A little good news for a change

Modern Good Samaritan Story

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” – Hebrews 13:2


9 responses to “A little good news for a change

  1. So true. I remember an incident many years ago when I should have stopped to help someone but I thought I was “too busy.” Talk about sins of omission, man did I make one that day. Now I try to help whenever and however I can, although because of circumstances beyond my control, I am physically unable to do a whole lot. May the Lord have mercy.

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  2. We should publicly recognize the Manager of the Discount Tire Store for his part in this,too. Few tire shop managers would be so generous. This sure restores my faith in humanity,recently a little threadbare.

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  3. God bless David and the tire store manager!

    That being said, there are also accounts of bad people tricking good Samaritans, so we must exercise caution. The standard advice from police is to call 911 for help, instead of PERSONALLY helping a stranded motorist. We just never know if the stranded motorist is authentic.

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  4. Nice story with a happy ending.

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  5. A world ruled by such people would never have war or poverty.

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  6. Actually,thinking back on my experience in the Automotive and Tire business,MOST Managers WOULD do good things like this,except for the likelihood of getting their asses handed to them by the owners. “Dammit-We’re in this business to MAKE money,NOT to GIVE it away….” The really GOOD Managers would grit their teeth and do it ANYWAY,and pay for it out of their OWN pay,because that’s just how they roll..

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  7. Acts of kindness are always good to read about. This family’s situation is a stark reminder of how millions of people are still struggling to survive in America. God bless them all.

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  8. I suspect that most of us have stories like this, if we thing a little. I have gotten burned a couple of times, but only to the cost of a tank of gas or somesuch thing. I have been rewarded on many others, with a huge thank you or the feeling in my soul that I had done the right thing. I gave a young couple in the hospital 50$ once, who were in trouble for having one child who injured another, smaller child. They tried to refuse the money but I persisted, and the mother was ever so grateful. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut feeling, even if you might become hurt. This is not recommended for women, necessarily. And not in all circumstances. Only in areas with lots of people and lots of lights, etc.But we are called to take care of each other, when we can.


  9. I remember several years ago being in Maryland. I was staying in this hotel and had gone to dinner during “happy hour”. There was quite a crowd playing pool. Somebody hollered that a guy was trying to steal someone’s car in the parking lot.

    Some guys went out there and brought this black guy into the bar, obviously scared. He had managed to roll the car backward but couldn’t get it started. He had no money and said that he just needed a ride home.

    Long story short, someone suggested that they call the cops. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. Another guy passed the hat and managed to get enough together for cab fare. We sent him on his way home.

    I called it “thief relief”. It is an example of all the possibilities there are when people do things for themselves instead of relying on “authorities”.


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