Darwinism Produces Racism and Eugenics

The untold legacy of Charles Darwin

A bad tree cannot bear good fruit

Hank Hanegraaff delivers a scorching analysis of Charles Darwin.

4 responses to “Darwinism Produces Racism and Eugenics

  1. Darwinism, the unofficial religion of leftists, is 100% against leftist ideas such as welfare, affirmative action, etc. It’s time we started mocking leftists for their inconsistencies. It’s been time for decades.

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  2. Great piece; I’d never have seen it if it wasn’t brought to my attention. I have long wondered why Progs are such strong proponents of evolution when it’s clear they don’t trust it at all.

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    • Yeah, I’ve said this for years. The contradictions are appalling. Usually, a “free market” type would like Darwinism because it adds something “natural” to predation. Leftists, who want to be cuddled and cared for should be appalled by it.

      Of course, Creationism (whatever that is), dictates that there’s a God and that is anathema to a communist, I mean, er, “Leftist”. If there’s a God it isn’t permitted to go around buggering animals and living a deviant lifestyle.


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