News Magazine that sold for one dollar compares Trump to Manson

Newsweek Sells For $1 To Stereo Equipment Mogul Sidney Harman


Says president forms similar ‘bond with followers’ who feel ‘marginalized or alienated’

The leftist magazine Newsweek took its anti-Trump hysteria to a whole new level, comparing the president to deranged serial killer Charles Manson and citing a psychoanalyst who claims the two have employed similar language to rally their followers…

The article at is well worth your time to read in full at

But for now, let’s just cut to some responses Newsweek received when they posted their smear on Twitter:

…Newsweek also tweeted its Manson-Trump story Monday, and the magazine was flooded with condemnation.
Some comments included:

  • “Is Newsweek published by the DNC now? I’ll look back on this nonsense when POTUS Trump is reelected in 2020.” – Elder Lansing
  • “Newsweek isn’t even a good birdcage liner!” – Mikie Kazan
  • “Delete your account, seek professional help & reconsider your life choices.” – Rita Panahi
  • “This is what desperation from the left looks like …” – Samantha S Jones
  • “Keep it up and you won’t exist at all anymore.” – Jeremy
  • “Unbelievable, but you want the public to trust you. Smell what you’re shoveling.” – SM Macias
  • “Excuse me! What an insult to President Trump and his supporters! You should be ashamed of yourselves, but I don’t think ashamed is in your vocabulary!” – Wanda Miller
  • “The National Enquirer is embarrassed by your low ‘journalistic’ standards @Newsweek.” – Junkyard Dogs
  • “Newsweek is no longer journalism. It is sensationalist propaganda.” – One Voice for MAGA
  • “Seems to me Obama is more like Charlie than Trump. Obama was a smooth talker who spoke a bunch of cr-p and the media and the sheepeople ate it up without questioning it, just like Charlie did with his followers. Charlie wanted a race war and Obama set race relations back 40 years.” – H. C. C.
  • “Careful, your partisan liberal undies are showing.” – Brian J. Naslund
  • “CNN: We’re going to publish the biggest sh!t stories of the decade. Newsweek: Hold my gender binary drink and watch this.” – Sarcastic Conservative

rofl donald duck

9 responses to “News Magazine that sold for one dollar compares Trump to Manson

  1. Apparently they’re taking a lesson from Target-Do the wrong thing,watch your business fail,then try to fix it by doubling down on your wrongness. GOOD play….

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  2. Newsweek coordinated with the New York Times. Yesterday, NYT published an op/ed by an obscure academic, asserting that Charles Manson was not really a product of the liberal counter-culture of the 1960s, but rather “a harbinger” of white supremacists and “the lunatic fringe of the alt-right.”

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    • Wow! The environmentalists would do well to focus their efforts on putting these giant paper wasters out of business. Think of how many trees could be saved.

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  3. So ignorant.

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  4. They don’t get it – the newspaper industry is over, nobody buys newspapers because the internet is F R E E. Got it?

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  5. Why do I want to laugh out loud? The only “scary” part is that there are people out there stupid enough to buy this nonsense. Somebody needs to run an article comparing Hillary Clinton to Jeffrey Dahmer.

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  6. I’ve always said, and I think this proves it, that even if they lost ALL of their advertisers they would continue to spew because they are the designated organ of the New World Odor.

    If they held an election, and everyone was so disgusted that nobody voted, they would go on as usual and invent the whole election. They obviously do not care what anybody thinks. They are trying to cleave a section of the population away to make it easier to control the rest.

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