseudo-scientific Darwinian fairytale has superseded the mysteries of faith. How pathetic is that!?

    I also recall reading that the pope has implied, in so many words regarding the Middle Ages, that truth is not immutable, and so it would also seem this putatively offhand but wedge-like comment literally and intentionally entails the relativization of it all, especially the divinity of Our Lord. You know, it’s all been a nice way to look at life, but it’s all just fanciful superstition when compared to Darwinism or getting on with the business of refashioning mankind into socialist man. After all, the pope’s new head of the Jesuits says heaven and hell aren’t real places, we hear the Rosary is just a pathetic superstition practiced by old women, and sodomy is not only not a sinful abomination but a preferred way of expressing Christian love.

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  8. Be sure to read carefully the links provided by Jim from FL. They thoroughly document that Pope Francis is the anti-Pope, a demonic false prophet serving the CIA and genocidal characters such as Kissinger, all of whom
    promote endless Zionist wars for Israel. The 24/7 propaganda we hear
    promoting Pope Francis as a man of peace, goodwill, and love is blatant
    diametric hypocrisy, characteristic of communists who killed nearly 100
    million European Christians in the 20th century. George Orwell must be
    turning in his grave.

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  9. This sort of thing has been boiling for years now. I am a faithful Catholic, but have ZERO regard for this Pope, clearly a neo-Marxist Liberation Theology adherent. HIstorically, the Church has been resilient; thus, my fervent hope is that the Church will survive Comrade Francis as well.

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    • I hear you. I too am a practicing Catholic. I also know that the Pope isn’t The Church. He has a role, and as far as he discharges his duties properly, he is either faithful or not. It’s a very big Church.

      I don’t know much about Francis. I’ve read a little and what I’ve read I don’t like. I also read people’s complaints. I also know that I must be careful with that as people ALWAYS have an axe to grind with The Church.

      Having made something of a study of Church history and Patristics, there have been many Popes that leave much to be desired. Conversely, there are others that were clearly saintly. Indeed the Apostles are not portrayed as being free from sin, including Peter.

      My biggest concerns with Francis are his behavior before he was elected and his salesmanship of secular politics instead of being “first among equals” as is his intended position. The Church is not a democracy but he is not its dictator either.

      On the surface it appears that he has been hand-picked to blur that line between faith and action. His embrace of modern, fleeting secular issues is discouraging. The Pope’s traditional role is to ensure orthodoxy in matters of faith and to avoid petty politics. The Faithful’s formation of their consciences should be his concern. The laity’s actions should stem from that faith, informed by the Holy Spirit, not from some political formula.

      I have been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but I”m losing that battle. Some of what he says is ridiculous. What is more worrying is that he acts as if he thinks he can demand that others accept his idiotic beliefs. That is not his job. I don’t care about HIS beliefs. He needs a little less Hollywood and a whole lot more humility.

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      • lophatt, I am a Catholic and forever will be, The Holy Spirit my guide and Jesus my savior, I can see changes this liberal pope is trying to bring upon us, he does not unite, his mission is to divide the church and the clergy -Francisco is an Obama in vestments, divided you conquer.

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        • Thank you Alma. I “converted” from being a Protestant many years ago and do not regret it at all. The Holy Spirit guided me there and I never looked back.

          As I tried to say, the Pope is not the Church. There have been many great ones and bad ones. The Church lives on because Christ does not want His Church divided. So, in times like these, we don’t abandon our home, we continue until this Pope is a memory.

          Taking the “long view” is helpful. Malachi Martin wrote of this in his novel “Windswept House”. I knew exactly what he meant. Actually, being attacked is living proof we’re on the right “side”. You hang in there Alma, and so will I.

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  10. It has been clear to me that the Catholic Church was successfully infiltrated with the election of John XXIII in 1958, and it’s only been downhill from there. People, whether they’re Catholic or not, need to study the history of the Second Vatican Council and the “Conciliar” Church; It is the biggest criminal fraud in all human history!
    That being said, FRANKENPOPE is a fraud and a thug, and my understanding is that Amoris Latitiae is an anti-Catholic and anti-Christ document. I don’t know what can be done to unseat this “Pope,” whom, according to Ann Barnhardt, is no Pope at all, given Benedict’s null and void “partial” resignation four years ago.
    What can be done at this point? Assuming the cardinals actually assembled and deposed him, what would that do to the Faithful? Would Frankenpope actually respect or honor such a decision? I DOUBT IT.
    Perhaps Trump could do something to disrupt the Soros connection(s) to Francis? But again, even if Trump were able to do so, that, in and of itself would not get Francis off the Throne of Peter.
    The CIA would not remove Frankenpope.
    Benedict will not rescind his resignation.
    But perhaps even more important than anything anyone else can do, it appears to me that a large enough portion of the Faithful WILL NOT BE RED-PILLED about this Pope. I have spoken to a few people about Frankenpope, and they think he’s the cat’s pajamas and that I’m a hater.
    Let’s face it: Frankenpope’s followers are just as mentally twisted as Hillary Clinton’s supporters. I agree with Ann Barnhardt that at this point, no natural solution is possible.
    Maybe Fr. Minutella can “jump the shark” here and go on the full-frontal offense, using social media and form a resistance movement: A man can only be excommunicated ONCE. (What did the Board of Education do to me—fire me twice?!) But Fr. Minutella had better be prepared to meet God: From what I have read, Frankenpope is a murderer with blood on his hands.

