Santa is black and has a white husband

Nothing is sacred or off limits to the Left’s remake in their perverse self-image.

Now, it’s Santa Claus.

Brian Murphy reports for the Miami Herald, March 29, 2017, that Daniel Kibblesmith, a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, is the author of a supposedly “parody” picture book, Santa’s Husband, which depicts Santa Claus as a black homosexual married to a white guy who often fills in for Santa at the mall.

Kibblesmith said on Twitter that Santa’s husband is Jewish.

The book was published in October by Harper Design, just in time for Christmas.

According to the book’s page on Amazon, Santa’s Husband is targeted at children ages 4 to 8, from preschool to third grade.

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22 responses to “Santa is black and has a white husband

  1. Looks like your typical family of Obama supporters to me. Only thing missing is the pet goat with a satisfied look on its face.

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  2. They’re freaks, they want to destroy everything in our culture. Goodbye America unless those of us who know the truth and who were raised righteously stand up AGAINST this filth

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  3. Daniel Kibblesmith looks like quite the virile young stud. Don’t mess with her, I mean him.

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  4. Cultural Marxists/Jewish Bolsheviks are destroying the west. Their vacuous nihilism and selfishness repulse me.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Any thing to insult the true God, Christianity, and legitimate virtue and moral values. “They know not what they do”,……Or do they??

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  6. Pingback: Marxismo cultural – ¨ Santa Claus es un negro, homosexual, y casado con un hombre blanco ¨ | La Gazeta Occidental

  7. HMMMM–a Kibble-smith is one who works with Kibble for an occupation. What a claim to fame. THAT explains his mentality. Is that KIBBLE coming out of his ear?

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  8. One of the reviews: “What seems like a one-note joke is actually a very sweet, moving tale about accepting all kinds of people…”.

    I’m sure that “accepting” part doesn’t include Republican family members.

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  9. What if God is Black and She’s not amused by all this homosexual self-adoration? Someone should write THAT book and read it aloud at Kibble&bits family reunion.

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  10. Sort of a reverse of the Michael and Barry show, (I mean if Barry was ‘black’). We need more of this, yes we do. Anything that absolutely flies in the face of Western Culture must be hyped.

    Gee, I wonder who would want to do that……..hmmmm, …!

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  11. Disgusting. Again the minority working hard to destroy what is left of common sense.
    One look at Kibblesmith tells us why he is pushing this. I would not give these degenerates one more second of attention.

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  12. Writer for Colbert, huh? Colbert is a disgusting little weasel that hangs out with that Satanic/queer Pizzagate crowd down at Comet Pizza. That is sort of an enclave of Obamanoids that keep the Hell fires burning for Barry and Michael.

    They should gather the lot of them and put on a wood-chipper competition.


  13. Looks like Kibbles & Bits is trying to say that his little book is rabbi-approved.
    Yes, this is yet another swipe at Christian Tradition, at Our Lord, Jesus Christ. But it is also a self-hating swipe at Jews, too, because there are many Jews, although they don’t believe in Jesus, would never approve of same-sex marriage, let alone marketing this to children.
    Not only is this a swipe at both Jews and Christians, it is also a snide little plug for pedophilia. Although I’m sure Kibbles & Bits didn’t think of that at the time, Right?

    It is also racist or racialistic in that it would seem to approve of the archetype of the Magic Negro.

    Writing, like comedy, can be a subversive activity. Does Colbert approve of this? Would he mock Santa Claus and Christmas in the same vein that he has (attempted) to mock and belittle Donald Trump?
    Certain things must be removed from the public stage. (This is the meaning of the word “obscene,” to remove something from public sight, and the Ancient Greeks—pagans!—practiced this).
    It’s HIGH TIME men of every shade and stripe, Jew, Christian and black, STAND UP and declare that their manhood is not for sale!

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  14. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Got some sadistic and sick folks out there who have twisted minds and produce such work – but it doesn’t mean anyone is forced to view it.


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  15. We don’t play with Santa anyway. No great loss on my family. However, this could explain why he calls everyone a HO.

