Neo-con Bill Kristol’s mask comes off; admits he’s socialist & liberal

There is a fumigation — a disinfection of America — going on.

Can you feel it?:

  • Every day, creeps like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Charlie Rose are being outed and banished from Hollywood and the MSM.
  • Human traffickers and pedophiles are being arrested at a number that dwarfs the years of Obama.
  • Enraged by the election of Donald John Trump to the presidency, the Left are apoplectic and are abandoning all pretenses. Many have stripped off their masks, revealing their true faces, like “comedienne” Kathy Griffin when she held a mock-up of President Trump’s decapitated head.

It’s like our opponents have taken the truth serum: they just can’t help outing themselves.

The latest to out himself is the neo, i.e., faux conservative Bill Kristol, founder and editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard — the never Trumper who:

Yesterday, Kristol finally stripped off his mask, admitting that he’s a socialist and a liberal. He tweeted:

Kristol’s fellow liberals certainly recognize one of their own and greeted his tweet with elation. Some examples:

Bongmaster: “Embrace it Bill. Embrace humanity.”

NYC118: “Come into the light!”

Michael Rowland: “I didn’t agree with you about basically anything until 2016. Now I follow your stuff constantly.”

The Man in Black: “Welcome to the world of all Democrats that have started following you on Twitter since Orange Caligula became the GOP nominee.”

But the choicest reactions to Kristol’s self-unmasking are from the Deplorables:

Pol0tix: “You are becoming the jackass we always suspected you really were!”

Tj Kansler: “You’ve lost your mind and your moral compass.”

American Real News: “Kristol is a prototypical RINO. They believe in nothing so they fall for everything.”

Mamie Love: “The entire right has rejected you, an inauthentic neocon, so you now have to play to the left to keep your taxpayer-funded country club lifestyle intact.”

Noni: “What’s happening is that Trump’s election is exposing all your Globalist freaks who were pretending to be Conservatives; this election has brought out the inner Loon of you & your NeverTrumper buddies.”

Tim Parton: “You’ve never been for the people, traitor.”

My favorite:


22 responses to “Neo-con Bill Kristol’s mask comes off; admits he’s socialist & liberal

  1. He hasn’t changed at ALL-Trump had NOTHING to do with his sudden adoption of what he’s always been. He’s just like Hillary,the way he blames Trump instead of himself.

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  2. Lol. I saw that too, and said something like we recognized his conflict a long time ago. Once a never Trumper, now a confirmed hypocritical RINO.

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  3. Why are those promoting socialism for the masses always richer than the majority of the population? Rhetorical question, of course.

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  4. Not surprised at all.

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  5. Kristol’s permanent crooked shit-eating grin always made my flesh crawl. I never could stand him, he is no true conservative, and he thinks that America is a province of Israel.
    Go Away, Kristol!

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    His revelation only tells you what evil people we are dealing with. They have no soul.


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  7. If I might repeat EXACTLY what patriot stevenbroiles wrote above, but please multiply it by 10 – the disgust I have for that two-faced, Moron.. I go on TV break everytime the camera switches to that forked-tongue pale-face..

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  8. Of course. First they try to convince you that there are two ideologies in direct opposition to each other. Of course that isn’t true and is a vast over-simplification, but in order to play one off the other requires “two”.

    Then they must sell you on the ideal that each is a “full-meal deal”, no deviations allowed. This is especially useful since “both” lead to the same conclusion.

    There is only one choice in life that is either/or. That is whether to accept The Lord or not. Everything else is much more nuanced than that. I already have my own ideology and it doesn’t depend on anyone else’s approval.

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  9. His inner confession has made it ‘Kristol Clear’ who he really is.

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  10. By the way, Bill’s father, Irving Kristol was a Trotskyite…that’s a Marxist folks, Trotsky just moved a bit slower than Stalin and Lenin, he wanted people to accept Marxism, but he still murdered 3 million Russians. Ahem. And Irving stated, “I regard myself as lucky to have been a young Trotskyite and I have not a single bitter memory.”
    He and Bill Buckley, CFR, CIA, Skull and Bonesman, joined together to destroy the Old Right Constitutional Conservatives like Barry Goldwater who ran against Lyndon Johnson in 1964. So, it’s pretty clear that Bill Kristol is a product of his father’s upbringing…another socialist. Spot on Dr. E.

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    • Yes, that’s rather what I’m driving at, above. Being a “purest” is for their followers. They really don’t care one whit about the words that gush from their mouths. One road leads to the rich having everything and the rest being enslaved. The other road leads………I’m repeating myself.

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    • On the money, but Kristol is not unique. In the book, “Under the sign of the Scorpion” it details the Russian Revolution and the subsequent Communist regimes and the Jewish nature thereof. The fact is, the rabid Trotskyites were in fact Zionists. There is a quote from Trotsky that goes along these lines….With the triumph of communism will come the triumph of Zionism. Judaism unmasked. Communism and Zionism are two different names for the same thing. It is Jewish supremacism.

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      • Absolutely, no argument here. In Russia you could be a communist or a Zionist. Same thing. Just like the phrase “Russian Mafia”. How about “Jewish Mafia”, that’s a lot more accurate.

        These “revolutions” are all engineered. The same folks brought us the “French Revolution”, Oliver Cromwell, and various “reference Bibles and sects”. They’re nothing if not busy.


  11. Like George Michael announcing he was gay– nobody was surprised.

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  12. He won’t be able to wear the conservative mask anymore. He is permanently outed.

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  13. The liberal closet that they are coming out of is made of glass.

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  14. Wow, his three personalities are out in the open, liberal, socialist, progressive -son of a bitch, bastard, and a m.f.

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  15. Please you are a Neocon JU ..and you always will be. You are just feeling the pangs of your inner (((Bolshevik COMMUNIST))) another Zionist trait. NO difference ..same demented demonic Cabal so do t be alarmed.

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  16. Sadly, 3/4 of the gop appear to be rinos like kristol.


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