    It seems to me the World is enduring its condign punishment in the person of Bergoglio in power.

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    • Steve you are a smart man and you probably like to read much. The CC has been in the hands of occultist for over 500 years. Michael Hoffman has a well referenced book on this topic you might be interested in reading.


      • I read Hoffman’s blog from time to time. He’s an invaluable resource of great historical intel. Yes, the Occultists DID infiltrate the Church back then, but they did not gain TOTAL CONTROL of either the Vatican bureaucratic apparatus or score the coup that Illuminati Freemasonry did in 1958: The Second Vatican Council succeeded in destroying the Liturgy and, hence, the faith and morals of many Catholics.
        I won’t deny the evil of those Occultists, but they did not cause the loss of some one to two billion souls, as V-2 most likely has, I believe. (And let me be clear: I consider my own soul to be in jeopardy).


        • Would you be willing to cut and paste your response and put it on Hoffman’s blog for all our edification? Without going into minute details, why do you think your soul is in jeopardy?Thanks.


  11. …and things like THIS are what I LOVE about “Organized Religion”. (sarc)


    • It’s DIS-organized religion that I’m against!
      G.K. Chesterton once observed that there are only TWO ways for the mind to go: “In a dogma, or in a prejudice.” I agree with him: The problem is BINARY: Either one knows which way to go, or he doesn’t.
      The “problem” with the Catholic Church, dogmatically, is not that she’s dishevelled—far from it. The “problem” is that She is as LOGICAL AS HELL.


  12. “Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope, do you think he’s a fool? ”

    The Pope is a globalist scum bag, simple as that.

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    • Frankenpope is a dope on the ropes! On overthrowing God’s Church he has high hopes! He will be defeated after the World has taken its well-deserved beating; His malignant rule shall have the Faithful all bleating. The False Prophet is he warming the bench, for the Anti-Christ and his world of death and stench! God is not asleep at the switch; He is doing the rope-a-dope with the Mao of the Church. And clean out the filth He will—better call Snopes!

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  13. Look at the procession of characters who have had audiences with the Pope and profess to be great Catholics, and many choose to self-excommunicate from the current leadership in Rome.
    As was already commented, things began going “awry” in the Vatican decades ago.
    God has a plan for each of us, but so does Satan, and it’s our choice which plan to follow.
    The Lord will be my ultimate judge, not a mortal.

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  15. Double excommunication = double secret probation.

    Minutella shouldn’t fret if he is excommunicated. Being a Catholic doesn’t necessarily mean that a person’s also a Christian, and I was raised Catholic. It hit me as a teen when I wondered why the Catholic church doesn’t cover the Book of Revelation at all.


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  20. I myself must admit that I am not catholic. If I had to label myself, I would probably call myself an evangelical fundamentalist. I know, that doesn’t say much, but to me it says a lot. It says that I believe that the mission of the church today is to spread the Gospel of the Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, as told in the Bible. The fundamentalist part means that I believe that the Word of God is the Bible, inerrant in it’s original form, complete, unchangeable, and able to be understood by the common everyday person. I also believe that we have only one intercessor, the Lord Jesus Christ, and that we approach God as individuals, not through any other person. I believe that at the moment we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our sins are forgiven, past, present , and future, and our names are written into the lambs book of life, and at that time our eternal lives begin, and therefore, we can no longer lose our salvation, since our sins have all been forgiven, payment having been made by the power of the blood of Christ. I believe that the Jews are Gods original chosen people and in the end times He will have a special course and place set for them, and it would be wise for all nations to attempt to befriend them. Throughout history, Israel has seemed to prosper through the grace of the Lord Jehovah. This will continue through end times. There is so much in the Bible that it is a rich study for all, and every time I look at it, I learn some new nugget that I missed the last time I looked at the same exact passage. Sometimes I also am shown where I was wrong. It is there that I learn perhaps the most, and the most grateful to others when they show me in love when I am mistaken. So please, if ever I speak something and am wrong, quickly correct me. I am thick of skin, having learned that in order to learn I have to be. I would much rather be corrected by someone who is trying to open my eyes, than allowed to continue on in ignorance, by someone who doesn’t care enough to change my mistaken ways. Be blessed my friends.


  21. “Man can err but Holy Catholic Church can never err for she is being led by the Holy Spirit” – St. Augustine

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