Saturday funnies!


15 responses to “Saturday funnies!

  1. You can make fun of rednecks but not anyone else.


  2. I was born in another country but, boy, i’ve been a REDNECK for a loooooong time!!!

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    Definition of a redneck:

    He loves his country and his GOD.

    The left always uses the word REDNECK to disparage a white member of the Southern rural laboring class.

    And often the left disparages a person whose behavior and opinions are are different than theirs.

    The main difference is these people work to make a living instead – the left lives off welfare which derives off the hard work of ‘REDNECKS.”

    That is what the left resents.


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  4. Good thing I wasn’t sipping my coffee when I read that last one! Instant fave.

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    Great laughs for the day! And I will RELISH Hillary’s ignominious defeat for the rest of my redneck life!!!

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  6. I LOVE that last one. Just think of the irony. Jews do the same thing with the Talmud that Muslims do with the Koran. They look for verses that give them “permission” to sexually abuse.

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  7. If Christians are looking for similar “permission” in the Bible,they’ll be disappointed. They’ll just have to go against God’s Commandments and await His Wrath.


  8. HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laughs, DCG! I especially got a kick out of that Redneck geography lesson. Ha!-Ha!!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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