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  16. Five Reasons We Don’t Do Santa

    I know, I know. It’s a rite of passage in a child’s life. It’s magical. Their faces light up and there is an innocence in their belief. I am depriving my children of the joy that comes with believing in Santa, and I’m going against a rather American norm. I get that, and I have to say #sorrynotsorry. teaching kids about santa

    My children are loved, cared for, and we celebrate the heck out of Christmas! We decorate the tree, make hot chocolate, read Christmas stories, watch Christmas movies, exchange gifts and even get pictures with Santa. The only thing we don’t do is tell our kids that Santa brings presents to all the boys and girls of the world. Here’s why:

    IT IS A LIE.
    Spin it however you like, at the end of the day, it isn’t true. Does this mean I never tell white lies to my children? No. It means I do my very best to be honest with my children about life. When they ask me questions, I want them to know they can count on me to be honest. I am sure that most children grow up fine believing in Santa, but I would rather not have my child question my integrity once they find out Santa isn’t real.

    I’m not sure about your kids, but mine have asked for some pretty outrageous things. My son wants to be able to fly, my daughter wants magical powers, and my youngest wants to have One Direction perform a concert in our living room. Yes, seriously. Beyond that, they have asked for things we simply cannot afford ($400 scooter, not happening). How do I explain that Santa did not bring them what they wanted, when the entire premise of Santa is that he brings you what you want?

    Another thing taught in the Santa mantra, the “nice” and “naughty” list. How – how do we get passed this? I’m pretty sure at one time or another, our kids have been “naughty,” and some years, I can confidently say my children were likely more naughty than nice. What do I do? Give them coal? Or am I teaching them that no matter what I say and how they act, they will still get their presents. To me, their gifts are not contingent upon their behavior. I cannot reconcile that with what we teach our children about Santa.

    Let’s assume we could get our children every single thing on their list, it still would not solve the issue of other children in their life not getting everything they want. Undoubtedly, children will talk at school. How can we answer the question “Why didn’t Susie get any presents from Santa?” without discussing income inequality and unrealistic expectations.

    At least, it was for me. Let me take you back to Christmas Eve, 1985. For my entire life, “Santa” was not only real, but I knew him! He would show up to my step-grandmother’s house to hand out presents. On that fateful Christmas Eve, when I was five-and-a-half years old, my brother callously informed me that the man I thought was Santa was only a relative dressed up and that Santa did not exist. Crushed, I turned to my dad to expose my brother’s lies, but he confirmed them. Of all my Christmas memories, this one is the most vivid. When I think back on my childhood Christmas, this is what I remember. I have no magical memories of Santa which aren’t tainted with the devastation I felt when I learned the truth. Of course, I’m fine now, and I don’t fault my parents or anyone over this (well, maybe my brother a little bit). That moment was a big and painful moment for me, one that I would rather not have my children endure.

    So, what DO we do?

    We teach our children about Saint Nicholas. We tell them how he lived long ago in modern day Turkey. Because of his faith, he devoted his life to helping others. We explain in age appropriate terms how his life was such an inspiration that his work is still celebrated at Christmas in the form of Santa Claus. We tell our children that although Santa is not a real person who lives at the North Pole and “Sees you when you’re sleeping,” that it is still okay to celebrate Santa knowing who he is based upon.

    We have done our best telling our children that some other people believe in Santa, and they have been instructed not to say anything about him not being real. So far, they have not ruined the magic for any other children. The closest they came was when my niece freaked out because my daughter touched the “Elf on the Shelf.” Yeah, we don’t do that either. Except for our own entertainment.

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  17. Only in America you have a White Santa for the whites and Black Santa for the blacks now they are a gay couple….but stay tuned the trans-sexual Santa will be coming out soon

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    • And therein lies what I see as The Problem: as the nation is increasingly splintered [few in their right minds would agree that these superfine shadings of distinction are holistic or healing] how will it ever manage to derive e pluribus unum in any meaningful way?

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  18. They way things are going, this may not be a joke shortly:

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