Colorado VA kept secret wait lists for vets’ mental health care


Par for the course under Obama’s administration. See also:

From Fox News: A new government watchdog group found that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facility in Denver violated policy by keeping improper wait lists to track mental health care that veterans received.

Investigators with the VA Office of Inspector General confirmed whistleblower and former VA employee Brian Smother’s claim that staff kept unauthorized lists instead of using the department’s official wait list system.

That made it impossible to know if veterans who needed referrals for group therapy and other mental health care were getting timely assistance, according to the report. The internal investigation also criticized record-keeping in PTSD cases at the VA’s facility in Colorado Springs.

Patients there often went longer than the department’s stated goals of getting an initial consult within a week and treatment within 30 days, investigators found. In one case, a veteran killed himself 13 days after contacting the clinic, which was supposed to see him within a week.

Investigators said the unofficial lists did not always identify the veteran or requested date of care, and they could not determine how many veterans were waiting to receive help and for how long, even with the help of staff at the facilities.

“My worst fears have been realized in this Inspector General’s report that Chairman Johnson and I demanded,” Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardener said in a statement. “It highlights even more VA mismanagement and lack of accountability in Colorado. This cannot happen again, and it’s time for the VA to finally wake up and ensure our men and women are getting the best care possible. I will continue to work with Chairman Johnson to ensure the accountability that somehow the VA refuses to accept.”

Smothers, who worked at the VA in Denver as a peer support specialist on the post-traumatic stress disorder clinical support team, informed Gardner and his fellow senator, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, last about the VA facilities in Denver and nearby Golden using wait lists for mental health services from 2012 until last September. Gardner (I think they mean Smothers here) resigned from his post at the VA shortly after going public, citing retaliation from VA officials in Colorado.

“Putting veterans on secret wait lists is not acceptable,” Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said in a statement. “The VA should implement changes to provide the highest quality care for our veterans and hold wrongdoers accountable. I thank Brian Smothers, the whistleblower who bravely came forward to shed a light on these unacceptable practices at the VA so they can be prevented in the future.”

Speaking to the Associated Press, Smothers said he was disappointed the report didn’t make clearer that VA staff knew full well what they were doing. “We renamed the files ‘interest lists’ so people wouldn’t know we were breaking the rules” on how to maintain wait lists, Smothers said.

The VA Eastern Colorado Health Care system said in a statement that while it agreed with much of the report’s findings it bristled at the idea that its wait lists were “secret.” The statement says that “nothing about this process was secret” and that it was discontinued once staff became aware it violated VA policies.


12 responses to “Colorado VA kept secret wait lists for vets’ mental health care

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    Only emphasizes how much Obama hated the Military and the soldiers. His main purpose was to destroy anything to do with law and order or the Constitution. He ruled under the laws of Islam. If our present government officials don’t investigate the crimes of his administration – America will be lost. It has to be done.

    Obama and Hillary Clinton are guilty as HELL.


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  2. Those who were responsible for this behavior are reprehensible. The DOJ WILL be pursuing Criminal charges,of the harshest kind,on these people,WON’T THEY?

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  3. The days of treating military veterans like “beasts in the field” MUST STOP. Many of our evil ways seem to be coming right out of Satan’s handbook. It’s time to eject all the Zionists, the Sons of Satan, out of Congress. Time for the CFR’s dastardly influence on foreign policy to be ended.

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  4. Related to this is the algorithm. IBM wizard Thomas Watson created the algorithm for the Nazis. Thus able to kill people according to what the algorithm dictated, they thus believed they were not personally morally culpable. It’s just like the old Mafia excuse, laid bare in “The Godfather”: “Tell Michael it was nothing personal—just business,” Abe Vigoda’s character said.
    I realize I’ve been simplistic in my example here, but the results are the same. Government really does not have to produce results for any moral responsibility: The Government, said Washington, “is force.” And the Government maintains, and shall continue to maintain, a monopoly on FORCE. But as Government cannot achieve the results of a for-profit corporation (because its business model is different, in quality), it still wants to comfort itself with the illusion of “results.” As with the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, costs and expenditures have to be justified by knocking people off the cost plantation. What matters are dollars well-spent: What better way than to eliminate the root of the problem—the patient or veteran on whom the dollars will be spent?
    “It’s nothing personal—just business.”
    And the fact that these lists were determined by algorithms or by random chance DO NOT CHANGE THE FACT of moral responsibility. They would have us believe that we’re up against some “machine” or something, just as Watson peddled to the Third Reich. Nothing could be further from the truth, for whatever “machine” is built, SOMEONE built it. SOMEONE designed it. SOMEONE voted in favor of it.
    Karl Marx could rant and rave against “impersonal and inexorable forces” all he wants: He remains a Satanic liar, and he knows it. Thomas Watson and all those who pushed the Affordable Care Act know it, too. (And NO EXCUSE for the BRAINLESS Nancy Pelosi: She was in the position where she had the responsibility to know; Hence her ignorance is no excuse).

    You Know, it’s strange, in a perverse way. Upon his election to the Papacy, the translator for Bergoglio said, “We have gone to the ends of the Earth. Well, here we are…” The same applies here—in a perverse and evil way: “We have gone to the ends of the Earth to avoid moral responsibility for our choices,” their assumption would argue. “Well, here we are….” The next move is the Devil’s. He has already studied the outcomes. Make his move he shall.


  5. VA system is a disgrace I hope Trump fire the incompetent managers and put in people who can run the system better….

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  6. Some deserve MORE than being FIRED-they deserve PROSECUTION.

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  7. If you’ve seen one VA hospital you’ve see one VA hospital. I have visited with literally thousands of veterans at a VA hospital over the last seven years. I can count on one hand the number of dissatified veterans I’ve met there. That being said; despite a portion of empolyees that are useless, the rest get the job done. Paperwork is everything to management because that is how they justify everything. Or justify doing nothing. I’ve worked with many good, talented, hardworking people that want to do a good job… and do, despite the crap that occupies middle management and much of the upper mangement. And then there’s the so called union. All they do is get people out of trouble that they’ve gotten themselves into. Instead they remain on the job, lowering the quality of care, destroying the morale of the good employees and wasting the resources that our veterans deserve.
    There’s three kinds there; those that make work. those that avoid work. and those that get all the work done despite the other two.


  8. Hand veterans a big bag of addictive meds then tell ’em it’ll be six months until the can even see a shrink for their PTSD… a VA cost saving strategy?

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  9. I hope each and everyone involved loses their job and every benefit that goes with it, let them start living the life they put the veterans through.
    There is a place in hell for these cretins.

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