Amid new groping allegations and a past “encounter,” CA Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D) will not run for re-election

raul bocanegra

Demorats knew of Bocanegra’s behavior in 2009 and they supported him in the 2016 election. Guess demorats are only “disturbed” about his behaviors when more than one victim comes forward.

From Sacramento Bee: Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, a Los Angeles Democrat accused of groping a woman in 2009 when he was a legislative staff member, announced Monday that he will not seek re-election next year.

The announcement came just hours before the Los Angeles Times reported allegations involving Bocanegra and six other women. If the allegations are true, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said, he will move that Bocanegra be expelled from the Assembly.

“These allegations are extremely disturbing, especially since they come after Mr. Bocanegra had previously been investigated and disciplined* as a staff member and agreed to stop any harassing or abusive behavior,” Rendon, D-Paramount, said in a statement. “The decision to deny constituents the representation of their elected official can be a difficult one, but make no mistake: If the investigation affirms the allegations, I will move to immediately expel Mr. Bocanegra from the Assembly.”

*From Wikipedia: In 2009 Bocanegra worked as a staff member for then Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes. In October of 2017, Elise Flynn Gyore, who worked as a staffer for a state senator at the time, alleged that Bocanegra “put his hands into her blouse” outside of a bathroom at a night club in Sacramento. Flynn Gyore did not know Bocanegra at the time. The next day she reported the incident to the Senate sergeant who conducted an investigation which concluded that it was “more likely than not that Mr. Bocanegra engaged in [that] behavior that night”. In October 2017, Flynn Gyore made her allegation public, to which Bocanegra issued a public apology saying that he was “deeply regretful about putting someone in this position”, and that he wanted “to apologize most sincerely.”

In a message posted to Facebook, Bocanegra said he would immediately resign from his leadership position as majority whip and suspend his campaign for the San Fernando Valley seat.

“As you may know, news stories were reported a few weeks ago about a regrettable encounter when I was a legislative staffer in 2009. It was a moment that I truly regret, that I am very sorry for, and for which I have accepted responsibility for my actions,” Bocanegra wrote. “These news reports have since fueled persistent rumors and speculation, and I do not believe that this is in the best interest of my constituents to continue to serve next term.”

“I have sought counsel from community members and constituents,” he continued. “After much discussion and reflection, the most prudent decision to avoid another costly special election in Los Angeles and ensure our community is not left without any representation in the State Assembly would be for me to resign at the end of the legislative session. I will spend this time focusing my energy on serving my constituents.”

His decision comes more than three weeks after longtime Capitol staff member Elise Flynn Gyore spoke publicly, including to The Bee, about an after-hours event in 2009 in which Bocanegra, then a chief of staff, stalked her around a downtown Sacramento nightclub and grabbed her underneath her clothes.

The Assembly investigated Bocanegra at the time and ordered him to stay away from Gyore. She said she continues to deal with what she feels was an inadequate response by the Legislature.

In recent weeks, the Los Angeles Daily News and a handful of Bocanegra’s constituents have called on him to resign, including former Assemblywoman Patty Lopez, a fellow Democrat who defeated Bocanegra in a stunning upset in 2014 and then lost to him again last November.

After his announcement Monday, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens, demanded that Bocanegra resign immediately. “@AsmBocanegra you are not the victim, you are the perpetrator who’s victimized untold #’s of women & girls & brought shame to the people you purported to represent,” she wrote on Twitter. “Don’t wait till 2018. Leave now. #WeSaidEnough #MeToo #IBelieveYou”


11 responses to “Amid new groping allegations and a past “encounter,” CA Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D) will not run for re-election

  1. 1-It’s like when you get pulled over for speeding.
    2-It is a statistical certainty you’ve driven above the speed limit before.
    3-Speeding is the major contributing factor to accidents which cost everyonr money in increased insurance premiums and associated road and emergency services and traffoc delays, and more significantly cause injuries, and fatalities.
    4-You got caught.
    It’s cool until you get caught, right?

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  2. The fumigation going on is really quite amazing —

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  3. What a cop out! These perverts are such cowards they use their no-reelection as the easy way out when they know they are DONE in politics and everywhere, their dirty deeds will follow them for as long as they live. Serves them soooo right!

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    • When a woman doesn’t even have to prove ANYTHING-just the accusation is enough to end careers,destroy families,and kill hard-earned self esteem,I have to wonder how many totally innocent men will be destroyed for absolutely NO reason.

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      • I am deeply suspicious of this whole trend. It is likewise not a good idea to have these creatures demanding that certain people not be considered for offices. That’s what voting is for.

        I don’t know anything about “Ralph Blackmouth”, but I have been watching idiots like Pelosi claim that Franken and others are OK while Trump and any conservatives are bad. They don’t even acknowledge the hypocrisy.

        This is being used for an entirely different agenda. It is pushing the female supremacy movement and attempting to legitimize a new standard based on hearsay.

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  4. Democrats…

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  5. Things seem to be getting curiouser and curiouser…

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  6. Why haven’t any MEN called out WOMEN who were “inappropriate” towards them in business settings? I know many men won’t say anything,”thinking with the wrong head”,etc. but when a man’s response to the woman’s advances could jeopardize a good career,it’s every bit as serious as the same situation for a woman,excepting the chance of pregnancy. MEN-SPEAK UP!!!
    Years ago,I was approached by a woman in charge of Personnel Management for a Reno Casino while trying to get some work on a Day shift (so I could quit my Graveyard Security job),I assumed she saw me riding my Harley and was slumming,and wanted to run with a Biker for a couple of days. Although it was VERY appealing at the time,I was working two full time jobs and really didn’t have time to play. She even offered to put me in a job that STARTED at more money than both of my current jobs together paid. I said I’d call her,but after thinking it through,I didn’t want to be “owned” by her,didn’t want to be her “Toy” so I never called. I learned a couple of years later she had been fired for a bunch of policy violations and embezzlement,as it turns out the SAME things that got her fired from a similar job in Lost Wages several years before. GOOD wins out again.
    I’m sure this kind of thing works out fine for some men,but the OTHERS need to speak up! Believe it-this happens on BOTH sides of the fence,but who’s gonna believe a MAN was compromised by a FEMALE BOSS?

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