John McCain’s wandering orthopedic boot

Remember this pic of Sen. John McCain on November 6, 2017, wearing an orthopedic or walking boot on his right foot?

We are told he needed the boot because of a “minor tear” in his right Achilles’ tendon.

Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton also has an orthopedic boot on her right foot, ostensibly because she had broken her right foot’s big toe when she “ran downstairs in heels and fell backward”.

That gave rise to speculations on the Alternative Media that McCain’s and Hillary’s boots are not for their respective torn Achilles’ tendon and broken big toe. They have those walking boots on to conceal their ankle monitors. See “Are Hillary’s and John McCain’s orthopedic boots actually ankle bracelets?

This morning, McCain tweeted a pic of himself and his wife, Cindy, which lends credence to that conspiracy theory.

His orthopedic boot in now on his left foot! LOL

Here are side-by-side pics of McCain’s wandering boot:

By the way, the above right picture is not “mirrored” or flipped because it correctly shows the buttons on the right side of McCain’s jacket, consistent with men’s jackets.

Nor is the picture of McCain and his wife “mirrored” or flipped because it shows Cindy’s wedding ring on her left hand (as it should), and the buttons on the right side of McCain’s shirt.

Conclusion: Between November 6 and November 22, John McCain switched his walking boot from his right foot to his left foot.

That’s the problem with lying — you have to remember and keep straight your lies.

H/t GHDW of Voat

See also:

UPDATE (Nov. 24, 2017):

John McCain says he switched the boot to his left leg “to give it a break”. He must really think us to be stupid.


32 responses to “John McCain’s wandering orthopedic boot

  1. This anti-American globalist scum bag needs to die already…

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  2. Interesting. He lies about EVERYTHING! John POS McCain. May they find him dead in a whore house in a leper colony.

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  3. Something too weird here. Realistically, we are to pray for him because he’s an enemy of freedom, and I have prayed that he’ll come to faith before he dies, but I don’t like the guy, I believe he’s evil and rotten to the core. Nevertheless, I would hope before he dies, he asks the King of Glory into his heart and means it.

    These deceptive politicians all need to go…

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  4. whatever happened to the “deadly” brain cancer?
    he lies about everything….

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  5. He is on borrowed time anyway. My beloved uncle died of the same diagnosis year ago, (after having gone through the same operation) after only 3 months of treating it. He was about the same age as Mcain is now, maybe a little older, but had never had a sick day in his life…and had never suffered the health insults of being held a war prisoner that McCain experienced. McCain has already run the clock out. His time left is “bonus” time. I wish him well in his remaining life with his family, but I can not take any of his decisions as a legislator in our national government as decisons made without “stress.” His STRESS might be personal, or outside of the venue of his job as legislator, but I believe that it is still a stress (particiularly in his “thumbs down” vote on the HEALTH CARE vote …..DAH!) that colors his perception and vote. He should have never come back to the Senate in this condition. He should have resigned and allowed a healthy, young, Republican replacement……

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  6. “He lies about EVERYTHING!”
    What IS he-a male Hillary,or just another Harry Reid?

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  7. Who’s gonna be in charge of everything once the sexual assault victims and posers get all these men fired or force them to quit their occupations? Has ANYONE ELSE had just about e-freakin’-NOUGH of this hysteria?


  8. Are the boots made for right/left or are they one side fits both?

    In any case, he should have put a big fat “R” on the inside to remind him.

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    • Good question, DCG. It looks to me the boots are made specifically for right or left foot. Old people’s skin gets thin and easily bruised. My guess is the ankle monitor was chafing old man McCain’s skin, so law enforcement moved the monitor to his other foot, which necessitated a left walking boot to conceal the monitor.
      ankle monitor

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  9. My Gawd, it’s METASTASIZED! Soon that tumor will engulf his posterior and shut down all thought. That alone will ensure his “reelection”.

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  10. Frankenstein: “Wasn’t that hump on the other side?”
    Igor: “What hump?”
    (“Young Frankenstein” with Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman)

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  11. He’s been so quiet lately I thought he had kicked the bucket and I missed the parade.

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    • Oh no, I’m sure they have a spectacle planned for this old reprobate. I think he should be buried in a motorcycle crate in the dessert. I recommend not taking your wallet to the funeral.

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  12. Well, the old fart does have a brain tumor.

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  13. Not a great photo, but he looks evil. She looks fairly normal so it can’t just be the picture.

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  14. HA!-HA!!
    Really great work, DR. EOWYN!

    My immediate thought was that perhaps one of the photos had been printed backwards but you smartly addressed THAT immediately.

    I don’t even know WHAT to think now, but it sure does amuse me. (I have a very wicked sense of humor. It’ll protly keep me outta Heaven. :^)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  16. McCain has neither a soul or a heart. Point being his behavior of his injured wife and his abandonment of her and his behavior after his hot headed actions and impatience while in his jet while on board a carrier and causing a fire resulting in the deaths of over 130 fellow sailors. He jumped out of his jet and ran inside and watched, totally ignoring the fact he should help those injured or fighting the fire.
    He deserves what he gets and I will not shed one tear.
    His actions on the floor and yelling about our lack of military and faulty equipment while he had the capability of halting the abuse of our military. He gave Obama everything he wanted. He voted against the people and the good of the country for the sole purpose of getting at Trump. To hell with what is good for us.
    For that he can blow off into the dust. He is not worthy of more second of my time, it is wasted energy.

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  17. Does anyone think the placement of the boot is a signal as to which party he will support in upcoming legislation?


    • We already know which party RINO traitorous McCain supports! Afterall, his masters are the Saudis, Rothschilds and Soros.

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      • John McCain claims the orthopedic boot was prescribed for a minor tear of the RIGHT Achilles tendon. But in another photo, the rogue Senator is wearing the boot on the LEFT foot. Some suspect that he (and Hillary) are hiding ankle bracelets. I’m not convinced.

        Considering the small size it becomes obvious that long pants could afford more comfortable concealment of an ankle device. The stark appearance of the boot actually draws attention to something that could be more easily concealed with normal attire – and without inventing a medical excuse.

        I suspect the BOOT, itself provides the function of an ankle bracelet with antenna, electronics and generous battery supply located inside the boot.
        Why? Because an ankle bracelet is a radio frequency device. Why would anyone recommend that a boot be installed over the device to block the RF signal?

        A modified ortho boot would serve as a universal visual cue to alert transportation personnel that this “person” may be under court-ordered, restricted movement and should not be allowed to board an international flight. It also prevents the suspect from “running” or driving a car.

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  18. Many great comments. The boot should be over McCain’s head.

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  19. Considering the small size, I wonder why normal long pants would not afford visual concealment of an ankle device. After all, Hillary wears pants all the time. I suspect there’s more to the “boot” than simply hiding something that could be concealed with less disabling hardware. In fact, the addition of the boot is more likely a universal security signal to alert personnel that this person is under house arrest and should no be allowed to board an aircraft. It also prevents the suspect from “running or driving a car.

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  20. Haha- love this!!

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  21. What comes to mind is an old song by Nancy Sinatra “these boots are made for walking” hahaha.

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  22. These boots are made for TREASON

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  23. Ha, ha, “Boots, Wet-Start McCain”. Killed 134 sailors on the USS Forrestal with his stupid antics. Inujured 160+ more. Almost sank the ship. Then he gets captured and sings like a canary. What a guy!

    Since when is a tear to an Achilles tendon “transferrable”?

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  24. Great article! Thanks for the laugh. Hopefully it will not be long before these two are in prison where they belong.

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