Christians pray for Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) regrets her pact with the dark powers behind the “Illuminati.”

Now before you become self righteous (I certainly could be tempted to take that route), remember that the Lord does not take pleasure in the downfall of any person. That is what the cross is all about.

Stefani (Lady Gaga) has been open and candid in her desire to escape a contract with the enemy that she entered into in a moment of emotional weakness. As with many who aspire to be successful in the music industry, she failed to realize the extent of the unexpected consequences that would stem from her meeting with a mysterious stranger after a performance one night at the Mercury Club in New York City.

She has since been seen associating with a Roman Catholic priest, requesting his help in being exorcised from the power and influence of Satan. And she was clear in one interview in describing the invisible, intelligent evil that will stalk any target of opportunity. That is an encouraging!

Yes she was seen in some photos at a “spirit cooking” event. It would be easy to condemn her. But many of us came from some other very misguided places before the Lord changed our minds (litereally). And remember when the Lord was criticized for dining with sinners. “It is not to the righteous, but to sinners that I have been sent.”

So if you are one who understands the power of the “prayer of faith,” please join me in praying for Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga).

27 responses to “Christians pray for Lady Gaga!

  1. Traildust, you don’t have to convince me, I believe in the power of prayer! 😇 And I know that the Lord can turn even the hardest of hearts to Himself.

    What really caught my attention is a video I watched from November 4th, of an interview by Greg Hunter with Mark Taylor (The Trump Prophecies). They are discussing the Hurricane Harvey event with the five presidents, and Lady Gaga was there. At about the 14:10 mark in this video, Mark tells Greg that God is going to use Lady Gaga. I was kinda surprised at the time.

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  2. I agree — But for the Grace of God, there go I. Glad to see that something has changed in her.

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    • “Something has changed in her.”
      I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer here as I would not wish anyone what this lady is going through, but it will truly stun me if she can be let out of this contract. While God is all merciful, Satan is not going to let go of someone that easily. I was also told a good while ago, by someone I believe to be quite knowledgeable in these matters, that when someone actually signs on the dotted line- meaning a contract with Satan, there is no way they are going to get out of it until the end of time- the dark will not let them go. Yes I know she was young and maybe God will have mercy if she was not in her right mind, but I am just not sure that it is that easy. I understand now why she wants to get out- have you all heard what she has gone through with demons attacking her at night to the point that she demands her assistants sleep with her? Then there are all the vile videos she has made promoting death, homosexuality, and every manner of weirdness and depravity. I question- would she still be wanting to get out, and let go of fame and fortune if she was not suffering a type of possession? I do wish her well and will pray for her though.
      The young man who became possessed whose story inspired the movie ” The Exorcist” was a young man in his teens whose aunt had invited him to do a Ouija board. That unintentionally opened a door. It took all of heaven to break that young man lose from the demons, and here is a case where he did not sign on the dotted line, but was young and unknowing.

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      • Lana, I agree with much of what you say, with one exception.

        “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”
        – John 8:36

        A very close friend of mine was in the mafia as a young man, and considers it a matter of the power of God that the mob allowed him to leave.


        • I’ll second that Traildust, folks forget that Christ defeated the devil, he is a foe already beaten in the greater picture, Christ paid the debt of sin, and as such removed the capability of the devil to claim anyone who subsequently rejects him and chooses Christ, regardless of what sort of paperwork the devil concocted to try to ensnare them. If they choose to go with Christ, then who is the devil to make any claim contrary?


        • Well I hope you guys are right, though I think I did not make myself clear. It is not that Jesus does not have dominion- it is that the person has consciously chosen an allegiance with Satan, they have chosen pure evil over God.We are not talking about someone who grows up in a rough neighborhood and eventually gets into very bad things through poor decisions, bad influence, and fear. Here we are talking about a greed of the spirit that says I pledge my soul to Satan for fame and riches, AND to purposely fully drag other souls into his snare by the influence that they have through their fame. So I would answer that yes Christ and God have the power but Jesus also said this:

          Matthew 7:21-23
          21 “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

          If those that are trying to please God, but fall short of making it to heaven because they do not do the will of God then why would he welcome a child of Satan ? Just sayin… it is Gods’ judgement.

