Cosmopolitan magazine promotes incest

There is a decided push underway to legitimate, if not legalize, incest — all in the name of “love”. See:

Never mind that incest is a long-standing cross-cultural taboo, the purpose of which is to prevent genetic defects. See:

That filthy piece of trash, Cosmopolitan magazine, is now promoting incest in the guise of an article by Asher Fogle about a brother and sister in Great Lakes heroically “defying laws and societal taboos” by “falling in love” with and screwing each other.

Note: Asher Fogle is the features editor of Good Housekeeping. According to, Fogle is a variation of Fogel, which identifies as an Ashkenazi Jewish surname.

The woman, Melissa (not her real name), already had a live-in “much-older lover” when she was only 14, because her mother “had no boundaries” and spoiled Melissa “rotten,” allowing the girl to “do anything”. Melissa’s father had committed suicide.

When Melissa was 40, a man named Chris (not his real name either) contacted her on Facebook, claiming that they have the same biological father — a man with whom Melissa’s “no boundaries” mom had an affair that resulted in Melissa. The man had several children in his first marriage, one of whom is Chris, and another son named Brian (also not his real name), 45.

Looking at Brian’s pics on Facebook, “no boundaries” Melissa had sexual feelings about him. She says:

“It was love at first sight, absolutely the craziest thing I have ever experienced. The sexual force was like I was levitating off the earth. Your body instantly craves the other person.”

Long story short, Brian and Melissa met and, after a quick drink at a bar, tore their clothes off and fornicated in his car.

The Cosmopolitan article then went into an extensive propaganda about “genetic sexual attraction” — a supposed phenomenon that occurs when two family members, who were separated early in life, eventually meet and experience an intense sexual attraction to each other.

All states in the U.S. have laws prohibiting marriage and/or sexual intercourse between first-degree relatives. In Melissa’s and Brian’s state, it’s a felony that’s punishable by life in prison. But the half-siblings plan to live together and marry, made possible by a legal loophole: Melissa’s childhood father is listed on her birth certificate, not her and Brian’s common biological father.

Brian says there’s “nothing wrong” because “This just feels like love, perfect love” — as if that makes incest okay. Pedophiles and bestialists also claim to “love” their victims.

See also:



21 responses to “Cosmopolitan magazine promotes incest

  1. What a sin! Shut that publication down, the pages are not worth saving for compost.

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  2. Sick, sick, SICK!!

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  3. And after Cosmo’s illustrated “28 Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Positions” article and the Teen Vogue ones about anal sex, too… it’ll be about doing bestiality properly or how to reliably score and freak-up young teenage boys without getting arrested next.

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  4. From her background, one can see how she’s devolved into what she is. So sorry to hear she’s a Good Housekeeping personage as well…I would bet the fact that her father committed suicide played heavily into how her mother brought her up. Unfortunately, this woman is very lost, and I’d suggest we all say a prayer for her that the scales drop from her eyes and she sees what she’s promoting and that she’s another sinner … one who Jesus paid the price for if only she would come to Him.

    Stories like this immediately anger me that this is spread to America’s young people, and then it makes me sad that our culture has come to this when we used to be so strong.

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    • Beautiful reply, obviously because you have a beautiful heart.

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    • “I would bet the fact that her father committed suicide played heavily into how her mother brought her up. ”
      And I’d bet that the girl’s Mother “letting her do whatever she wanted” was largely responsible for her Father’s suicide. In this case,I suspect the suicide was what the Father felt to be the only option left when the family’s structure went so horribly,irreversibly awry. Guilt probably played a large part in it too,as it wouldn’t surprise me to hear the daughter had seduced her own Dad somewhere along the way.

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  5. But seriously, who could have predicted this?

    I mean, aside from the thousands who have been saying for decades that normalizing same-sex relations would lead to this.

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  6. They’ve been pushing all the limits for a long time. When the homosexual agenda was accepted, they knew they could push the rest of their agenda through. The door has been opened to this flood of filth.

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  7. Years ago there was a story in the Baltimore Sun about the life of a crack child, and the reporter won a Pultizer for it. It turned out the story was fake. This sounds like another one of those stories. Because it’s not about a woman who just happened to fall in love with someone who JUST HAPPENED to be her biological brother, No: THIS IS ABOUT LEGITIMIZING ISLAM AND DESTROYING WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

    People have been fornicating throughout all of history. And within that set, there have always been a certain number of deviants who engaged in acts outside the norm. But up until the Sexual Revolution, that number of deviants was always relatively small—say, from one to four percent. But this article was not designed to tell the truth about two persons, No: This article is about DEFINING DEVIANCY DOWN.

