Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain thinks it’s great that in 70 years there won’t be any more white people

Anthony Bourdain is a “celebrity” chef who has a show on CNN (“Parts Unknown”) and on Food Network (“No Reservations”) that feature “celebrity” guest stars who often don’t have anything to do with food. What Bourdain does on his shows is political propaganda. See:

Below is a video clip from Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (S07E07), where he travels to Cologne, Germany to interview an obscure “celebrity chef” named René Stessl who, like Bourdain, fancies himself to be an “artist”. Instead of talk about food and cooking, Stessl pontificated about how the import of (Muslim) refugees is the “final solution” for racism in Germany, by race-mixing, so that in 70-80 years, there will longer be “white people” in Germany and the world — as if only white people are the source of racism.

Bourdain not just heartily agrees, he bemoans that it would take as long as 70-80 years.


Bourdain: “Germany has accepted somewhere in the neighborhood of a million refugees. How do you realistically welcome to Germany, we’re all gonna learn to live together, can it be done?”

Stessl: “It could be done, of course. But I hope that all the right-wing people will not develop and this is, for example, a job for an artist. Maybe we should go out — a hundred people with Nazi uniforms — and walks [sic] through the city. Maybe this kind of actions will just make the people remind on the time when our grandfathers did wrong. We really have to take care that we don’t fall back in this structures.”

Bourdain: “But we kind of are.”

Stessl: “We are on the way.”

Bourdain: “We’re well on the way…. Utopias.”

Stessl: “It’s a kind of utopia. Just the fact that the whole world will mix up with each other, that in, I don’t know, 70 or 80 years there will be no white people any more, only cappuccino-colored in the world.”

Bourdain: “This is the solution. Our only hope, our way out of this.”

Stessl: “Yes!”

Bourdain: “Our only hope is to fuck our way out of this. It’s gonna take some time, but it’s really the only way — this sort of Singapore model, where everybody’s so [racially] mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined. But we’re a long way from that.”

And there you have it — the Kalergi plan for white genocide.

Anthony Bourdain said he was raised without religion, and that his ancestors were Catholic on his father’s side and Jewish on his mother’s side.

Born in 1974 in Austria, little is known about René Stessl other than that he is a chef, painter, and performance artist (Judas Watch). Wikipedia does not have an entry on him. His website is here.


See also:


57 responses to “Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain thinks it’s great that in 70 years there won’t be any more white people

  1. Hadenoughalready

    This coming from a complete, self-hating, idiot….!

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  2. This drug addict POS doesn’t have to wait 70 years, he can choose and move to any 3rd World country and experience what the “wonderful” future will look like.

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  3. When this guy first came onto the Food Network in 2002 with “A Cook’s Tour,” I really enjoyed his wise cracking humor and his appreciation for the common people in different countries. But as he continued to talk, he revealed more and more of his thinking that I didn’t like, including warming up to islam and communism. It seems that as his prominence grew he may have become so full of himself that he didn’t know when to stop talking. I’m now ashamed of having liked him.

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    • Traildust, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your candor is appreciated.

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    • Traildust, if it is any consolation, I went through the same. Liked Bourdain initially, but refuse to watch him anymore, now that every episode is loaded with his far left opinions, and hatred of Whites. I guess it only takes a bit of that Jewish DNA for them to exhibit the madness and hate.
      Bourdain is a loser on top of it all. Like a lot of other ex cons and drug addicts, becoming a chef , uh I mean cook, seems to be the profession of choice. Frankly I got tired of his potty mouth before his politics. Is it really nessassary to use profanity in every sentence one utters? Apparently so if you are an insecure arrested adolescent like Bourdain, who at 64 years old is still trying way to hard to act “cool”.

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    • TDF, my feelings exactly, liked him in the beginning, then his alcohol riddled mind turned a hard left and he considered himself so cute. We stopped watching, we don’t like politics mixed with our food. It is hard to digest.

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  4. Oh how nice of him, he sounds like Nelson Mandela who destroyed South Africa. It was white Europeans who made this country the greatest country on earth, and without them the place will go to hell in a hand basket. Obviously, this guy is too stupid to live and since he’s white, he might off himself to hurry up what he thinks will be wonderful.

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    • “Anthony Bourdain said he was raised without religion, and that his ancestors were Catholic on his father’s side and Jewish on his mother’s side.”
      By Jewish law, he is a Jew, especially if he never (at least outwardly) adopted any other faith.
      My take on having watched only 1 of his shows, is that he is a white agnostic/atheist progressive when it’s advantageous. Otherwise, he’s a Jew. Of course the fact that the Hebrew tribes were scattered and that the records of the rabbinic ‘priesthood’ were destroyed when the temple was leveled in 70 A.D. matters little. Their zohar/kabbala sorcery and storytelling prowess covers over a multitude of inconsistencies.
      A Bourdain quote from a 2013 Times of Israel article about his ‘foodie’ trip to Israel:
      ” ‘I’ve never been in a synagogue. I don’t believe in a higher power. But that doesn’t make me any less Jewish, I don’t think’.”
      So is Judaism a religion or just a tribal syndicate wherein one can only be a member having emerged from a special womb?

