Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch sat during US anthem yet stood for Mexican anthem

marshawn lynch ap photo

Marshawn Lynch enjoying a banana during the National Anthem/AP Photo

This from the guy who sported an “Everybody vs. Trump” t-shirt and during a pre-season game, sat on a cooler eating a banana during the National Anthem. ‘Nuff said.

From Q13Fox: Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch sat during most of U.S. anthem and stood for the Mexican anthem before their game against the Patriots at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Lynch has not stood for the national anthem since returning from retirement this season.

There did not appear to be any other protests during the anthem as the afternoon games kicked off.

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick pioneered the protests last year when he took a knee during the playing of the national anthem over what he said was social and racial injustice.

This year, several NFL players have joined the protest including Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett.


16 responses to “Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch sat during US anthem yet stood for Mexican anthem

  1. As long as Americans think more about watching the NFL than they do their country this will continue. We need to not only boycott we need to cancel cable subscriptions. As long as we continue paying the freight these traitors could care less they are still getting paid. Mass cancellation of sport channels and cable if you have to until this movement hits them in the pocket book. That is all they understand. They need to also be looking at empty stadiums. But how many Americans are willing to give up their addiction to sports and hollyweird. Ever heard of bread and circuses? That is what they are doing in America.

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    • My Cable’s been cancelled for two years. There’s very little programming worth watching anymore;anything I DO want to see I can see it on a friend’s TV.

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    • This is not true. There are nearly empty stadiums each week, ESPN is bleeding like an artery cut. This is an agenda to bring down traditonal cultural rituals, norms and values because we are in the midst of a color revolution. The NFL has lost nearly twenty percent of its customers and has nearly ruined their brand because they are in on the plot.

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  2. Well, he isn’t all that bright\smart\intelligent…what did you expect from troglodytes?

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  3. Somebody let the air out of his Afro. Just call your favorite station, tell them why you will no longer subscribe. Call the sponsors and tell them that neither you, not anyone you know, will ever buy their products again.

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  4. Doesn’t Marshawn Lynch know that blacks were not considered citizens in Mexico until only last year? When filling out forms, black residents in Mexico had to check “other”.

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  5. And here we have the NFL playing to empty seats and crashing advertising revenues. How long before they reject political correctness?

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  6. Would love to see him sit on that cooler, “re-retired” permanently, for the rest of his contract. Wonder if anyone would notice?

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  7. What has Mexico ever done for him?

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  8. You know the saying goes “monkey see monkey do” he has seen the other players take a knee but he is so lazy he sat down to eat a banana, enough said, you know what I mean?

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  9. My Dear Mr. Lynch,
    Please make sure you play football with the helmet ON.
    And Remember: If you hate America this much, no one is holding a knife to your throat making you stay here.
    And, Oh Yeah: Can you kindly lend me a million dollars, and I will gladly repay you on Tuesday?

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  10. Too bad there’s not an opposing player that’s offended by his refusal to stand for the anthem, and willing to take a personal foul and ejection, by going after his knee and ending his career.

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