Ben Affleck knew Harvey Weinstein “was sleazy”

affleck weinstein and damon

Partners: Wife-cheater Ben Affleck, sexual predator Harvey Weinstein and proggie Matt Damon

And yet he still befriended Weinstein and worked with him. Money over principles is the standard in Hollyweird.

And now Affleck goes on an apology tour just before his movie, Justice League, is released and receiving terrible reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. What a coincidence!

From NY Post: Ben Affleck knew Harvey Weinstein abused his power from the very beginning, but at the age of 24, he didn’t think there was anything he could do about it.

“I knew he was sleazy and kind of a bully, but unfortunately that wasn’t uncommon,” the “Justice League” star said Friday on the “Today” show. “I was brand new to Hollywood … I was 24 years old. I never made a movie and didn’t know much of anything, really.”

Affleck, now 45, worked with Weinstein, 65, on a slew of films, including “Shakespeare in Love” and “Good Will Hunting,” the latter of which earned him an Academy Award in 1998 for Best Original Screenplay. With more than 80 women having come forward to accuse the disgraced mogul of sexual harassment and assault, Affleck maintains he would like to be “part of the solution.”

“And, you know, it really is a shame because although I stopped working with Harvey a long time ago, those movies hold a special kind of place in my heart and to now look back on it and think like, ‘Gosh, some other people were going through something really ugly and disturbing [experiences],’” he said.

Affleck pledged to give his residual checks for the movies he made with Weinstein to anti-sexual violence organizations. He also said he believes the country has reached a turning point, where survivors aren’t afraid to speak out.

“It certainly feels like a really important moment,” he said. “It feels like a time when survivors are finding their voice and people are sort of — and I include myself in this — really discovering the terrible extent of this problem here in our country.”

As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to mount against several Hollywood heavyweights — including Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Tambor, Louis C.K. and, most recently, Sylvester Stallone — Affleck has tried to own up to his own past misdeeds. The father of three apologized to former “TRL” personality Hilarie Burton in October, after the actress claimed he had groped her during a 2003 appearance on the show.

“I acted inappropriately towards Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize,” Affleck tweeted at the time.

Although Affleck didn’t go into detail about Rose McGowan, who called him a liar on Twitter after the New York Times revealed she was paid $100,000 to drop sexual harassment claims against Weinstein, he remains supportive.

“I don’t really want to get into other people’s individual stories because I feel like those are their stories and they are entitled to tell as much or as little of those as they want — I believe Rose, I support her, I really like and admire her tenacity and wish her the best,” Affleck said.

Thursday on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the actor said the outpouring of sexual misconduct allegations has been eye-opening.

“I thought I had a sense of the scope of the problem and I thought I understood it and the truth is, I really didn’t,” he said. “I didn’t understand what it’s like to be groped, harassed, to be interrupted, talked over, paid less, pushed around, belittled — all the things that women deal with that for me, as a man, I had the privilege of not having to deal with.

“Part of this, for me, has been listening to people that I care about and love as they tell me stories of stuff that’s happened to them, this is men and women, and realizing this is a real thing. I’m not a spokesperson, I’m not a superhero, I can’t change it by myself. I can just be accountable for myself and for my actions.”


21 responses to “Ben Affleck knew Harvey Weinstein “was sleazy”

  1. I’m just curious……..would any of these “oh-so-sorry-NOW” Hollywood leftist sleaz-os show ANY compassion for anyone on the right? AFLAC has a lot of cash at stake here so forgive men if I’m dubious of his sincerity.

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  2. There is no dearth of willing women. Ben Affleck probably could have any woman he wanted, so why would he demean HIlarie Burton by groping her? Do men like him, Weinstein, et al. hate women that much?

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    • All 3 of them are FTM transgender.


    • Affleck, Damon & Weinstein are all transgender. Most natural born women would be repulsed by them once they make the discovery. Most Hollywood stars are transgender, men are really women, women are really men. The advanced surgeries and hormone treatments make them inconspicuous to the untrained eye. The list of transgendered individuals in acting, music, politics and business is mind boggling. In some cases they have been snookering the public successfully for decades.


      • “Affleck, Damon & Weinstein are all transgender.”

        Your evidence? Sources?

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        • Bear with me Doctor E, you simply need to perform a You Tube search for phrases “Matt Damon Trans estivation” or just the word “Trans estivation” and you should get many hits with some of the videos being highly analytical of male and female skeletal structures. The Matt Damon transvestigation video is in my opinion irrefutable proof as is the Ben Affleck transvestigation video. The Harvey Weinstein video calls for some degree of speculation but not much. You must view the videos soon while they are still up because the ADL is now censoring You Tube and pointing out trannies is deemed hateful and they are removing videos they consider offensive. Be mindful there are many people posting these transvestigation videos and some use more scientific analysis then others. I would refomend those posted by a fellow named Mr. E and another by a poster named John Humanity or Jungle Surfer and a Christian woman named Apostle Laura. Hold on to your your hat Doctor E as your are in for a heavy duty paradigm shift!


        • That is “Transvestivation” … automatic spell checker screwed up my post because transvestivation is not a real word yet.


        • You Tube search for “transvestigation”, watch a few videos and you will be awakened!


        • Doctor E, there are differences between male and female skull shapes. Male foreheads tend to slope backwards as female foreheads are vertical. All three of those disgusting creeps have vertical foreheads, very characteristic of females. Female skulls are also smaller then male skulls therefore the facial features are packed in closer together. Look how close together Harvey’s eyes are. Males also have deep set eyes with prominent brow ridges, all 3 of those demonic entities are missing male brow ridges……


    • The irony here is that most if not all of Harvey’s victims are transgender. That adds a whole new level of degeneracy that the vast amount of the public is completely in the dark about. Harvey wasn’t technically assaulting women in the traditional sense. He is in my opinion a demonic entity exerting dominance over his spiritual brethren. I know this sounds crazy and hard to believe but inversion is said to be a Satanic concept and all of this transgenderism is part and parcel of the end times religion of the Antichrist. Hold on tight folks, the Tribulation is amongst us!


  3. Of COURSE Affleck knew-HOLLYWEIRD,the world of UNreality,remember? It’s hard to NOT know something when you’re in it up to your chin.

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  4. yes, Weinstein is sleaze. But I was watching my favorite movie the other night–“The Artist.” Charming, tender, funny. Who produced it? Weinstein studios. Who was in it? Harvey Weinstein, Goes to show that even some good can come out of evil, and that even bad men can sometimes do something good.

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  5. Ben Affleck is indeed a liar…
    But everyone in Hollywood knows what goes on in Hollywood. What is the motive for the women to come forward now and Affleck will not give up residual income to anyone


  6. Birds of a feather flock together. There is no difference between these two, except Affleck is a narcissist, he dated J. Lopez another liberal that hops from man to man for the limelight.

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  7. Naw, say it ain’t so!!

    Weinstein had a list of 91 people he was going to sic lawyers on and ruin their lives (à la Hillary attacking women who accused Bill) to keep stuff from going public:
    “Harvey Weinstein Had Secret Hitlist of Names to Quash Sex Scandal,” by Mark Townsend, The Guardian, 18 Nov 2017

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  8. Some of satan’s best works.

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