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  5. I am glad God is not a racist. From the look of things Jesus should be here before that.

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  6. Jewish on his mother’s side makes him a Jew, according to Jewish ideas of Jewry.

    Regardless, it takes only a very short time of observing this man to realize that he’s an incorrigible asshole. Another example of someone whose perdition goes before him. I say this as someone who is very reluctant to pass judgment on others.

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  7. I’ve come to believe that it’s not about white people’s skin color, it’s about the fact that Christianity was spread far and wide by the white people. These devils hate us because they hated Jesus first. I wonder if the Jews do the things they do in this country out of hatred for our ancestors’ Christian heritage that continues even today in those who still proclaim his name?

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  8. Bourdain=dog excrement on my shoe sole. Hate it, hate smelling it, how did it get there!?

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  9. I’m besides myself wondering how the pathetic drunk who used to beg me for cigarettes in the rock clubs on Bleeker Street became so famous. Back then in 86 he was absolutely pathetic. If I knew what a famous liberal douche he was to become I wouldn’t have given him cigarettes!

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  10. Kevin J Lankford

    It was God himself who created man with the inherent tendency for such diversity, which was more purposely expressed at the ‘Tower of Babel’. He also did not create us all as stupid as bourdain and his like seem to think.

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  11. Yes, he just identified himself as a Talmudic Jew. Why do so now? Why so smug? Is he finding that his ratings are tanking? Cappachino people not so interesting in listening to his drivel? Wake up America.

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  12. this sort of Singapore model, where everybody’s so [racially] mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined. But we’re a long way from that.”

    The cook thinks hate is race based, so love must be also?
    His utopic view is mixing, because he opposes hating, but he loves to mix different races, but they will hate each other in the process???
    That’s a strange pancake.

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  13. It seems to me it all started with British Eugenics and their intellectual founders and supporters, Marx, Darwin, Freud & Nietzsche. This is what I think the deal was: Margaret Sanger came along and pushed contraception in order to “weed out” or exterminate “human weeds,” namely, non-white people. (“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said). Mad genocidal maniac that she was, she thought she’d eliminate non-white people. But she thought wrong. There was no sociological study or evidence prior to the public acceptance of contraception (to my knowledge, although I am open to receiving it, if it exists). But the exact opposite began to occur after WW II: Upwardly mobile middle class America readily accepted contraception (which always leads to a demand for abortion) because they did not want to be deprived of their upward mobility—and their materialism. People who had been born into poverty and lived their entire lives in poverty more or less knew they would never be upwardly mobile, and so did not embrace contraception to the degree white middle class America did. Hence, their numbers remained more or less stagnant, until now: The replacement numbers for whites has declined dramatically. It took a bit over 50 years to accomplish this, but accomplish this it did.
    We also must remember that before Civil Rights, black America had its own stores and businesses, universities, banks and hospitals. Civil Rights may have stopped Jim Crow and outward bigotry, but economically, it was a disaster for the black population, as Rev. James David Manning has attested to.
    Margaret Sanger did not know what would happen with her eugenic platform. But there were others who were able to crunch the demographic numbers; There must have been. Certainly the advent of The Pill was a “god-send” to these eugenic monsters.
    So we have come full-circle with IMBECILES like Bourdain. Eugenics has its EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS, and now we have outright in-your-face racism, directed at caucasians, and a large enough number of the intellectuals, like Peter Singer, are applauding this. (This all ignores the fact than a little less than half of all black babies make it to birth, given their abortion numbers).
    What really bothers me is that, given our rapid descent into formless madness is my belief (or very strong suspicion) that the Anti-Christ of Revelation is alive on this Earth RIGHT NOW.
    You don’t believe that we’re going to get to this point that Bourdain relishes unaccompanied, Do You? Because this is what I think is going on: I was born in 1956. In 61 years, we have seen the world’s population more than double, from some 2.7 billion to some 7.6 billion—some 280% or so. Alex Jones has faithfully reported on the global elite and their plans for rapid world-wide depopulation. They have worked out a number of eugenic and depopulation plans. Who better to oversee the mass slaughter than the Anti-Christ? (I admit that this suspicion alone does not constitute proof, but I am urging everyone to wake up and be prepared for the possibility). Long Story Short, if I am lucky to live until about 2030 or so, we will see the natural decline in the numbers accelerated by an enforced genocide. This is what I believe will happen.
    And imbeciles like Bourdain will cheer on their own extermination.
    I am very pessimistic for what is ahead. I understand that at the end of the Game God Will Win, but Mankind itself will most definitely lose. And for what? An utter lie, the Big Lie laid forth by Pastor Malthus, that the earth is over-populated. Well, it certainly WON’T be overpopulated for long: For those with young children who are lucky enough to remain alive, those young children will witness this moral and demographic nightmare. And we can thank British Eugenics (and Talmudic and Cabbalistic thinking) for it.