    This is not about denigrating people who are Muslims. I’ve met many of them in the cab industry and in the streets and Subways of New York. I’ve never known one to be a terrorist. But within Islam, it is a very widespread practice to marry one’s first cousin: These marriages happen all the time in that Culture on a regular basis, and they see nothing wrong with it. (In some States in America today, one can still marry his first cousin).
    We have seen the subtleties of inbreeding when one marries within the third degree of kindred: It has been credibly speculated that the British Royal Family is inbred!
    It has been reported that the Saudis whom we sell fighter jets to have great difficulty carrying on maneuvers at night, because their bad night vision is the result of inbreeding.

    But this is about more than just inbreeding: Phenomenologically, people know that sexual activity with one’s own flesh and blood, or a close relative, is wrong. They cannot explain why with the language and terminology of a college professor; Does that mean they lose their argument? Incest has been observed in the animal kingdom by primates, and even many of those chimps, monkeys, baboons and gorillas “know,” somehow, that it is wrong!

    But let a doctor in New York City announce that the Hasidic Community may be unwittingly practicing inbreeding because the number in that community is too small and the gene pool may be affected, and that doctor will be excoriated! Oh, the HOWLS of execration!

    This is about promoting Islam and deconstructing the Christian moral ethos. But I expect this from Cosmo, that “sophisticated” journal of misandry and witchcraft, whose founder, Helen Gurley Brown (how a propos) was intellectually rabid. (Yeah, she died at 91, too. Hopefully she kept the bench warm for Old Hef!)
    Many have complained that Christianity is supressive. And having grown up in a Traditional Catholic milieu, I can attest to that: Yes, it IS supressive: That is because Christianity “takes no prisoners,” as it were. Christianity supresses the disordered impulses, appetites and passions in a person and sublimates them to their correct phenomenological and Godly Order.
    It is not enough to merely ignore these stories: The other side is out to censor US. It is not enough to boycott Cosmo: This entire perverted worldview has to be demolished, before it demolishes US. I am grateful we actually have a President who has begun to do just that, and he is catching a lot of flack because he is over the target. GO TRUMP!

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  8. One wonders presently, if the propagandist (for that is what asher is, obviously) is any relation to the pedophile former-star of the subway commercials, jared fogle… and if there is any kind of family thing going on therein.

    Also note the subtext of normalization of pedophilia as well within the incest propaganda, a “much older lover” when she was “14”. Given what it propagandizes, one also wonders why “cosmo” isn’t declared a threat to national security and/or a terrorist organization, their offices raided, their business eradicated, and their board members & executives put on trial for corruption of minors, and perhaps tried for sedition as well. (If “we the people” are the actual government, and if “we the people” are of a moral character against the garbage being propagandized, then it stands that attempts to utilize propaganda to force a decay in the morality of “we the people” would constitute sedition, I think.)

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  9. “Little Johnny grew a foot this year, right in the middle of his forehead”. Over time they will grow too retarded to breed (or they’ll establish a royal family).
    How are they going to top this? Maybe a series on hot, steamy monkey sex?

    It’s always good to know that these organs of society are busy encouraging the finer aspects of human behavior. Isn’t it great to be unfettered by the collective wisdom of centuries? We don’t need that, we need Cosmopolitan.

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  10. So if they are promoting GSA that gives them no right to make fun of those “rednecks”who marry family members. Just saying…

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  11. Apparently sin is to be thought of as “boundaries” to be broken. It’s all so……DARING! Won’t they be surprised when they all start to resemble Prince Charles or Randy Andy? By the way. are there mirrors in Hell?

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  12. This is wrong on so many levels where do you start. I won’t I will pray for them for they need as much of it as we can put out there for them.


  13. 1920- What’s wrong with pornography ?
    1950 What’s wrong with sex outside of marriage ?
    1960- What’s wrong with Homosexuality ?
    1970- What’s wrong with abortion ?
    1980- Whats wrong with man boy love ?
    1990 Whats wrong with gay marriage ?
    2000 Whats wrong with “love” ?
    2010 What’s wrong with Polygamy ?
    2015 whats wrong with transgenders ?
    2016 Whats wrong with bestiality ?
    Future- Everything is Legal !
    The Insanity Intensifies

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