About those Marine Ospreys at CIA November 18th

In a search for credible information I came across this piece by April LaJune.

It feels like a media blackout, with trusted sources no longer feeling reliable. So I don’t know if this woman is giving us straight information, but she sounds plausible.

Ospreys over Langley!

Readers, it’s up to you to decide for yourselves.

14 responses to “About those Marine Ospreys at CIA November 18th

  1. That LaJune Information is Stunning & Awesome. All I can say is WOW..!! Make that WOW-X4..!! This “Take-Down” of the Evil by “The Rightious” is long over-due. Please have April LaJune on more often..!! Listen to Her Every Word..!! Listen twice to hear Every Word…!!!

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  2. Hal Turner’s version, you decide:


    According to persons who reside near Langley, a large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquarters in tilt-rotor aircraft and when the Marines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly into CIA Headquarters! (I did not personally witness this and am relying solely on what witnesses are telling me)

    Those witnesses also say that a significant number of tilt-rotor aircraft could be clearly seen circling the grounds of CIA Headquarters, parked on the grass around the building.

    . . .
    And it is this component that I followed-up on: Did nearby residents in McLean suddenly notice a large number of loud helicopters overhead, moving toward or from the area of the CIA. The repeated answer to that question has been “Yes.”

    Many (very many) residents of McLean, VA have confirmed they found themselves hearing large numbers of loud aircraft overhead on Saturday, and that the sounds lasted more then 30 minutes!

    As far as a definitive statement from any of my former colleagues . . . . NONE of them would reveal any details about whatever is going on down there. But they did confirm to me today “something is going on.”

    UPDATE 2:23 PM EST — MONDAY, NOV. 20

    I have now spoken to almost ALL of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community and here’s what took place:

    Yes, a group of military aircraft approached and circled the CIA Headquarters in Virginia for upwards of 30 minutes on Saturday. They did NOT land and did NOT enter CIA HQ forcibly – or otherwise.

    There is apparently an ongoing and gigantic problem between the Military and the CIA insofar as the Military is engaged in implementing President Trump’s policies, while elements within the CIA are still INTENTIONALLY carrying out the failed policies of the Obama regime.

    Specifically, these failed Obama-era policies include supplying weapons and logistical support to so-called “freedom fighters” inside Syria , many of whom are actually Al-Nusra, Al-Qaida and ISIS terrorists.

    The support being provided by elements in the CIA is being used against certain units of the US Military who are also inside Syria.

    The Military has repeatedly and strenuously told the CIA the old Obama policies must stop. The CIA failed to stop.

    So someone in the Pentagon/Military . . . . no one will say who . . . made a direct show of force to the CIA on Saturday. It was, for lack of a better description, the sending of a message from the military to the CIA: knock it off.

    It was done over a weekend apparently because most of the bigshots in the Pentagon are at home, and by the time they heard something was going on, it was pretty much over . . . . the aircraft returned to wherever they came from.

    This is utterly unprecedented. To have one agency of the US Government make a show of force to another entity of that same government is unheard of. It smacks of a sort of internal civil war heating up inside our own government!

    Apparently, things are quickly “coming to a head” between competing policies and the military is tired of its people being injured or killed by the unintended consequences of the old policies and the CIA’ stubborn refusal to stop backing the so-called “Freedom Fighters” in Syria.

    No one will tell me who gave the order to “buzz” CIA HQ. No one will tell me who inside CIA is causing the trouble. But there is trouble . . . and given the activities over the weekend, one can only hope this thing goes away very quickly and quietly.

    In the meantime, as far as the public is concerned: “Nothing took place. Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about.”


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    • This seems amazingly consistent with my “guess”. It is NOT uncommon for CIA and/or FBI to conduct drills and operations with the Marines. Who do you suppose inhabits those embassies, guarded by Marines, the world over?

      I actually feel for anyone that is made to travel in an Osprey. They are unreliable and crash a lot. Anyway, as to the motives, my guess stands. It’s either that or it was a planned event.

      That’s the trouble with illegitimate government, everybody wants a change so badly they see “hope” everywhere.

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      • I’m so sorry to hear that about the Ospreys. My imminently-marriageable niece is dating an Osprey-piloting Marine. He seems like such a nice “young” (not that young) man. Fingers crossed, I guess.

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        • Many moons ago, when I worked for the Government, I used to have to go to various bases, usually for training. I would stay at the BOQ on those trips and got to talk with a lot of pilots.

          The two planes that nobody wanted to fly were the “Harriers” (another “VSTAL” aircraft) and the Osprey. They have a LOT of problems with them. The Osprey was another boondoggle that wouldn’t die. It has so many problems that it is all but unusable, just like their new “Joint Strike Fighter”. It’s an expensive piece of junk.

          I’m sorry to hear about your niece’s friend. I too have a friend who is a retired Marine colonel with a son that flies these. It’s a shame how these defense contractors milk the taxpayer and produce junk.

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      • That’s the main purpose of those embassies: to provide diplomatic cover for the cowards from Langley!


  3. There is Patuxent River NAS in the area as well as Quantico. I know that Pax River has many Ospreys. I suspect that the Obongo faction (or whatever we’re calling the New World Odor these days) is in control of CIA. In terms of the DoD I’m not sure if Trump is running that or vice versa.

    In any event, none of the current government is functioning properly. No protocols are being followed and legal precedents are being ignored. So we continue to have a lawless government, its just a different form of lawlessness.

    The Obongo Group (which consists of the DNC, David Brock, Podestas, et al, ), are all guilty of sedition and should be under arrest. No one is following their proper chain of command and all and sundry are simply responding to whoever owns them.

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  4. I don’t see what Okinawa has to do with Langley. That’s more than a mile or two distant.

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  5. This Operation is Truth mixed with lie’s, to enable a spin of what they want you to hear from them as gospel, so no matter how deep you dig, you will still question the validity of what it is, that you are trying to find out! I think you have the gist of it by now! Meaning it’s True with lie’s mixed in it!


  6. Shoot the damned thing down!


  7. Let’s hope that there is in fact internal turmoil at the CIA. One day, the American people will follow the example of the heroic East Germans, and overrun the vile rat’s nest of Langley!


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