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  14. Nota new concept in the ISIS papers it has been said that White Supremacy feared the extinction of the white race…
    The way things are now once a white women experience love from a black man they never go back to the Whiteman


    • Kevin J Lankford

      It has really been my observation that black men only see white women as trophies. The dingy white girls have been so stigmatized by racial guilt brain washing they actually believe miscegenation is the only way they can prove their innocence. Just what is it so many black men find so repulsive about black women?

      There really is nothing wrong with man or woman preferring the relationship of their own race. Under normal circumstance and no peer pressure, it is inherent. The exceptions are just that, exceptions, and no reason it [has] to be the rule.

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    • Yours is a narcissistic fantasy that is contradicted by census statistics.

      According to 2008 figures, while interracial marriages in the U.S. are more prone to divorce (41%) than same-race marriages (31%), White wife-Black husband marriages have a 50% higher probability of divorce by the 10th year of marriage, relative to White/White unions. In contrast, Black wife-White husband marriages have a 44% less likely chance of divorce.


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      • Sorry Doctor I disagree I know interracial couples that have been married for over 20 years and still going…..
        Bur even the figures of the divorce rate isn’t a wide margin. The US have a divorce problem in general.


        • Of course you disagree because of your “knowledge,” facts being irrelevant to your “couples.”

          From Wiki: According to the adjusted models predicting divorce as of the 10th year of marriage, interracial marriages that are the most vulnerable involve White females and non-White males relative to White/White couples. White wife/Black husband marriages are twice as likely to divorce by the 10th year of marriage compared to White/White couples. The numbers are the relative rates at which interracial couples get divorced i.e. a pairing between a black husband and white wife is 1.62 times more likely to divorce than a pairing between a white husband and white wife.


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          • Like I said I personal know married interracial couples and they’ve been married for 20 years plus. You as a scholar know that wikipedia is not a credible source. If you want to be technical what peer review journal was the study published? What segment of the population did the control group represent? Was the study restricted to only black & white couples, did it include Hispanics, Asians, Indians?


        • 50% greater probability of divorce than white-white marriages is not “isn’t a wide margin”.
          Your subjective personal acquaintances with black-white couples mean squat. I gave you the statistics and the source, which include other mixed race marriages as well.

          If it’s any consolation, White wife-Asian husband marriages have even a higher probability of divorce than White wife-Black husband marriages.

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    • This galls me, too. I am not necessarily against an interracial marriage; It’s the phony white guilt behind many of them that I am against. Not to be crass or vulgar here, but why, here in New York City (and elsewhere) do so many really good looking white women date and marry the cheesiest black man they can find? I’m not talking about a few here or there: Here in New York, their number is Legion.
      Here are the reasons: A hatred for their parents, a self-loathing re.: a phony white guilt, or (again, not to be vulgar, but) “pornographic reasons.”
      Yeah, I dated a black girl once, when I was 18. It didn’t work out. No Big Woof. But that was before IDEOLOGY took over.

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      • I was once not against interracial marriage. I also was once a child. Now that I’m a man, I’ve put aside childish things.

        Paul of Tarsus (2/3 of it, anyway)

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      • Left alone I’m sure it would rapidly become a non-issue. You’d probably still have a gaggle of “gansta-sluts”, but apart from that, I can’t imagine anybody lining up.


      • Why should it galls you after all you are not affected be other people’s choice who they want to be with…..
        In NYC I see a lot of old fat balding white guys with a young beautiful black chicks….what is your point? I seriously doubt that people decide to date out of their race to piss off their parents. So you got burned when the black girl you were dating left you. Now you cloud how you really feel with some silly impractical ideology. Any relationship takes work and commitment whether the partner is of the same race or another race…

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  15. George, when different colors are mixed, the quality of being is lost.

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  16. The solutions of socialists always involve changing the lives of men, women, and children into a new model of perfected mankind.

    Anthony opines about his final solution while in Germany. What a coincidence!

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  17. When I see people in positions of visibility stating this stuff, I now check them out to see what may have caused this type of viewpoint, presumably against themselves. Overwhelmingly these people have one thing in common. They are like a version of the cuckoo birds. They masquerade as whites, but they are part of a tribe that secretly hates whites, and wants to destroy them. They of course, do not tolerate that type of behavior against themselves.


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