About The Q-anon Storm

The MSM, including DrudgeReport, is eerily silent while huge things are happening.

There are reports of assassination attempts on the President, of Saudi involvement in the las Vegas attack, of sealed indictments of powerful people, of unexpected people playing a pro-American role, of possible connections to a Rothschild, the possible exposure and toppling of the New World Order. And yet when we switch on the news, all we hear is crickets.

The following videos are an interesting presentation. There’s no way to know if the speculations being expressed will prove accurate, but they are food for thought.

Happy Thanksgiving,

14 responses to “About The Q-anon Storm

  1. Washington, D.C. is evil.

    I recall traveling down to Virginia about two years after Barack Obama was elected and just as we were approaching the Capital Beltway (495), it was like night and day compared to earlier road travel that way.

    Construction was everywhere, on the highway and off. One thing that was noticeable was the top of a building (mosque) that towered in gold over everything. There was the star and crescent of Islam or whatever they call it and immediately, I suspected that Obama played some role in this.

    As I traveled back and forth through the years after, each time, I recall how the Obamas despised Washington, D.C. but two, three years later, they would change their minds.

    As Americans living in cities across America were floundering to keep their heads above water, each time that I drove across (or through) 495, I got the feeling that Obama was building his own city of Sodom.

    I stand by my thoughts and believe it to be true.

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  2. Every morning, I hope that this is the day when President Trump tweets: “The Storm is upon us”. According to Q Anon, that is the code for unleashing the storm. Every day, my hope is dashed.

    All we can do is pray.

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    • Ditto

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    • We should keep in mind ALL the things we want/expect our President to “do something about”. I expect he’ll have a VERY full plate for the entire term,and probably much of the NEXT term as well. As hard as it is to be patient,I don’t think he’s taking on tasks at random-I think he has a plan,and everything he approaches is done at that time for a purpose.
      But what do I know-I’m just a dumb Biker.


  3. Of course all of this hinges on the basic belief that an “outsider” can acquire office and that there really are at least two agendas in conflict. First, I like “hope” as much as anyone. I like reality even more. As much as I would like to believe that Trump, or anyone else for that matter, is busy chumping the swamp critters and its all just a big bait and switch, I doubt that.

    I will happily eat my words if I’m proved wrong. In fact, I WANT to be wrong. But,I don’t believe anyone can be president, or even a congress creature, without approval from The Cabal.

    I certainly understand why people want to believe this to be true. For me its all sewn up. The rest is theater. We are the audience.

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  4. TDF, very true. Much is happening,but we are being fed an alternative diet. When it is that quiet, you know plenty is going on in the background. Las Vegas, I think it is a complete lie. So many people have spent thousands of hours doing some incredible work and they all agree, we are being lied to. Things are quiet while the stories are being fabricated.
    As for the President, I pray he is one step ahead, but he has left so many nefarious people in positions they shouldn’t be, is a great concern.
    I wonder if this is delaying progress? We need a clean slate and move forward.
    The silence is deafening.

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  6. How did the Honorable Judge Moore get this far along to the possible Senate Seat..?? I’ll tell ya, – The GOP-DNC didn’t expect the Folks of Alabama to so strongly endorse the Judge, – who has been under constant Liberal DNC & Republican GOP assault for several Years.. So in co-llusion with each other they generate hate-filled rumors & fabricate “un-provable allegations” while hoping the Good Folks of Alabama will believe the Media.. To make it all look legit, – and NOT a full-scale Democrat alone attack on just the conservative Judge, – why-they cunningly threw in their worst Democrat into the Mix.. Both GOP & DNC were hoping that rumors & allegations alone would drive the Good Judge Moore to withdraw or at best cause him to loose the vote to become a US Senator.. “The Plan” = Once the Good Judge was driven out of the running or having lost the Alabama Election, = the DNC’s sacrificial Senator from Minnesoda would be exonerated of all charges, keeping his Dem.Senate Seat, and his accuser dismissed or Paid Off.. = Well Folks, the GOP&DNC’s crooked scheme Blew Up in the DNC’s face when dozens & dozens more Women come forward with charges of Sexual Mis-conduct against several other Democrat Senators..!! The DND-GOP mis-calculated their scheme, – This diabolical scheme was only to be between Judge Moore & that Dem. jerk senator from Minn. = Now all of the GOP&DNC alledged sexual preditors are “Running for Cover.” Look for HUGE financial payoffs of “hush-moneys” to the sexual victims..
    Enjoy the READ, =The Game is On, = let’s see which dirty politician is the next to “Score..!!”

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  7. I read this earlier today…I have no idea if it’s true. But given all the other accounts of odd events, it is interesting.


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  8. Haven’t watched the vids but I am aware of most of the contents

    Unfortunately I believe that the idea of the elite psychopaths being brought to imminent justice is simply wishful thinking.

    We have an AG who testified before Congress that he doesn’t think a Special Counsel is warranted to investigate Hillary despite the overwhelming evidence yet does nothing to reign in the Special Counsel chasing its tail in a bogus politcal witch hunt.

    Then again NO-ONE thought Trump would defeat Hillary last election so there is something to be said for the power of prayer to move the Hand of God.

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