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  3. In these times, all will be given a chance to embrace the light over the dark. There are many, I believe, in the entertainment/music industry who have made a pact for fame and fortune, without understanding the full comprehension of what they have done.Some have entered into this as children in the grip of MK Ultra mind control. To all these people, it isn’t to late to turn to the light, and cast evil from your life. We are truly in an end game battle. I pray for you. For those who hold to the trappings gleaned from evil, I’m sorry for your souls.

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  4. I most definitely WILL pray for Lady “Meat Dress” Gaga: Everyone deserves a shot at redemption. And that’s not due to ANY virtue of ours: The credit goes to Our Lord, Who Has Created a way out of ANY sin.
    (That being said, I report that Dr. Henry Makow reported, about four years ago, that Gaga had been suspected in a fellow female singer’s murder. It was the only report I can recall seeing about it. That does not mean that Dr. Makow is right; I report it because he did, and he did not state that she definitely committed any crime).

    And other people need prayers. As a matter of fact, a few saints have said or alluded to the damnation of souls because they have no one to pray for them.
    And lest anyone think prayer is a “useful fiction” or “self-hypnosis” or a fairy tale, Dr. Ted Broer, in speaking of recent discoveries in quantum physics insists that real prayer actually creates Scaler Waves. We are “trapped in the flesh,” so to speak, but we ARE “mental animals”: We are the only creatures in this realm who have language, can compute, understand and create symbols and make abstractions and think in terms of context.
    The late psychiatrist, Dr. Nathaniel Branden (“The Psychology of Self-Esteem”) believed that religion was nothing but a fairy tale, meant to assuage our fears. Yet, he reasons correctly in the medical realm: There can be no good medicine without good biology; Therefor, there can be no good psychiatry without good medicine. One thing builds upon another. So it is in the mental or spiritual realm: We were made and meant to KNOW. If we could not gain knowledge, if, as Branden maintains, we could do nothing but act against our own self-survival, we would, quickly, die.

    So we have no right to deny the Power of Prayer, after the same manner we have no right to deny our own natural powers, or deny the existence of an Afterlife. And I confess that my problem with prayer is that I have not done enough of it.

    The night I heard that the notorious Charles Manson was transported to a prison hospital, I prayed to God on his behalf. I know the man was wicked: His crimes shocked and stunned the Nation! And, Yes, he and his “family” deserved the gas chamber.
    But I reasoned the way Msgr. Reilly told us to, way back in 1962: Due to Original Sin, we fallen humans would NEVER reach out to God on our own, because we are separated from Him. In order for us to reach out to God, He has to reach down to US—not because of ANY virtue of our own, but because God Is Love.
    Manson and his crew were wicked and evil. They were consumed with bloodlust. Yet, after recalling Manson’s screeds about too many people on the planet, and race wars, and everything else, I knew that this barely literate man with a low IQ COULD NOT have acted on his own. Given what I know now, he had to have been mind-controlled. I asked God to spur him on and cry out the Holy Name of Jesus. I talked to God just as I would talk to anyone else, calmly and candidly.
    Sharon Tate’s surviving sister said she would pray for his soul.

    We don’t know what happened to Manson at the end. We don’t know what has happened to a lot of people. But we have the example of Lady Gaga, and she seems to be serious.
    We should pray for her. And for many others—Lena Dunham, Rihanna, Jay-Z, President Trump, you name the man or woman. Not due to any virtue of our own, or theirs. At late middle-age, the idea of the brevity of life is making itself known to me (especially since I’ve known of others who have not made it to my age).
    Fulton Sheen said it best: “If the human soul is not saved, nothing is saved. If the human soul is lost, everything is lost.” And I take it as a GREAT TREASURE of the Catholic Faith that we have many great saints we can implore for aid: St. Theresa of Lisieux, St. Gemma Galgani & St. Maria Goretti come easily to mind. This is a great aid and comfort that most non-Catholics casually disregard, or take as idolatry—and nothing could be further from the truth.

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  5. I don’t buy it…..her new act….but hey…she IS teaming up with Joe Biden!!…maybe they have both…turned the corner….yeah, sure….but I will pray for her anyways…we all need prayers! Peace

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  6. Her words of regret only have meaning if followed by action. But by her performance at the recent American Music Awards on Nov. 17, where she did the Illuminati one-eye thing with her make-up, I’m not convinced.

    Lady Gage Illuminati one-eye

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  7. Her sin is no darker or evil than my sin in the eyes of a holy and just God.

    Back in the day, I was in a small youth group who targeted the music industry.

    We prayed for Alive Cooper, Gene Simmons and others who seemed to be Satanically inspired.

    Christians should search these people out and pray for them. Several members of the great band “Kansas” are now Christians because of these prayers

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  8. I caught myself condemning her for being present at that awful “spirit cooking” event. And one can make a good case for writing her off. Anything as evil as that satanic party would seem to completely disqualify one from salvation. But then I remembered the price that our Lord payed to open the possibility for salvation to any who believe in Him and obey His commands.

    Years ago I was introduced by a mutual friend to someone from my home town who shocked me with his response. He said, “How did you become friends with this reprobate?” It puzzled me that he could form such an opinion. Then I realized he only knew of me during the two or three year period just before Jesus got a hold of me and made me a new creation. He had no idea who I was in the 19 years since he last saw me. So how could some “reprobate” like me turn and be saved? God sent people into my life to be His messengers of good news, and His love lifted me out of the miry clay of my sin.


  9. Well, just seeing this, I thought she needed God’s help…

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  10. Nobody is beyond redemption by the blood of the Lamb. Several members of the Manson family became Christians. There’s a very good book entitled, “Redeemed Unredeemable”, that includes their stories and other infamous killers.

    Lest we forget, there was once a famous murderer and torturer of God’s people named Saul of Tarsus. But all of that changed when he was suddenly in the presence of the risen Christ, and he became Paul the Apostle.

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  11. Hip Hop star Jay-Z has blasted traditional Christian values in an epic rant where he claims to be part of an exclusive club of “smart people” who worships “our true lord; Satan.”

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  12. Finally, Charles Manson is burning in hell.


  13. Like we’ve said many times. Everyone must carry their own cross, whether they realize that or not. Whether it Hollywood or the music industry, it is quite clear that they are selling an agenda. That agenda is easily deciphered and it doesn’t take much speculation to find the culprit or his willing agents.

    These “musicians”, actors, whatever, that sell their souls for fame and fortune are risking their eternal lives. Having said that, their decision and God’s acceptance of their behavior is between them and their Creator.

    If we are troubled by what they do we should not do anything to encourage them or it. Music or the arts will not disappear without the Satanic influence. Just as television doesn’t have to be a propaganda medium, recorded music or other art form will find a way into the public without the influence of the Satanic.

    I would never cooperate with this system. Of course, I can’t say that everyone that does has my understanding of what they’re doing. God’s love is infinite and wonderful and I will never second-guess God.

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  14. Hi FOTM ,
    I pray for Katy Perry, Britney & Lady Gaga. Can someone please answer this question because I have only recently read the KVJ bible but believe fully in the ten commandments, The Word of God and Jesus. If you reject Jesus doesn’t that make you unable to enter heaven?
    I do pray for all humanity as we need prayer for each other, positive reinforcement. Please look up Lina Morgana which was Stephanie Germonattas best friend in New York. According to Linas Mother, Lady Gaga ripped off her image after Lina allegedly commited suicide. The eery thing about all of that was Lady GaGa produced a music video where it shows her falling to her death, just like Lina had died.
    I am all for praying for people but how to feel about the bad deeds of people?

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  15. I pray for all the deviant perverts who are seeking God’s grace, through Jesus Christ. There are so many, I pray for them as a group. Lady Gaga is included, there’s no reason for me to elevate her name above the others. When we see her trying to help all the other young minds she’s corrupted, our prayers will have been answered.

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